Hamfruitcake bringing you everything you would ever need to know about Choco Hot and Cold and the entire sidequest that will surely take up a good portion of your life for now.

Choco Hot and Cold Edit

Choco Hot and Cold is a minigame you'll find in Chocobo Forest and later Chocobo Lagoon. It involves riding your chocobo and tapping Square-button to find treasure that's hidden in the forest floor.

Mene the moogle who is in runs the game will charge you 60 gil per game which isn't really breaking the bank and from the money you get from level grinding and even just fighting normally you'll still have enough to play this game until the cows come home. Or someone knocks on your door and asks why you haven't surfaced in three days. When you reach Chocobo Lagoon for the first time you will find Choco can only play in half of the area so Mene knocks the price down to 30 gil until Choco learns the Ocean Ability. Then it's back to your usual fare.

Choco has great sense of touch or something because when his beak hits the floor he can sense whether treasure is nearby. If it isn't you'll get the paltry Kweh which means there's nothing there so you should move on until Choco starts to get more excited. The best way to play is to work your way diagonally across the forest. Pinball from side to side of the forest tapping square as you go until you get some exclaimations from Choco. It's a sure fire way of finding something. Perhaps that's just insulting your intelligence suggesting that but it's my method and it works!

Noise What to do
Kweh Nothing there, go somewhere else
Kweh!? It's nearby, starting running around this area digging
Kwehhh!? So close! Furiously dig left right and centre
K-KWEHHH!! Motherload... Start tapping Square-button furiously!

Once you've found your treasure you have a counter in the corner of the screen which counts down how deep your treasure is. The deeper the treasure the more valuable, and the more points you get, but also the longer it takes. If Choco has a strong beak level it'll take less time to dig up. When you've dug up your treasure you quickly move on.

For each treasure you get you will recieve points from Mene who will give points in correspondence to the rarity of the treasure and if you find a treasure within 5 seconds of another. Points will all be totalled up and you can exchange them for prizes. Depending on how much you play you can get some rare items but whilst you're early on in the game it's a good place to stock up on Ethers.

If you manage to succeed in finding 4 treasures in the 60 second time limit Mene will get very excited and offer you ten extra seconds and double points for anything else you find. Getting 8 treasures in the 60 second time limit (you lucky/sad sod) Mene will then panic and flutter over telling you to stop and she will give you points relative to the amount of time you have left and end the game. In Chocobo Lagoon when you only have half the area to dig if you find 4 treasures Mene will end the game there and then and give you bonus points depending on the time left.

Ocassionally you will come across particularly deep treasures such as Tents or Elixirs or 200 gil that will get you excited for nothing but sometimes you will find a Chocograph. Now this is where it gets exciting because with a Chocograph you can go out into the world and find masses of treasure with very valuable treasure inside them. The clue is that the Chocograph has a very vague picture of where the treasure could be and Mene provides you with a hint. Then it's up to you to go out into the world and find it by digging around with Square-button. To summon up Choco on the World Map you go to the Items menu and click on Gyshal Greens and Choco will KWEH!! and be standing right next to you. Mount him with X and be on your way. Along with treasures some chests will open and take Choco to a magical dream world where he will change colour and gain new abilities:

Colour Ability
Yellow Standard Choco, can just run on green grass, through forests and on the beaches.
Light Blue Choco can run around the shallow waters which are light blue getting in from any beach.
Red Choco can run up mountains and cliff faces and retains his water ability.
Deep Blue Choco can run all over the oceans no matter how deep as long as goes in via a beach.
Gold Choco can fly! Must take off and land from any forest.

Chocographs Edit

Number Name Picture Where It Is Where to Dig
1 Streamside ChocographLoc01 Mist Continent by Choco Forest Across the Bridge and by the beach in the corner.
2 Between Mountains ChocographLoc02 Mist Continent Past Dragon's Gate From the Dragon's Gate go left around the mountain past the beach and you'll see it.
3 Uncultivated Land ChocographLoc03 Once you have the Mountain Ability climb over the mountain past Treno and down into the Valley. Run along the river until you find the swamp land and see some Choco footprints and just dig about there for a bit.
4 Healing Shore ChocographLoc04 North Mist Continent. Park the Blue Narciss on the Beach north of where Cleyra used to be and summon Choco and dig around to the left.
5 Abandoned Beach ChocographLoc05 Outer Continent, by Qu's Marsh Dig around the Beach directly opposite the forest to Black Mage Village.
6 Cold Field ChocographLoc06 Lost Continent, North Most Continent. The far left of the beach directly opposite the chocobo tracks.
7 Forgotten Lagoon ChocographLoc07 Go to the Lost (Icy Continent) and Summon Choco Head South from the island working through the reef directly South until you find the Point of the Continent that looks identical to the picture and dig in the corner of where it bends.
8 Faraway Lagoon ChocographLoc08 Sail around the big continent to the left of the map and anchor on the first green island you come across that you can (it has a long beach) when you're heading southwards on the far left. Summon choco and ride in the reef and keep going around the edge of the continent until you find it. It's in the curve of the continent just keep digging.
9 Abandoned Lagoon ChocographLoc09 Outer Cointinent, land on the southern part of the island past the Iifa Tree. Summon Choco and go off the beach to the west until you find a tiny cove. Dig there.
10 Bird's eye lagoon ChocographLoc10 Back to the Mist Continent, summon choco near dragon's gate again. Swim out from the beach opposite the tracks until you find the island shaped like the one in the picture. Not hard to find.
11 Small Beach ChocographLoc11 Anchor right outside Chocobo forest and use the tracks there. Worm your way around the reef and land on the first island you can, directly opposite Chocobo Forest. It's on the corner of that.
12 Dawn Lagoon ChocographLoc09 Go to Chocobo Forest Ride around the moutains east ward and exit off a beach where it gets all orange, then head out into the sea and dig around the oblong shaped island.
13 Forbidden Forest ChocographLoc13 Leave Chocobo Forest on the Mist Continent and run Choco to the mountain range to the west of it. It's not far from Treno, just where all the mountains converge should be a little forest in the middle. Dig!
14 Green Plains ChocographLoc14 Ride Choco from the previous treasure 13 north, you should reach the middle of the northern coast of the continent. It's by a small beach but you have to dig on the plateau above, the picture is a good indication, it's just as the foot of the mountain.
15 Dusk Plains ChocographLoc15 Fly the airship to the Forgotten Continent selecting the Qu's Marsh as your Location on the northern part, you can only apparently land on grass... Choco Footprints are just north of this. Worm your way southwards until it gets all orangey because of Oelivert. It's just south west of that near the coast on a cliff. Dig where there is a little inset between the rocky bits...
16 Forgotten Plains ChocographLoc16 After the previous treasure work you way all the way back to the north of the continent near to where Ipsen's Castle is. It's a little ways north west of the castle, the picture is once again a good indication and dig on the cliff part to find the treasure.
17 Sea at Dusk ChocographLoc17 Swim Choco from the Chocobo's Lagoon around the bottom of the Forgotten Continent onto the eastern coastline. Just swim up the east coast until you see the picture and then swim out a little way and dig.
18 Ocean ChocographLoc18 That picture is useless! Follow me! All the way back round the Forgotten Continent west of the long skinny island in the middle. It's literally off the coast of the little skinny island, use my picture there to find it and it shouldn't be too hard.
19 Cold Lagoon ChocographLoc19 Once you have the Ocean Ability fly the Lost(Icy) Continent due North and use the same footprints as usual to mount Choco. Go into the sea from the beach and swim round to the north of the continent, it's directly opposite that forest I had you training in before.
20 Mist Ocean ChocographLoc20 Do what the moogle says and swim to the north east coast of the Mist Continent. Swim until you find the Alexandria Dock, then the two islands east of it, swim between them and go forward a bit and dig until you find it.
21 Outer Island ChocographLoc21 Fly Choco to the north coast of the Outer Continent on eastern most corner. There is a tiny island on the north eastern most tip with a little forest on. Land in the forest and dig away on one of the corners.
22 Outer Island 2 ChocographLoc22 Fly Choco to the north coast of the Outer Continent. There should be a tiny island just south of a bigger one in the middle northern part... if that makes sense, it's on the small island with forest on the tip.
23 Fairy Island ChocographLoc23 It's the pointy island west of the Iifa Tree with the mountain and forest on. You'll be spending a lot of time here training later but for now ride choco around the mountain face opposite the Iifa Tree, dig at it's base.
24 Forgotten Island ChocographLoc24 It's the island opposite the one you've just been to on the Forgotten Continent. Land on the island shaped like the one in the picture and dig on the cliffs opposite the forest.

Treasures Edit

Here's the treasures you will recieve.

Chocograph Number Treasure
1 2 Elixir, 3 Hi-Potion, 4 Ethers, 2 Germinas Boots
2 5 Potion, 5 Hi-Potion, 2 Tent, 2 Cotton Robe
3 10 Antidote, 1 Jade Armlet, 3 Wing Edge, 1 Cargo Ship Card
4 Reef ability
5 9 Phoenix Pinion, 5 Phoenix Down, 12 Peridot, 1 Diamond Gloves
6 5 Echo Screen, 7 Hi-Potion, 3 Tent, 1 Theater Ship Card
7 8 Gysahl Greens, 5 Ether, 7 Hi-Potion, 1 Dragon's Claws
8 37 Potion, 6 Magic Tag, 1 Shield Armor, 1 Gaia Gear
9 6 Soft, 4 Ether, 1 Feather Boots, 1 N-Kai Armlet
10 8 Potion, 4 Phoenix Down, 3 Ether, 1 Magician Robe
11 4 Remedy, 2 Elixir, 8 Rising Sun, 1 Oak Staff
12 Mountain Ability
13 7 Ether, 2 Elixir, 10 Wing Edge, 1 High Mage Staff
14 Ocean ability
15 12 Phoenix Down, 14 Ore, 1 Kaiser Knuckles, 1 Iron Man Card
16 17 Ore, 5 Ether, 14 Opal, 1 Demon's Mail
17 15 Phoenix Pinion, 1 White Robe, 1 Diamond, 1 Masamune Card
18 27 Ore, 1 Light Robe, 1 Whale Whisker, 1 Alexander Card
19 11 Peridot, 9 Opal, 15 Sapphire, 19 Topaz
20 Golden Flying Ability
21 21 Amethyst, 16 Garnet, 1 Genji Armor, 1 Ragnarok
22 11 Sapphire, 1 Circlet, 1 Pumice Piece, 1 Hilda Garde 3 Card
23 33 Potion, 15 Annoyntment, 1 Holy Miter, 1 Dark Matter Card
24 1 Ribbon, 1 Rebirth Ring, 13 Amethyst, 1 Ark Card

At this point you should have plenty of awesome equipment. But wait. There's more treasure!

Dive Spots Edit

Ok in this case we are looking for bubbles in the ocean, I know the whole ocean looks bubbly but keep your eyes peeled and they'll be quite visible. In this case you will have to be swimming in the ocean to access them.

How to get to it Where to Dig Treasure
Go to the Lost Continent and swim off the beach into the sea. Head to the point right between the two pointy bits coming off each of the opposite continents. There'll be the island off the coast of the Outer Continent serving as your pointy marker on one side and the other bit will be the pointy Lost Continent. Use the world map and you'll find it! 50 Potions, 25 Hi Potions, 5 Elixirs, 7 Ethers.
Swim to the Forgotten Continent around the bottom southern corner with all the coves. There will be a lot of coves around here which you can swim in and out of. There is a very long cove to the right which has a bit of a way to get into and you'll find the bubbles. 10 Remedy, 1 Black Robe, 1 Genji Gloves, 1 Blue Narciss Card.
This one is easier to get to if you fly to Quan's Dwelling. Off you go. So enter Quan's Dwelling and run over to Quan's Fishing spot and notice the foam and use a Dead Pepper. 9 Ore, 15 Topaz, 1 Tiger Racket, 1 Red Rose Card.

After this Zidane says, Oh I get it now... what this means I don't know. Answers on a post card please!

Cracks Edit

Next up we will be looking for Cracks in mountainsides. You may think this sounds a bit silly as once again, they're covered cracks! But they are quite black and obvious so easy to find! You'll have to move the camera a round with the shoulder buttons a bit to get the angle right and see them but that's about all there is to it. Stand over it and feed Choco a Dead Pepper to collect the spoils.

How to get to it Where to Dig Treasure
Head to the Lost Continent and hop on via on the usual beach. Follow the coast along the bottom edge of the continent following the mountains until there is a little cul-de-sac converging in the top corner. It's around there! 41 Lapis Lazuli, Rosetta Ring, Protect Ring, Airship Card.
Fly to north east of the Forgotten Continent and land in a forest around there. If you landed in the right forest you should see it when you get there. Otherwise it's just in a cliff face on the north eastern part of the Forgotten Continent, just keep running around it's not hard to miss. 19 Eyedrops, 1 Madain's Ring, 1 Genji Helmet, 1 Hilda Garde 1 Card.
Head South west from the crack you just handled. Look for Woody Woodpecker's head on the map of the Forgotten Continent, it's on the western side and it has a quiff and an eye and a beak, just look for it... The treasure is right next to the eye. And if you find it with this advice let me know so I can yell 'I told you so' to the world. Maiden Prayer, 1 Dragon's Hair, 1 Gauntlets, 1 Odin Card.
Fly to the top left hand corner of the map. Here there should be a little island. Land in the forest and there should be a crack in the mountain. Use a Dead Pepper and a hole will appear. Chocobo's Paradise