Hamfruitcake here once again with part 12 of her FFIX walkthrough. Thought I'd go food shopping today to fill my empty cupboards but i thought against it and did this instead. I'll eat tomorrow...

Pinnacle Rock Edit

Dagger will wake up next to a smashed carriage and Vivi peering over her. After some chit chat an old man will appear hovering over a cliff and reveal he is the Thunder God Ramuh to which he will give Dagger a task whereby he will hide little floating bits of him around the area and you have to put parts of a story together. Zidane and Vivi offer to help you along. How nice.

In the first area you’ll find Monty who has travelled here from the Evil Forest, not petrified at least, good for him! Moogles seems to be all pink and resilient it seems.

Save and equip your Oak Staff just to see how cool it is and get its abilities. There is a chest to the bottom of the screen containing a Mythril Vest and an old man under the cliff in the water to the right, you’ll get the Human manifesto here. If you travel back up the tree trunk and to where you had your first conversation with Ramuh you’ll get the Hero manifesto.

FFIX Ramuh

Your First Summon, go you!

And then come back outside and travel to the left and look to the distance beyond the little fence and you’ll find the Beginning manifesto. Come back down the trunk and under the tree and cliff to get into the next area. Right in front of the chest you’ll find another manifesto, this one being called Co-Operation. Inside the chest you’ll find another Ogre. Damnit, I want a new weapon for Zidane! Follow the fallen trunk up into the next screen. Go around and over the bridge until you get a ? above your head, you have the option to jump off. Do so and open the chest with the Mythril Armlet in. Unfortunately you’re back down in the water. Which is a good place to be considering to the left is the final manifesto, Silence. Now go back up the slope to where you had the ? and go along until you find Ramuh so you can piece the story together.

The pieces together as so; Beginning, Co-Operation, Silence, Human.

For the Final Fantasy fans out there you'll notice it is Josef's story from Final Fantasy II, my least favourite edition in the series, apart from possibly FFXIII.

Ramuh will decide he likes that and he will now become your eidolon, you get a Peridot so Dagger can learn her first Summon, well not first but the first one you’re supposed to be able to use. Zidane and Vivi are a little confused and ask Ramuh why he let Dagger play such a silly game. But Ramuh just brushes them off saying, yes it was a stupid game and tells you to look after her.

We come outside, and jump off now if you want. Or you can go back and save.

We come outside and the Red Rose is above, it’s attacking Lindblum! And now we have a wonderfully horrific couple of FMV’s in which Lindblum is basically minced by Atomos and a bunch of black mages. Zidane comforts Dagger and it’s all very high drama. Unfortunately Vivi fell over and can't run very fast so missed out on this epic cutscene. We do get a shot of Brahne looking ridiculously pleased with her big fat self though.

Lindblum Edit

As we enter Lindblum we’re all pretty shocked at the destruction. I liked Linblum being all bustling but now it’s all damaged and on fire! Zidane tells Vivi to hide and as Dagger and him go look in the rubble (why does Vivi keep missing out? It’s like Dagger and Zidane just don’t like him!)


I prefer this FFV picture of Atomos, it's cooler.

There will be some locals prodding a dying Black Mage angrily ahead and in the area ahead you can find a Lindblum Card in the rubble next to Card Gon Freak’s house, go inside and open the two chests to receive an Ether and Phoenix Pinion. Luckily the eggs in the nest seem to be unharmed. Head to the shopping area where Alice’s Item shop has been destroyed but everyone seems to be ok. There you’ll find Minister Artania organising those who are still alive.

You’ll learn the Regent is safe much to everyone’s relief I’m sure and you’ll be taken to see him. After some chat a couple guards will bring in a ‘small looking’ Black Mage making a struggle. Of course it’s Vivi! Cid sends them away and tells you all about the Queen and her dealings with Kuja. It seems he comes from the Northern Outer Continent which seems virtually impossible to get to but apparently Cid thinks there’s a way to get there through an excavation site.

Go buy some weaponry and wonder what you’re letting yourself in for. Alice will have some items so stock up because you don’t know what’ll happen on your trip to the Outer Continent, Dragoos will also give you a discount on weaponry, how nice of him! Don’t forget to pick up an invaluable Exploda for Zidane, (finally a new weapon!) from the synthesis shop.

When you’re ready talk to the man and leave to witness an ATE involving some Lindblum soldiers slowly packing up the Red Rose for what seems like a long trip. Some other Lindblum soldiers have locked themselves in the guest room, enter Zidane heading to meet Cid. He flirts with Dagger a bit on the lift and we find Vivi at the Base Level who relays a message from Cid very accurately, the oglop Regent appears having jammed a trolley somewhere to cause a nuisance to the Alexandrians, good ole bug he is, and gives you a map, looks like a rag but it’s definitely a map.

The soldiers mope about not being able to go shopping because he jammed the trolley which made a gwok gwok sound. Let’s just hope he’s ok hmm. Moonte won’t have any letters just save and buy any further supplies from the guy hanging around nearby, he’ll mention the excavation site being a ‘gourd shaped swamp’ what ever could that be I wonder? You'll find a Bandana behind the ledge on the right.

Searching for the Outer Continent Edit

Outside near Lindblum? You know what this means? Go play some Choco Hot and Cold before leaving the continent, the chocobo footprints will just outside the Dragon's Gate;

Frog Drop, it's relevant.

just get a few more beak levels and chill out a bit. Once again if you need any info on it just check my Extras Page.

Then go to Qu’s Marsh and believe it or not Quina is alive! Talk to Quan at the hut and then go catch some frogs, if you get 9 you’ll get a Silk Robe which is nice and useful (give it to Vivi or Dagger to teach them Ability Up). Once again to see any info on Frog Catching check out my Extras Page, wow twice in one section... Then go back up past Quan’s hut into the brush and Quina will find the Excavation site! Although he/she was only on the search for frogs. And it got away! Shame! From this point on you have no choice if Quina joins you or not, how he survived Odin's blast at Cleyra remains unexplained but if you haven't been using him up to this point (for god only knows what reason, stubborness?) then go back a few pages and find out the best things for him to eat. I'm not linking them because you should have taken him with you in the first place. (What a pain in the ass I am)

Fossil Roo Edit

Now go down into the place and you’ll get chased by a large robot, Armodullahan. Just run. If you get attack it will malfunction after 1000hp which can easily be achieved with some explosive swipes of Zidane's Exploda and blasts of Thundara from Vivi. Undeserving of your time or effort. Just jump over the giant hole and then you’ll run into Lani.

Boss Battle : Lani
Lani battle-FFIX
HP: -
Steal: Ether, Gladius, Coral Sword.
Attacks Slash, Scan, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Aera, Water, Physical Attack.

Lani's main objective will be to get the Pendant off the Princess so expect her to be focusing her attacks on Dagger. She will also Scan your party members to find their weaknesses and utilise these. Basically she'll discover Quina is weak to fire and thus use Fira on him. Her Physical attacks can also hurt if you're a low level. Easy way to tackle this battle would be for Quina to be your healer with his White Wind and setting up buffs with his Mighty Guard. Have Zidane steal the items, just to note the Gladius is weaker than the Exploda but has abilities worth learning. Whilst stealing Slow and Blind are also useful to inflict on her to keep it an even playing field.

Have Vivi focus and cast Bio and Dagger throw Ramuh as often as you can. It shouldn't take too long for her to fall.

Now you can go into the next area and pick the yellow flower to the left and then go to the right and let the Gargant eat the flower and hitch a ride.

I Hate this Part Edit

I hate this part because last summer I was so against writing this up during my play through I had a friend who had come round to see how I was type it up for me. If it makes no sense blame him, he spelt moogles moogals... this is how wrong he might be. If it is totally wrong then I apologize, I have gone over it several times just to make sure it isn't though.

Just go into the room at the top, and you will meet a treasure hunter who will natter about hunting and will tell you that this is an excavation site, the one Cid was talking about mayhaps? Surely it's not a coincidence. He then explains that the best way to get around this place is with the Gargant using their favourite food, those yellow flowers. Save with Mogki and Stiltskin will also be there to sell his wares. Mogki will recieve a letter from Kuppo (note the double 'p'? It's not relevant in the slightest, ran out of names I guess?) which claims he's hiding somewhere in this area. I found this part hilarious.

FFIX Gargan Roo

Follow the path past the moogles and pick up the yellow flower and stand on the platform to ride the Gargant. There is a treasure chest with Fairy Earrings which come with the very handy skill Level Up which all your characters can learn. Hop to it for easy level grinding. Ride the gargant back to the Moogles.

Go up past the treasure hunter, into the cave, and ride the Gargant again using the same technique as before; which means picking the flower and standing in the correct place. The Gargant will take you to an area you'll find Switch 1, pull it to divert the flow of water. The switch will divert the flow of water to control which route the Gargant takes, maybe it's a spider in the bath syndrome...

This means you can then ride the gargant, in a different direction. Go up the steps and go down the corridor and you will find a treasure chest with an Ether in it. Go along the lower pathway and you'll find Switch 2 Hey presto, it's the one the treasure hunter alerted you to, pull it and return to have a ride on the Gargant.

This will take you back to switch course one, flip Switch 1 back to it's previous state, and then ride the gargant back to the moogles; confused yet? It's not too hard to get lost at this point because it's literally the only direction you can go. Simply make sure you've flipped the second switch (but you can only do this by flipping the first switch back and forth; see what I mean about confused?).

So yeah, go past the moogles on the lower walkway to get the Gargant you took to get to the fairy earrings; it will now take you somewhere completely different. Here you'll find a treasure hunter who will sell you items should you need them. Go up the stairs and along and flip Switch 4 then run through the doorway beside it and ride the gargant. There will be a treasure chest with a Lamia’s Tiara. Ride the gargant and flip Switch 4 again and ride the gargant again.

Follow the path down and you will come to some vines, where you will be tossed into the water, and jump out then head to the left and then climb the vine to the ledge above keeping to the right. Head through the door and you'll find a dig site yet another treasure hunter will be milling around. He'll let you dig in his area for as long as you like in exchange for a Potion. This is a good trade off considering you can find Hi Potions and Ore quite easily in the rocks. Press the X-button to dig where there are ! marks.

If you hammer away at the wall of rocks on the far right, you will hear someone kupo faintly, keep digging and a moogle will eventually tumble out, you can save with him; not forgetting to take his letter, Kuppo wants to give a letter to Kupo, what are the odds?

Once you're finished tell the treasure hunter and follow the path he was standing on to find a Survival Vest in the left hand corner. Head back to the vines, avoid getting tossed into the water by avoiding the stone faces by simply climbing above them to the far left, and then flip Switch 3 and jump onto the vines, get thrown back into the water. Exit the screen at the bottom right and ride the gargant again, and you will be taken to the exit, and follow the path, you will see a light, run, flee, skip and jump to the exit.

Thank God that's over...

The Outer Continent Edit

What's all this about then? There's no myst here? And the earth is so scorched by being exposed to the sun for so long it's all desert like with only very small patches of grass and dying forests. What a weird new place to be.

Anyhoo go into one the said dying forests, and fight till you find ladybird from the Friendly Animals Crew. For two Ore she'll give you 20AP which will suit your party very nicely. Head around the continent going under the strange bridge contraption in the valley stopping off, when you find it on the other side, at Qu's Marsh on the way. There will be no Mogster but new and wonderfully annoying ways of frogs annoying you when you try to catch them. Good luck. If you catch 15 frogs you get an Elixir. Once again look at my Extras Page for more info... Phew three times in one page... It's a good page!

Continue over onto the plateau and save your game before you head into that weird bridge house thing. Basically I'm tired now and am off to forage for food. Later.

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