Hamfruitcake here once again getting this walkthrough done perfunctorily. Good word, using it in a sentence makes me feel all giddy and clever. Not two words that go together but it's a good feeling utilising the english language to it's full extent. I'm done...

Conde Petie Edit

Conde Petie, is a small village that is hanging precariously over a cliff. It is a village run by dwarves who won’t let you in unless you say “Rally-ho”. The dwarves aren’t scared of Vivi so this must mean that Brahne hasn’t gotten this far yet.

Conde Petie

Quina is also trying to steal food and is called a thief and basically being tormented by the locals. They just don’t get him, poor Quina. Can you understand a word these people say? It's a northern accent, that much I get, but I'm northern, and yeah it's easy to understand when you say it out loud but it makes me also feel a bit stupid for my northern accent being so weak...

Get the letter off Mogmatt in the item shop. Apparently the locals seem to know Vivi. Eventually you’ll run into a “Pyntie Het” in the shop if you go back in there. It seems the locals here trade with several of them in a small village in the south east forest.

You can find the village in the south, come off the cliff and go right from Qu’s Marsh. Just follow the forest until you find a large mound which you can enter. Basically, it takes you a while but you can find a sign that says “No Owls Go Here” so follow the path to the right twice then follow the path to the left and a black mage will pop out. There's an easy way of doing this as well; note as you enter this area there are four owls on the branches above the entrance, as you wander down the left path the first time the first owl will fly away. When you go down it the second time the second owl will fly away. Now go down the right path once, it will make you appear on the left side at the end of the passage, take the route back towards the end of the forest and the third owl will fly away. At this point a black mage will appear, you will then appear on the left hand side. Come back round to the front of the screen and go down the left path. Ah. That should work. You’ll catch him opening a warp into a un-dead forest, as in... it's green... How strange. After him!

Black Mage Village Edit

Welcome to Black Mage Village. Although it’s not a real welcome since they all run away from you. But they’re definitely related to Vivi since they all trip over themselves.

Vivi, Dagger and Quina run off. Allowing you to have several ATEs to watch. Keep up with them. Immediately Watch Everyday Life, in which a black mage, who is a shop keeper is wondering what the usual is, when another Black Mage runs past screaming about humans it gets a bit confused as to what humans exactly are... That's a crucial one to watch if you want a Rune Tooth for Zidane. As soon as the ATE sign comes up watch the first ATE last and that should give you the Black Mage Shopkeeper wondering; just make sure you watch it before you watch any others.

Back at the beginning go to the shop to the left which is actually quite awesome, stock up on a plethora of new weapons and other nice things. Head into the village to the item shop and ask for the usual and the confused Black Mage comes forward from the desk and you can climb the ladder behind it, jump on the bed and get a Black Belt. The usual will do us just fine.
Black Mage Village Artwork

Chocobo Hut

Go into the inn and look in the room for Virgo in the guest room. Go back to the item shop and the Black Mage will be back in his station, and enjoy the fact this is the first place in the game you can buy hi potions. Now to the Synthesis shop and pick up the 2000 gil lying in front of the black mage on the tall chair, then go up the ladder to the right to wander on the rooftops; you'll find a chest with 843 gil at the end of the path. Also check out the synthesis opportunities because they’re quite amazing. A new weapon for Zidane too! Finally! He seems to hang onto his forever lately...

Go to the chocobo hut which is directly right from the entrace, to find Quina annoying the black mages, take the moogles letter and save. You can find some Gyshal Greens in the hut. Go along to the graveyard to the far left, to find Vivi running past you.

Now you can go to the inn to find him crying. Poor thing... Dagger comes in and suggests that we all rest. Vivi gets up and leaves in the night and Dagger worries. Zidane suggests they have some romantic time but when Dagger tells him off he tells her a bedtime story about his childhood and being unable to find home. He suggests that maybe Vivi is trying to find that in his sage round about way.

Vivi chats with Mr 288 and finds that he feels most alive when he’s with his friends and travelling. That's good because there's plenty more adventuring to be done.

In the morning Dagger says there’s a sanctuary back at Conde Petite according to the dwarves, that they could go through, apparently there is the source of the mist beyond. So off we go with Vivi too.

Head back to Conde Petie

Conde Petie Edit

Go to the stairs at the top of the town where the bridge is and you will be sent to look for his holiness. His holiness is in the corridor next to the
Inn down the stairs across the bridge and to the top left of the screen wandering up and down the corridor here.

Father David will demand whoever heads to Sanctuary has to be married. Dagger seems oddly enthusiastic about the idea.

You’ll be the hundredth ceremony the town has done so that's always a bonus. As it takes place Zidane wonders how he got into this and seems to consider if it’s fair to be married to just move on, but his feelings keep getting in the way, he thinks she actually likes him. Silly bugger. He recalls the time they had that moment in Black Mage Village but of course he fails to get his kiss and falls flat on his face.

Then you have to work out how to get Quina and Vivi past the guards, they can get married if you wish, this is the more humorous option. Quina gets a little carried away before being interrupted by cries of ‘thief!’ Were we going to see the first interracial/gay kiss of the series? Well we certainly saw the first interracial marriage. Props to Square for diversity!

Mountain Path Edit

Head down the mountain path and you will see a purple headed girl caught on a branch with an orangey moogle trying to assist her. Eiko will claim she’s not that tasty so a dejected Quina will bound away with such a force that Eiko will land in Zidane’s arm. It looks like we’re taking our new friend home.

Eiko Carol
Eiko Carol character

Eiko is the spunky loud mouth bright and cute character that seems to have become a staple since Krile in FFV or perhaps I can blame Palom and Porom... Never can be too sure to be completely honest. Whatever the case is, she's young, she's loud and you'd better get used to it. Her antics take up a fair bit of gameplay which most people would rather use to be fighting. Instead she has an adorably silly crush on Zidane and he is completely oblivious that most of her actions are based around that. Eiko and Vivi have a nice camaraderie being of the same stature and she teaches him about the world and they are very close friends. Can't be angry at her for that. Plus she is much more fun to have around than say... Amarant.

Battle wise I wouldn't be bothered if you never used Dagger again as Eiko's white magic is far superior and although her Eidolon catalogue is more limited she does have one good summon and she also will learn Holy which Dagger will not. The main thing about Holy is, it's a very good attack and it takes much less time to cast than say... Ark.

Her Trance allows her to cast two white magic spells, so double Holy can sway a battle in your favour significantly or save you if your characters are in desperate need of a double Curaga. You will not need Dagger and Eiko on the same team when it comes to decision making so it's up to you to decide who is more valuable. Keeping in mind when you have Dagger on your team, a good tip is to also have Quina so he can use White Wind while Dagger is blasting the place up with Bahumut but this is all for later.

Go round to the cliff where Eiko was hanging and open the chest up the cliff. Follow the cliff along and find the Blue Stone, come back the way you came and you can find a remedy along this path. If you get into battles around here the first thing you must do is have Eiko summon just to make Dagger get really jealous. Go along to the next screen and jump up the rocks to climb the vine and go along and open the chest with Tent in and get the Red Stone. You can then come back and go to the new screen along to the right; follow the path along and you will find Stiltskin and Suzanna, save your game, buy the items and follow the path to the left. Before you head off, if you're particularly cautious now would be a good time to equip Desert Boots to as many of your party members as you want just to halve the damage of the next boss.

Climb up the ladder on the left,then head right to the next screen. You'll see an FMV giving you a look at the Iifa Tree. Continue heading right and the ground will shake and you will encounter a boss battle for the first time in forever...

Boss Battle : Hilgigars
HP: 8000
Steal: Phoenix Down, Mythril Fork, Fairy Flute.
Attacks Knock Down, Curaga, Earthquake, Hiphop.

I gave this guy a crappy box because I have no love for him. It's not his attacks or his mammoth size it's just that he is insanely ugly and I've spent many hours staring at his ugly mug trying everything I could to steal his damn Fairy Flute. If you don't get it, don't weep, I don't think I ever have and god how I've tried without the cheat of turning the game on and off trying again... After playing it through much more recently and trying to achieve the impossible it took me an hour and quarter of my life to get that damn Fairy Flute...

Anyhoo try stealing his items if you have the patience. Then blast this guy with Bio and Zidane's MP attacks and summons. He should be falling over himself crying sooner or later. If you equipped the Desert Boots his earthquake attack shouldn't hurt you too much, nothing a round of Cura can't handle. An other strategy would be to cast Float on the whole party but it will have to be recast every couple of rounds. This is only if you stick around long enough to try and steal his flute. If you're willing to waste a good portion of your life then have fun and continue the cycle of Focus, Float, Cure, Steal and pray you have a lot of Ethers. Apart from that it's a pretty standard case of just beating him into the ground.

After the battle Eiko tells us that she usually runs away from that guy and Zidane tells her she's a good fighter. Then she corrects the gnomes who called the Iifa Tree Sanctuary. It's clearly a big tree.

Head a little north to find the Yellow Stone then go straight ahead to the next screen. Here you'll be met with a fork you can continue with the game but I'm sure you'll be hankering to know what all these stones are for. You need one more for a valuable Moonstone so stick with me if you want that and didn't manage to impress Brahne waaaaay back on Disc 1. Take the southern path to get an Ether and the Green Stone. Then head back to where the moogles were and take the right path. Here you'll find another statue but you can put all the stones you collected into it. Then out pops the Moonstone. Go you!

Then head all the way back to the fork and take the upper exit to find yourself on the world map. I'm go to let you drink in the atmosphere before I return.


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