Welcome to the first and hopefully not last page of Hamfruitcake_09 Final Fantasy Walkthrough. It's been a long while in the making. Enjoy.

I Want to Be Your Canary Edit

We start off with what looks like a dream sequence by the very pretty Princess Garnet who lives in the highest room in the tallest tower an equally pretty castle with a humungous sword in the centre of it. Whoever built is nothing short of a genius.

The FMV swings on by and then we then get a close up of a rather impressive looking airship (I think all the airships are impressive in this game for some odd reason), glidingthrough the air. Welcome to the Prima Vista. We are introduced to our main character instantly; acknowledge the monkey tail, it gives him flair I believe. Anyways, you'll find yourself in a dark room with a little candle. Don't listen to the message on screen, wander around the room first for your first plunder. Go to the left, pick up a Potion, go to top of the screen to pick up some gil, then go to the centre of the room to provide some real illumination.

Zidane Tribal
Zidane Tribal character

Zidane is our main character, protagonist, dude we walk around with most of the time. He's a bit of a ladies man and although a thief by trade he has a heart of gold. He is the antithesis of both Cloud and Squall from the former games and for that we love him. I mean really, he makes you laugh and cry and you actually care about the emotional journey he has. He isn't emo off the cuff because he knows there's more to life than just thinking about loneliness or which girl he wants (Zidane would have both I'm sure). He's your standard go getter, happy go lucky and with a dash of common sense. He makes for an excellent drinking partner I'm sure.

As a thief Zidane is quite quick on his feet with a standard attack but more importantly has the ability to Steal items from enemies. In this game this skill is invaluable; it's all about the treasure in this game. You'll be able to get your grubby mitts on items way before they are available in the shops. The other ability our man has is Skill which is basically a combination of abilities that are quite useful through the game, they run interference with your enemies and check what items they may have to steal. Finally Zidane's Trance ability is Dyne which is new skills with every other weapon or so. These Dyne abilities can take off a good amount of HP and therefore are incredibly fun to use.

You are introduced to a motley crew and at this point you are able to name your character who is by default called Zidane but you can call him whatever, this is the magic of none voice acting games. Ah the days when I was a mere tween and would sit with my sibling and do all the voice acting ourselves, now that was entertainment, for whoever was listening at the door I'm sure. Just to note, the guy with the monkey tail will henceforth be known as Zidane to prevent confusion. I just got lost in a memory there.

Boss Battle : Masked Man
HP: -
Steal: Potion, Wrist, Mage Masher
Attacks Physical attacks (accompanied by a laugh or two)

Our little crew is soon accosted by a big guy with a dragon head. Use all of your thieves to Steal for a while until you get the Mage Masher. Do not stop doing so until you get it, try not to attack until you have it as it will take a while for you to obtain it later in the game so it's invaluable now. You can’t really lose (well Cinna will probably die but it’s not a loss) so don’t worry about it.

Throw a Potion if things get rough but a 1/3 of the time the Masked Man will fall over because his mask is clearly blocking his vision. Or his shoes are tied together, never could tell. Eventually after hitting him for a few rounds, the guy will introduce himself as Baku, your boss.

Baku is a bit of a nutter who likes to assert his authority by beating up the members of his group every now and again. But in all honesty, this was just Baku making as classy an entrance as he could. Shame about those shoes.

He then explains to you that you’re group is the Tantalus, a group of daring young thieves whose next plan is to kidnap Princess Garnet. When he asks you who you are going to kidnap you can say Queen Brahne instead, I've heard if you do this consecutively for 42 times apparently Ruby comes in and yells at you, this wiki claims it's 64, whatever the amount it's a true waste of time. I'd say something around the 50 mark, I can confirm Ruby does actually prance in and call you as a stubborn as a mule, to be honest it largely depends on your patience and your affection towards Ruby whether you care enough to do this, not much else occurs. The plan is explained and that's that.

We'll then be greeted with an FMV of the Prima Vista entering Alexandria ever so majestically, allowing us another glimpse of that tremendous blade... Also a good look at our next character Vivi, who is a favourite amongst fans for his good looks and snuggable personality, and most importantly his humanity.

Vivi in Alexandria Edit

Upon playing this game the first time I immediately fell in love with Vivi. He’s short, he wears an amazing hat and his eyes are big and yellow. Also, like myself; he had a tendency of falling over. Unlike me, he gets helped up by a random little girl who immediately runs off after giving you your ticket which you “dwopped”. The plucky Black Mage has somehow received a ticket of great importance which is the impetus which sets the whole game's story in motion. Hence why falling over is not always a bad thing.

Vivi Ornitier
Vivi Ornitier character

Vivi is probably the most popular character of this game for the simple reason that he's the most human any Final Fantasy character has ever been. This may not apply to him physically but in heart; he's all there. He's also adorable and really really strong and will make you cry at least twice through this game. There's nothing not to love about dear old Vivi and one thing that always makes me smile is that when he's nervous he adjusts his little hat.

As a Black Mage Vivi obviously has very low attack, but this doesnt matter considering he has some tremendous spells under his belt which are incredibly powerful in comparison. Keep him in the back row and don't forget that along with the Black Magic he has the ability to Focus his spells which is useful from time to time when you're waiting for a steal to come through. Finally; Vivi's trance is the Double Black Magic along with a heightening of the magic. So it's double awesome with an even pointier hat. Overall Vivi will be needed whenever you can get your grubby mitts on him. I have completed the game without his help but in all honesty with his invaluable spells you'd be mad not to use him!


Go back the way you came to enter a large square. This is the entrance to Alexandria and you first stop to plunder someone else's possessions. Basically run around the edge and pick up a Skeleton, a Lizard Man and a Flan card when you get the little ! above your head, quite simply press X-button to ensure you get your goods. Now go back to where you fell over and go into the house just to the right. In here you will find a little old woman working on a spinning wheel, she's making a dress for her granddaughter, how sweet. For a small house there are few things you can collect in here, go up the ladder to get the Fang card, then come down and go to the top right to pick up a Potion, at the bottom right to pick up granny’s savings of 9 gil. Don’t frown, don’t sigh. In this game it’s finder’s keepers; even if the occupant of the house is present whilst you pilfer her goods. For a humorous aside go to the top left to have a look at the rug which has a pattern so confusing that our little Vivi falls down from the head warp it does to him. Leave the house and go to the far left of the street to pick up another Potion. Leave this screen by following the path going to the top of it.

In this new screen you will see “the honourable nobles of Treno” on the wander, which is always amusing, they are all fat and atrociously dressed. The game doesn't accurately depict many creatures but the nobles at least are well dressed. Examine the tuft of grass to your right at the front of the screen to pick up a Goblin card and then go to the left to find 33 gil! Go into the bar, which is the big entrance in the middle of your screen. Go in pick up the potion down by the barrels in the bottom left. Search the floor around this area to find 27 gil Also go to the opening at the door to pick up a Flan card. Leave the bar and leave the screen to the left. In this area, go up the stairs to the right to find the items shop; in here look around the bric-a-brac around the right to find 38 gil in the corner. No need to buy anything yet so leave and go under the clock arch.

Jump Roping Edit

This area is a place where you may spend a lot or very little amount of time depending on whether you do this mini game.

Jump rope

If you talk to the girl in the middle of the skipping ropes she’ll offer you a jump around. It takes a fair bit of concentration to be good at this but once get a good rythym going it's just a matter of patience. Simply tap the X-button when the ! appears above Vivi's head, or listen to his footfalls as they tap the floor, that helps too! At 20 jumps you get the girls pocket change, it’s worth keeping it up until you get to 50 in which you get a Cactuar card, then at 100 you get Genji card (which tends to be the better of this collection) and finally at 200 you get the mighty Alexandria card. But if you really want to, Tiger Racket card is also available, if you get an excessive amount of 500 jumps. And at an extraordinary 1000 jumps, you get the King of jump rope key item, which serves no purpose- just a nice thing to have. The rope becomes progressively quicker as you get past these card based bench marks so keep tapping the X-button quicker and quicker until your eyes blur from the concentration... basically. Note these cards aren’t great in power (or arrows) but they’re nice to have since you can’t get them until quite later in the game. You don’t really need to hold out for the Alexandria card since you can get it easily later in the game, but the Genji is definitely worth your effort.

If you go into the inn on the left from the skipping girls you will witness a very angry red mage screaming at what can be described as a fish man innkeeper, when you go upstairs it seems a female hippo will send you back down again and you can go upstairs and get a nice view but apart from that this small excursion was totally pointless. Another pointless thing to enjoy is Hippaul, the hippo kid, crying about his lost cards... the ones you totally did not pilfer from the square at the beginning, leave him be with his tears (and with that you can skip off with his cards). This is why you don’t things lying around in this world!

Time to get your ticket stamped, go to the inviting tent in the middle of the square to see the lion-like ticketmaster and ask him all you need to know. You can chat to him about what else is happening in town about the fair Princess everyone seems to be talking about. Have a chat until there is nothing more to talk about (you know if you want to know everything about whats going on). He will then proceed to tell you your ticket is a fake and your little head will droop, so out of guilt he gives you some more playing cards for making you feel bad. What a nice pink lion... You'll be a pro at cards in no time, mark my words! He tells you to look for Alley Way Jack if you want to learn more.

You can also head in the Synthesis shop which is at the top right corner of the square to pick up an Ether, you can then browse upon a Recruitment Notice for the Knights of Pluto, I think Vivi would make a marvellous knight! You should totally find the Captain and get a job! For now we will continue with being merry and free.

Go down the street past the skipping girls, you'll find yourself in an alley where a beaver looking man on a ladder will yell at you for no apparent reason and hammer a sign in. A rat kid suddenly appears and asks you to be his slave. Say no at first and dash past him. Run down to the next screen and go to the church as the bottom of the screen. Climb up the ladder in the tower to recieve an Ironite, Goblin and Fang Card. Go back to where you started in the alley way and enter through the skipping entrance to talk to the rat kid again. Talking to him he'll once again proposition you, tell him you will but cross your fingers and he’ll steal the ladder and run off. The next person to appear in the street will be Alley Way Jack so ask him to teach you the laws of card playing. Playing cards with a four armed man does seem slightly unfair but hey, if you want to beat him just for fun go right ahead but don’t expect him to have any good cards. Once you’ve finished wiping the floor with the four armed ginger bloke head on back to the alleyway where you witnessed the ladder theft and continue on down the street.

Rat kid will beckon but first if you look at the wall of the first house you’ll see your skipping scores just to feel smug. Then in the second house you’ll find some Eyedrops and Lila is on the staircase, there is some treasure up there, I can smell it. If you run out the house and run down to the dock you will hear Lila leave so you can go upstairs and pillage 3 gil. Oh well can’t win em all. Next you’ll find Tom who’s lost his cat Mittens, finding his cat will mean you get a Bomb card, it’s up to you. Just for warm fuzzies you’ll find the little orange cat right at the front entrance all the way back at the beginning. Talk to Tom again when you get back to receive your reward.

Puck IX

Go into the church and look at wall behind the rat kid you’ll find a Tent and to the far right is another Potion. Free stuff is cool, so just pick it up and be happy, there is a lot of it lying around at the beginning of the game, not really when you need it. Climb the ladder up first because you're a slave and the game can't go on without you being submisssive and get clunked on the head by a ball of pink fluff, you’ll be introduced to a Moogle. Kupo will proceed to teach you about saving and if you ask nicely Mognet too which will involve warm fuzzies and some stupid letters to read to break the monotony. Stiltskin, a moogle dressed in his khakis, will approach and then quickly leave again, look out for him. Moogles are great in this game for various reasons. Aside from being so cuddly and cute and adorable... They are also your save points so if you abhor furry cute things then you're just going to have to deal because you'll have a tough time getting through the game without saving. Moogles also allow you to use Tents to heal yourself up if there are no Inns handy and they have their postal service you will be engaging in. To begin the fuzzies, Kupo will ask you to deliver a letter to Monty, so say yes and let this mini quest have a happy start.

To continue, just head on up the ladder. The rat kid will lead the way, unfortunately Vivi has a fear of heights which the rat kid finds incredibly amusing and cackles away in his ratty way when you nearly fall to your death. But, no point in worrying about it now right? Pah.

You’ll find a nice amount of money up here so explore the roof tops and avoid the rat kid until you’ve got everything you need. Money is normally just little circular bags, so to the bottom right of the first roof you’ll find 29 gil, just keep looking for things like that. You also get to finally name Vivi. You can also find 62 gil and 92 gil elsewhere.

Now my eyes are hurting from too much exposure to laptop light... See you kids at the play.

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