Hey there, it's Hamfruitcake once again clogging up the airwaves with yet another page for my walkthrough. I've been waiting for ages to write a walkthrough but never had the cajones but now it's going by so fast!

Alexandria Castle Edit

Get ready to play the most tedious mini game you’ll play. Steiner wants to escape and Marcus will lead the way in the plan of shifting in the same direction to get the suspended cage to swing to and fro. Mash on the directional arrows gradually quicker until you finally crash and escape. If you stole the Ice Brand from Beatrix, Steiner will make shorter work of the Alexandrian soldiers than usual but the Blood Sword will continue to serve you well regardless, Marcus is exceedingly useless here. Head along the balcony to the ladder on the left. Go up the circle staircase and Marcus will disappear, Zidane’s team will magically appear and Steiner will yell at them for jumping up behind him and giving him a shock and being a pain... your team will reveal Dagger will be executed in 30 minutes, don’t know where they came across this time based information but there’s no time to wonder why. As you run to the front of the screen Marcus will block off the guards and Vivi falls over as Zidane catches up with his old friend. Now head to the dock and go to the top of the screen and into the castle fighting battles with soldiers as you go. You should make relatively short work of these fools, they have nothing on you.

Head up the stairs and go towards where the knight house is, then up the stairs and through the double doors, go to the room straight ahead and you’ll find yourself in the room Dagger was put to sleep. Examine the 'Purple Light reveal a secret passage way. Head down to the spinning platform and grab the Ice Brand and Tent from the chests, see told you it wouldn't take long, and keep heading down. Go into the door straight ahead of you at the bottom of the stairs and you’ll be confronted by Zorn and Thorn.

Boss Battle : Zorn and Thorn

HP: -

Items: Mythril Armlet, Mythril Armour, Stardust Rod, Partisan

Attacks: Meteo Strike, Light Flare

Don’t worry you should have plenty of time to kill these jokers. If one gives the other some sort of power attack the receiver to prevent it being cast. That's about it pretty much... Steal their items and hack away at them until they submit. The Stardust Rod and Mythril Armour are real pigs to get a hold of but don’t worry about time, you should have plenty of it.

Go straight ahead to Dagger and the time limit will end, unfortunately the Princess will not wake up much to Steiner’s despair, she is just asleep though, have no fear she still keeps her head. We’ll get an ATE of Marcus heading to save his ‘bro’ with great conviction.

You now get to pick up Dagger and run off, isn’t she cute. Just run up to the camera for a glance at her unconcious and in Zidane's arms, it almost beats when Squall gave Rinoa that piggyback...

Mosh the moogle will be there to give his two cents on the occurrences after receiving a letter from fellow Alexandrian Moogle Kupo. Doesn’t he realise who Zidane has draped in his arms? Probably not. Save and head up stairs until you reach the room with the pink flame in again. Steiner has a questioning of faith, his armour clanks in frustration. Zidane thinks this is the perfect opportunity to just stop and let Dagger have a rest which technically she has been doing for quite a while now...

Enter an unimpressed Zorn and Thorn who will sic Beatrix on you just to add insult to you once again get to engage in an unwinnable battle.

Boss Battle : Beatrix
HP: -
Steal: Survival Vest, Ice Brand, Phoenix Down.
Attacks Shock, Thunder Slash, Climhazzard.

Once again you can not win this battle.

You don’t have the benefit of Quina’s Mighty Guard and White Wind either so play safe ensuring you designate a healer, most likely Freya as Vivi has his magic, Steiner has his meaty attacks (and magic sword for the first time in ages!) and Zidane should be stealing.

Cast Reiss’s Wind every few turns and keep throwing Potions and Hi-potions to keep your strength up.

Beatrix has a new attack to use when she gets bored this time, Climhazzard. Enjoy.

As Beatrix relishes another empty victory over your team, look at poor Vivi lying on the floor like that... Zidane reasons with the she-demon and ends up convincing her of the evil in the Queen’s ways and Beatrix heals Dagger with her unfathomless power.

Enter the Queen just to prove how much of a badass bitch she is infuriating Beatrix, all she has to do is stick her swords in her! Damn, too late, she waddled away... Freya and Beatrix show the jester twins what for and take on some pretty harmless Bandersnatchers. Now for everyone’s favourite bit in the game, controlling Beatrix. Her MP is pretty damn low considering the power of her moves but who needs them when you can attack with her brute strength? You can play with all her Seiken moves and she even has White Magic to help you along if things get hairy. Unfortunately you escape with your less powerful team mates and are faced with some Type C Black Mages. Steiner Vivi and Zidane should make short work of them, have Dagger heal. Unfortunately no more eidolons to play with but when you get them back the MP cost won’t be nearly as high so don’t worry; a light at the end of the tunnel.


Why Thank You!

Make sure you take the Power Belt off Steiner at this point and give it to Zidane, just so he can somewhat match the knight’s power in some way (he can’t, he’s just not cool enough.)

Escape Edit

Head back down the stairs and get attacked by some Bandersnatchers, smash those stupid tongued rabbit dogs into the ground.

Steiner will then have a change of heart and run off to be with Beatrix, Vivi will promise to keep the lovebirds in check and we bid farewell to everyone's favourite knight. Unfortunately you have to fight a battle without his life saving MP attacks and have to put up with Zidane’s mediocre slices.

Back to the Beatrix party in which you’ll get to have another glorious fight with the Paladin. Beatrix doesn’t think it’s going to be easy... is she mad? These buggers can’t touch us. Steiner will join the fray and Freya will be left with nothing to do but witness the knights destroy everything in their path.

Continuing down with the less impressive team you’ll end up stuck in that stupid cage by the jester twins but luckily a short ATE will herald the appearance of Blank and Marcus who then set you free. Aboard the Gargant much to Zidane’s surprise, and a nonplussed Dagger will moan about how everyone can kill with more skill than her.

A nice ride along on the spider carriage and the Gargant will hesitate and Dagger totally used to this kind of thing jumps out and we find another R named snake.

Boss Battle : Ralvuimahgo

HP: 3500

Steal: Oak Staff, Adaman Vest, Phoenix Down.

Attacks: Ultra Sound Wave (mini), Stab, Thundara.

This guy will inflict mini which is easy enough to heal with a remedy or just patience. Keep Dagger healing and Vivi focusing and get Zidane to steal the invaluable Oak Staff, finally Vivi is going to be learning Bio, a far superior spell to any of his current ones (duh!) and watching Vivi in mini focussing is funny.

Don’t attack when it’s coiled up, just steal and focus and then once you’ve got the items let rip with MP attacks and Blizzara. Even if you manage to kill it, it will still chase after you for some bizarre reason.

The oglops at Treno station will consider helping you out but don’t pull the damn lever so you’re well and truly stumped hurtling through the tunnel. Hang on tight!

Zorn and Thorn are sacked and two Bounty Hunters appear, Lani and Red haired dude. One is the silent and deadly type with stupid hair and the other is loud and obnoxious and thinks she’s the best. Guess which is which. The Queen doesn’t care what happens to the Princess as long as she gets her Pendant back. Looks like red haired dude has a score to settle with Zidane and off he hops.

This is all so sinister... What ever could happen next? I'll see you on the next page to find out!

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