Hamfruitcake here with all those pesky side quests squeezed into one useful page. Very tedious to make tables ahead. Enjoy! Man this took forever...

Tetra Master Edit

This is a table which took a very long while to work out from my notes. It's basically what your card board should look like when you've got everything. If you pay attention in the walkthrough you should find at least 97 out of the hundred here. Those last couple I always seem to be missing I had to look up on a FAQ but I'll let you know where to get all the best cards. For now this is all the ones you could get!

Goblin Yeti Carrion Worm Blazer Beetle Ash Abadon Ifrit Excalibur II Blue Narciss Mog
Fang Mimic Cerberus Abdomination Wraith Behemoth Ramuh Ultima Weapon Hilde Garde 3 Frog
Skeleton Wyerd Antlion Zemzelett Gargoyle Iron Man Atomos Masamune Invincible Oglop
Flan Mandragora Cactuar Stroper Vepal Nova Dragon Odin Elixir Cargo Ship Alexandria
Zaghnol Crawler Gimme Cat Tantarian Grimlock Ozma Leviathan Dark Matter Hilda Garde 1 Lindblum
Lizard Man Sand Scorpion Ragtimer Grand Dragon Tonberry Hades Bahamut Ribbon Red Rose Two Moons
Zombie Nymph Hedgehog Pie Feather Circle Veteran Holy Ark Tiger Racket Theater Ship Gargant
Bomb Sand Golem Ralvuimahgo Hecteyes Garuda Meteor Fenrir Save The Queen Viltgance Namingway
Ironite Zuu Ochu Ogre Malboro Flare Madeen Genji Chocobo Boco
Sahagin Dragonfly Troll Armstrong Mover Shiva Alexander Mythril Sword Fat Chocobo Airship

Surprisingly by the end of the game with my tutelage you should have found a large percentage of the cards but the last few which seem to evade your grasp can easily be found by playing cards in the Treno Card Stadium or the Card Spirits in Memoria if you're really stuck here are a couple of cards which are worth looking out for.

  • Fat Chocobo: Can only be won by talking to the big cheese himself in Chocobo's Paradise or playing him at cards.
  • Excalibur II: Weapon Master Hunt or Straight Shooter Shak at the Treno Card Stadium on Disc 4.
  • Ozma: You guessed it, from beating Ozma or facing the Dark Phantom Card Spirit in Memoria or Beast Master Gilbert at the Treno Stadium, the latter only uses it very very rarely.
  • The higher tier monster cards that appear to be missing from your collection such as Hecteyes and Stroper can be won from various Genomes and Black Mages in Black Mage Village if you need them.
  • You can also challenge Lani to a card game, she can be found in the Madain Sari kitchen keeping the moogles company if you need to win an Odin or Hecteyes from her.
  • Rare ship cards can be won from Gilgamesh in Daguerro, or as he's affectionately known, Four Armed Man.

If you need any more assistance check this excellent FAQ[1].

Stellazio Coins Edit

Throughout the Final Fantasy IX World you may find yourself coming across astrological signs for no real reason. In the walkthrough I direct you to them assuming you know or don't care and just want plenty of treasure. Well there is a beak faced noble in Treno who is collecting these Coins called Queen Stella and she will reward those who bring them to her handsomely. You'll come across some valuable equipment and your bank account will be very happy so there's no reason not to follow this mini side quest. Also the Queen is quite adept at playing cards and will always be willing to play a game with you with an actually interesting deck of cards, unlike those who just use Zaghnol and zombies endlessly. Her assistant is also a proficient card player so make sure to take them both on if you're a card collector. So here we go.

Stellazio Coin Place Where to Find it
Aries Dali Windmill In the middle of the room on the floor.
Cancer Burmecia To the right of the overturned Wheelbarrow.
Scorpio Quan's Dwelling Down the rope on the cliff face near the hot springs.
Gemini Treno Keep throwing 10 gil into the fountain at the entrance.
Taurus Treno In the Item Shop area in the north east area once you go down the ladder.
Virgo Black Mage Village In the Inn bedroom.
Libra Madain Sari Behind the fountain in the centre of the village.
Leo Alexandria Once you get off the boat to the castle head left to the tower, it's in the upper right corner here.
Sagittarius Lindblum Disc 3, To the left of the pickle cart by the shadow.
Capricorn Daguerreo From the entrance straight ahead and to the right in the water.
Aquarius Ipsen's Castle In the entrance hallway check around the pillar to the right.
Pisces Invincible Where the teleporter is in the chest to the left.

For collecting each coin you get a prize from Queen Stella so here's a quick table with the spoils in.

Number of Coins Prize
1 1000 gil
2 Phoenix Pinion
3 2000 gil
4 Blood Sword
5 5000 gil
6 Elixir
7 10,000 gil
8 Black Belt
9 20,000 gil
10 Rosetta Ring
11 30,000 gil
12 Robe of Lords

I am aware there is a 13th coin but you will find this in my Walkthrough on this page as there is a lot of effort that goes into finding that. Plus you don't want me to ruin the end do you?

Ragtime Mouse Edit

Ragtimer is a travelling circus, kinda, who will every now and again randomly jump out at your party while you are running around forests on the world map and have you take part in his Pop Quiz. To answer the question he has an X-button and Circle-button on either side of him. You can choose to attack either or Ragtimer himself, I highly reccomend you don't though otherwise he'll get all haughty and run off. X is for false and O is true, send one of your characters to attack true or false to answer. If you get it right you get confetti thrown at you and money so that's always a nice feeling. Ragtimer will ask you 16 questions out of a possible 17 randomly. After the 16th you will defeat him. Easy! There are different points in the game for how many questions he'll ask you, like he'll ask you a certain amount of each disc I'm told but it's up to you if you're actively seeking him. I tend not to until Disc 4 when I'm getting all the sidequests done. It's up to you. Here all the questions in one neat table for you to peruse at your pleasure.

Question Answer
I Want To Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon. False
The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600. False
The theater ship Prima Vista was built in Artania Shipyards. False
Lindblum Air Cabs Operate around the clock True
Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle True
Some Mu's are friendly and won't attack. True
Burkmea Cable Cars have been running for eight years. True
Only one desert exists in the entire world. False
Conde Petie is a village of Goblins. False
Prima Vista means love at first sight. False
Treno's cafe, Card Carta, is members only. True
Bobo bird is a bird that brings you fortune. False
You can defeat Ragtimer. True
Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate. True
The theater ship uses Mist as its energy. True
The Lindblum War started in 1500 True
Fossil Roo connects Treno to Alexandria False

Every question you answer correctly for Ragtimer he will give you an amount of gil starting at 1000 and slowly building up. You have to answer 16 questions to defeat him and when you do... Well he falls over which is a startling thing to see you and you get 20,000 EXP and a Protect Ring.

frog catching Edit

frog catching with Quina. What fun times can be had here... The point of catching frogs is to give Quina's Frog Drop attack the best possible damage it can achieve. This involves catching a lot of frogs but along the way you get prizes from a weary Quale. When you hit that magical 100 frogs mark you will have to fight Quale but you can continue catching frogs.

The basic idea is to wait until the frogs jump out of the pond and dash at them clicking madly on X-button. I can't give much more advice than that. There are techniques and stuff around on the FAQs and board but it's not really that difficult it just takes patience.

The best technique as you get more advanced is to leave a male and female frog so they can procreate. Leaving a Golden Frog does nothing to your score but it does provide more frogs for next time you visit so no matter how tempting it is, it's best to leave these guys. Also catching baby frogs still counts as one frog so there's no difference there but you cruel monster not letting them having a good life before ending up in Quina's belly... From what I've found the females have red feet and males have yellow feet. I'll provide a strategy for beating Quale in the walkthrough, on this page but for now here is what you can win from him.

Amount of Frogs Prize
2 Ore
5 Ether
9 Silk Robe
15 Elixir
23 Silver Fork
33 Bistro Fork
45 Battle Boots
99 Gastro Fork

Friendly Animals Edit

I call them friendly animals because they are more friendly than monsters or enemies... and are made to look cuter, for example the Yan and Muu and even Jabberwock, not sure about Yeti but I'm sure that's his best happy face. This side quest involves random encounters in different areas, of the world on the world map where you will hear the plinky plonky music that also heralds the Ragtime Mouse, the only difference is that this plinky plonky music is not confined to the forests. You also more likely than not find them sooner than searching for Ragtimer as they are much more friendly.

The point is, they will ask for something and you will go into your items menu and throw it at them to recieve a gift of a hefty amount of AP and sometimes another jewel. In no case do you attack these friendly animals. Not even Yeti! Just Flee if you don't have what they ask for. In all there are 9 friendly animals and if you give them all what they ask for then you will be able to use Physical Attacks against Ozma which will be extremely useful. Plus you'll be rewarded with a Rosetta Ring. Note that the Yan will run away unless you have encountered all of the previous friendly animals beforehand, even if you have a Diamond in your inventory.

Name Animal Where it is Request Prize
Mu Mu-ffix-friendly Dali's Plateau 1 Ore 10 AP, Potion
Ghost Ghost friendly-FFIX Treno's Plateau 1 Ore 10 AP, Hi Potion
Ladybug LadyBugFriend-FFIX Forest around Black Mage Village 2 Ore 20 AP, Ether
Yeti YetiFriendlyFFIX Around Madain Sari 2 Ore 20 AP, Elixir
Nymph NymphFriendlyFFIX Outside the Iifa Tree 3 Ore 30 AP, Emerald
Jabberwock JabberwockFriend-FFIX Forest east of Oeilvert Emerald 40 AP, Moonstone
Feather Circle Feather Circle friendly-FFIX Lost Continent (icy) near Choco Tracks Moonstone 30 AP, Lapis Lazuli
Garuda GarudaFriendlyFFIX Forest on Popos Heights (above Gizamaluke's Grotto) Lapis Lazuli 40 AP, Diamond
Yan Yan-ffix-friendly Vile Island, just next to Iifa Tree Diamond 50 AP, Rosetta Ring

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