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Cleyra Edit

Back at Burmecia our other team are only just recovering. They decide we should go to Cleyra which is basically the big sandstorm to the west. It’s not exactly hard to miss. Leave Burmecia and head to the right to find the giant sandstorm.

We get a lovely look at the top of the tree in FMV form, yes, we have to get to the top. Now this place can be a bit confusing but it’s not too hard. Follow the path and pull the lever to the right to get through the first door.


Open the chest to get a Phoenix Down and follow the path into the next screen. Just so you know, there is one enemy in here called the Sand Golem. When faced with it, use Blizzara once or twice on the red core to kill it quickly. Or attack it three times on the body to expose the core and continue giving it a physical beating. The magical option is the quicker method though.

In the next room you’ll find a pair of Magicians’s Shoes at the bottom of the screen and an Ice Staff at the top of the room. Follow the path outside to the top of the screen to find a chest with an Ether in, also a hole which you can stick your arm in and will let loose some sand elsewhere. Come back outside and climb the vines into the room again. Go through the door to find another chest with a Needle Fork in and also another chest just up the path with a Tent in. To the left you’ll find Monev the Moogle. Give him his letter from Atla and tent and save up. Now go up the screen and follow the path to the left to get a Flame Staff then to the right and across the bridge.

Go to the far right of the next room to up up the chest with Remedy in and in the room along from there there are some Mythril Gloves. Follow the path until you come to a lever which you can mess with. In the room with the Remedy there is also a Mythril Vest and some Desert Boots. Following the path along you’ll find a Potion. If you follow the path to the right you’ll find another chest with an Elixir.

Cleyra's Trunk Artwork

There a couple of Blue Magic opportunities in this area. Carrion Worms (although painfully easy to kill) have Auto Life and Zuu’s have White Wind. Both of which have nice healing capabilities. White Wind will be invaluable in the following battles so I highly recommend you get it and give Quina something to do in those pesky boss battles where all he does is jump around a bit and hit very weakly.

If you follow the path to the left you’ll eventually come to a room with some quicksand/whirlpools. The idea is to click X-button repeatedly to get out of your predicament or thus be attacked by one or two Sand Scorpions. To be fair, being attacked by these things isn’t a terrible thing since they give good EXP, but if you want to get it done quick then click X-button lots until Zidane pops out. If you want to get the chests you can attempt it too, there’s 900 gil and a Potion. Head through the corridor, this is the best place to come across Zuu's if you want eat one. They will frequently swallow your characters until there is one left standing which can be irritating but keep trying until you get that all important White Wind. There’s some Gyshal Greens to be found in the next room and a set of ladders. The ladders will finally take you to the settlement; although personally I wouldn't leave this area until you have Zidane at level 20, it's ok if Vivi and Quina are lower but it's a great idea to have them boosted for now whilst you can. Also it'll make the upcoming boss fight a little easier.

Cleyra Settlement Edit

Freya gets taken away by one of the Oracles, the other offers you a tour which Vivi kinda wants to go on so you can if you want to get an idea of what the village is like, plus Vivi will moan if you don't. When that’s done go into the pit behind the Oracle to get 970 gil.
Go to the path to the left to find some Ore behind the mushroom; you can also look beside the sign to get some Thunder Gloves which will be very useful for Freya, then go up the bridge to find some more Ore and then to the right and up the ladder to find a Remedy. In this time you’ll have two ATEs, one of which is Quina screaming and being obnoxious about there being no food worth eating here and Vivi is being bullied by the locals, poor guy. Just outside the Inn you'll find Dan and his family who you can buy weaponry off if you want, he has a nice new spear for Freya and a few Mythril Armlets which wouldn't go a miss along with a couple of those Mages Hats, so just stock up on the new equipment because they're quite great the moment. In the inn you’ll find an Echo Screen downstairs along with 1250 gil if you examine behind the barrell and an Ether upstairs accompanied by a moogle. Mopli has a letter from Ruby for you it seems, how I don't know... The moogle feels quite taken by the idea of joining the theatre and becoming an actor... Bit short I'm afraid little guy.

As you leave the inn Dan and his family basically scream all manner of horrible things Vivi. Causing a right ruckus! Such language!! Quina eats a mushroom.

As you leave the Inn don't forget to pick up the Remedy which can be found just behind the green bush just by the ladder and up the stairs to the right of the inn. At the top where the church is you can find some gyshal greens and an echo screen. If you go back to the hotel you’ll find Vivi crying in the corner. If you go back to the quicksand behind the Oracle at the beginning you’ll find Quina becoming hypnotised by the sand and thinking it’s ice cream jumps in. Being the hero Zidane jumps in after him. You’ll find a chest with a Silk Robe and some Magician’s Shoes in another but unfortunately you’ll have to jump down and travel all the way back up to the Settlement. Which is not that easy without Vivi and his Blizarra. Just make sure you keep your HP well topped up with White Wind and attack as quickly as you can with Zidane, not forgetting to aim for the core whenever against a Sand Golem and just pray that a Zuu isn't cruel enough to swallow Zidane. Fortunately if you were lucky enough to get the Mythril Fork from Ralvurha...something... then it shouldn't be too hard.

Once you’re back and all healed up go back to the Cathedral, picking up the Yellow Scarf from the left pillar, and talk to the Oracle to get a message from Freya saying “Wait for me at the inn”, so as you go down back to the Inn apparently a kid is being mauled by the Antilon. So that of course means you have to go save him.

Boss Battle : Antlion

HP: 3938

Steal: Annoyntment, Mythril Vest, Gold Helm

Attacks: Trouble Mucus, Fira, Sandstorm, Counter Horn.

Stealing off this guy remains ridiculously hard, especially when it comes to the Gold Helm but hang in there if you really want it. Use Soul Blade, Reis’s Wind, Mighty Guard (if you want, not really necessary) and coming into this battle with protection from Darkness is a good thing. Since he has a meaty attack called Sandstorm that can take off immense damage, putting everyone's HP in the yellow. Try to rectify this with White Wind by Quina. Use Annoynments if anyone gets hurt by Trouble Mucus. Focus with Vivi until you have the items then unleash some high powered Blizarras on it. Shouldn’t last long after that.

So after the fight Puck runs off, who was the loud mouthed kid the Antilon tried to eat. Vivi runs after him say he was his first friend, awww! And the King muses about the fact that his son, yes Prince Puck, is back in town. Now some of the priestesses have a dance in hopes of strengthening the sandstorm. Unfortunately the strings on the magical harp snap and it disappears completely. A bad omen has fell upon Cleyra.

Attack on Cleyra Edit

As Freya head to the church and the High Priest will present you with an Emerald which you can equip to learn White Draw. Stiltskin will be at the Inn and Mopli will have a letter from Monev in the trunk; it looks like the troops are arriving, smells like trouble if you ask me. Meet your team at the entrance and head down into the trunk equipping everyone suitably as you go. You will be faced with Alexandrian guards who should not pose too much of a problem with Blizzara and a few attacks from the team. Head down progressively until you hit a dead end and Puck tells the team to head back. You’ll be faced with Type B Black Mages, same strategy just attack them till they fall. You’ll find Mopli and Stiltskin, in the Antlion lair and Mopli has decided to send a letter to Serino. If you haven’t bought Stiltskin’s items yet now is the time. Head outside and there will be more Black Mages, head up the stairs and two Cleyrans will ask you where to go, tell them to head right. Head up to the Inn and a widow with her children will ask you where to go, send them left and fight with the soldiers and black mage. The kids will ask where next and then send them right; more soldiers will then attack. Crush the kid’s dreams and tell them they still aren’t safe and Zidane will go on about how pretty the place is and then you will go up the stairs. You’ll try to enter the cathedral and then you’ll be surrounded by Black Mages, tough luck you all die.

Fortunately a man with a huge spear appears and cuts all the mages down as you escape into the cathedral. Well what do you know, it’s Sir Fratley, but he has amnesia and poor old Freya realises her epitaph, ‘To be forgotten is worse than death.’ Turns out Puck found him and brought him here, way to go Puck, break Freya’s heart why don’t you? And off goes Fratley and Puck follows without even pausing to say goodbye to a confused Vivi. Beatrix walks in and steals the magic jewel while Freya makes a spectacle of herself crying. After her!

But wait the locals you saved have some nice presents for you, a Phoenix Pinion, Elixir, Ether, Remedy, Phoenix Down, Nymph Card, and a Zuu card for your excellent direction skills. If you use a tent you’ll note everyone crammed in the hall will also cram inside your even tinier tent. Sometimes I wonder how Quina fits in there alone never mind everyone else. The tent looks big enough for Regent Cid and that’s all.

Go outside to face the undefeatable knight.

Allow me to shatter your delusions of grandeur.

Boss Battle : Beatrix
HP: -
Steal: Ice Brand, Thunder Gloves, Phoenix Down
Attacks Shock, Thunder Slash, Stock Break.

Once again you cannot win this battle; as soon as Beatrix tires of you make no mistake she will use Stock Break and leave you snivelling in disgrace while she bounds away with her perfectly curled hair. Steal the items if you want them, the Ice Brand will be useful for about four battles and then you will find it in a chest later on but steal it if you want an upper edge. Whilst stealing you can use Slow with Vivi to give you the upper hand, it may take a few tries but it does work. Otherwise attack with Zidane, Mighty Guard and White Wind with Quina, Reiss’s wind with Freya and Focus then Blizzara with Vivi. Watch out for Shock, it will likely knock out whomever it hits as it takes off about 800hp a go. Freya can Jump to avoid it and have Quina keep everyone topped up with White Wind as he has very little else to do here.

Your team will then decide to escape by jumping into the bubbles that teleports the black mages back to wherever they are going. Quina decides not to come as he doesn’t like heights and then Odin blows the place to smithereens in an awesome FMV. Oh well Quina RIP, and all those people we saved... well at least they gave you their goodies before they were incinerated.

The Red Rose Edit

You’ll find yourself on the Red Rose from here; the royal airship, swanky. Follow through with the game play here and watch Beatrix doubt her position and actions in the attacks with her delightful theme playing in the background. She seems a bit jealous she can’t just go off and murder everyone, because Black mages can do it for less. Seems like a strange thing to be upset about... Head up the steps and you’ll hear the Queen planning on beheading Dagger much to Zidane’s primal anger. Beatrix too is upset that the Queen didn’t thank her for stealing the jewel in the first place. Vivi has a plan follow him then double back and you’ll find a moogle has landed. Serino will take his letter gratefully and you’ll wonder if Mopli and Stiltskin were annihilated along with Quina? Surely it’s not fair to kill a couple of moogles? More to the point what about Monev living in the trunk? We will never hear from him again. Serino also has a letter to deliver to Moodon.

At the bottom of the stairs Vivi is suggesting you jump in the telepods but trips over his own feet running to get in his. Off you go.

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