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Water Crystal Jobs Edit

Job Class: Evoker

An Evoker is basically the weaker version of a Summoner in Final Fantasy III.

The Evoker can use "Summon" where you pick one of the Summons you have and it has a 50/50 chance of either hurting the opponent or having a healing effect on you. For the next couple of pages you can't get any Summons so don't even bother using an Evoker yet. Even then i don't suggest you use one unless you want to fill up a slot in your team with it. But we have better jobs to use now.

Job Class: Viking

A Viking is just another Melee Job that can just deal huge amounts of damage from the attack command. But when used correctly, the Viking may also prove to be a valuable asset to the team.

The Cool thing about the Viking is that he can use "Provoke" which is an ability that draws all enemy attacks to the Viking. Think of it this way, You get your Viking to "Provoke", your White Mage to Heal him and then you have another two characters that are free to deal as much damage as they want without fear of being hit themselves. Its a useful little strategy that i may recommend from time to time.

Job Class: Dragoon

A Dragoon is a Job Class that you would no doubtably seen or heard of before. They are the mighty warriors that wield Spears and rain down hell from above! Get one Now!

Dragoon's are well known for "Jump". Its a move that lets you jump in the air and avoid all attacks before coming down the next turn and dealing twice as much damage. Dragoons are particularly good against flying enemies and will be useful for a Boss Battle coming up in the near future.

Job Class: Bard

People normally think Bard's are useless. I am one of those people that look past the weak attack and defence and see the hidden talent of the Bard.

Bard's can "Sing". Sound pretty lame hey! But what they sing depends on the Harp that they have Equipped. The "Sing" ability can therefore give you all kinds of effects such as healing your party, attacking the enemy or setting up buffs. I can see that people might want to look into them as a permanent Healer and a replacement for the White Mage. It depends on the person i guess......

Job Class: Dark Knight

A Dark Knight is a useful Job Class that is necessary for the one part of the game. Other than that it is completely optional whether you want to use him or not.

For those of you who have played Final Fantasy IV, you would already have an idea of what "Souleater" is. It is basically sacrificing a bit of your own HP so that you can deal some decent damage to all enemies. It is particularly good against those enemies that Multiply which we will eventually have a bit of trouble with.

Amur Edit


The Town of Amur is the first little Town on the Surface world that we would be visiting. It has all the shops that you need including Weapon and Armour shops for those of you who want to try a new Job. There however isn't a Magic Shop here so you might want to consider swapping your trusty Black Mage out for the moment until we find some better spells. Don't bother with Evokers or Bard's just yet.

If you go outside, you will find that our ship has been chained to the Shore. If you visit the bar in the Inn you will find out that this has been done by a man named Goldor. Despite not even knowing a man called Goldor, he has it in for us and has made sure that we can't go sailing around the world. This just means that we are going to have to kill him on our way. A bit strange really.

On with our adventure! Head down to the entrance of the town and talk to the Woman. In will enter Four Old Men who really don't have any reason for being in this story. They are calling themselves the Light Warriors too! Excuse me, but did you go and kill Kraken and Hein because i would like to see you try!Now we need to head out to the house on the East side of town. Inside you will meet a guy called Gill. If only he were the same character as the one from the Simpsons :) Final Fantasy III could do with that.

Anyway, in will enter the Four Old Men again but this time they seem to have found a way into the walls of the house. Where the hell did they come from, because they are standing in the middle of black space? Old Gill will unlock the gate and we can head down to find the entrance of the Sewers. If you head up into the Cabbage patch near the North though you can find heaps of Gysahl Greens.

Sewers of Amur Edit

There is no final Boss in this place so there is no need to worry about conserving your MP. You might want to save a couple of spells for a bit of a fight coming up but otherwise fire away!

Amur Sewers

First Floor

The first floor is pretty easy, just run down the stairs into the water and back up the stairs going right to the proper stairs that lead to the next level.

Second Floor

Head down into the water and across to the Left and keep going all the way until you reach the stairs on the left Wall. Before you head down them, make sure you take the little detour and rab the Cat Claws. I doubt you still have a Monk anymore though.

Third Floor

Keep following the Linear path and once you cross the bridge a cutscene will occur. Turns out the Four Old Men aren't as good as they thought. The Gigantoad are pretty strong as far as damaging go, but they aren't up to the standard of a typical Boss Battle.

The Old Men thank us for saving their Arrogant arses. Ingus tells them to fuck off but instead they just kind of wander around the spot in the Dirty, Wet and Smelly Sewers. Whatever! Antidote your wounds and continue right until you find the stairs. There isn't much point to guiding you through this is there?

Fourth Floor

When you enter this floor you can find a secret Passage on the right wall that leads you into a room with a Diamond Bell and Hammer. Leave this room and go Westwards and if you keep going through the wall there is another secret room with Kaiser Knuckles, Power Bracers and a Poison Dagger. Leave the room and contiue to the West and follow the path Down and Right again to find the stairs.

Fifth Floor

Here you will find Delilah who is a cranky old Druggy who lives in the sewers. She doesn't beleive our story but chucks us a pair of Shoes anyway. Luckily, the Four Old Men save us from exploding into a million pieces and convince old Delilah to give us a proper pair. This is probably the worst piece of Dialogue in the whole game but it doesn't last too long and you will be able to teleport out of there with the shoes.

The Next Quest Edit

Amur - WM

Hopefully you got some training done while you were in the Sewers. Now that you have the levigrass shoes you can continue to the next page to find out what to do next. Before you do so, i suggest you do some grinding while your around Amur. You should buy as much equipment as you can and also get a Viking while you are at it. Ill recommend using one on the next page.

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