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Hey Guys and welcome to my walkthrough of Final Fantasy III and a nice little RPG to sit down and work your way through.

So Final Fantasy III is one of the least known games in the series as a result of only being officially released in the west years after its creation in a Nintendo DS port. The gameplay is very reminiscent of earlier Final Fantasies with basic turn based attacks and a basic job system, but it all seems to work well enough. The storyline is bland and not very deep, basically what you would expect from an old school RPG. All in all, I highly recommend it if you're looking for a nice and basic RPG to play, but don't expect anything magnificent here.

For this walkthrough, I will be using the Nintendo DS version of the game, so any earlier Japanese versions of the game will most likely be different in many ways and you are better off going somewhere else for help. The IOS version of this game can also be used with this walkthrough, as far as I'm aware it is just a direct port (although there may be the odd minor differences in treasure and items)

There may be some foul language as this walkthrough was written some time ago as well as some bad grammar due to the stupidity of my youth. I fully apologize for this and have since tried to fix as much of it as possible but there's always the chance I've missed something. Feel free to fix up any spelling or grammatical mistakes but please ask permission if you wish to change anything else. It is my walkthrough first and foremost. I'm also not perfect and there is the chance I may have missed a chest here and there.

I also have no friends who play this game so there are no Mognet sidequest stuff here, sorry!

How to Play Edit

Final Fantasy III is pretty much as basic as a final fantasy can get. Even as basic as an RPG can get (Not as much as the first game). Alright, so you basically stand in a line and wait your turn to attack the enemy. There is no time based battle, so you can leave your Nintendo DS for a couple of days and if it hasn't run out of battery, then you will have sustained no damage at all. Unfortunately it means the whole game is paced a little slowly.

This is I think the only Final Fantasy where you can't save in dungeons, period. There are no save points scattered everywhere and there isn't the luxury of saving any time you want as in the previous two games. This means if you die then you are back at the beginning of the cave or tower, which can annoy you to no ends (This is especially true come the final tower). You're going to have to Quicksave if you want a break.

Now the Job system is quite easy to get used to. Each of your four guys will start off as a freelancer which is a basic "I can do everything, but I'm so useless I might as well do nothing" kind of class. If you want to come even close to beating this game, then you are going to have to learn to use different job classes. They are basically attributes that you can give to people and train them in that area. So a Warrior will have good attacking power while a White Mage can use a range of healing spells. If the jobs you have suck, then feel free to swap them at any time to change your strategy.

Before we move on, rule Number 1 to beating Final Fantasy III is to level grind constantly or you will fall in a heap mid dungeon. Rule Number 2 is to make sure that each of your characters is extremely flexible covering a few jobs. There are stages throughout the game where you are going to have to change jobs and alter your strategy. For these situations you might want to have someone that is at least capable of covering that job. You need to be prepared for this game or you will find it immensely difficult.

On with the show...!

General Tips Edit

I thought I might just lay down a couple of hints and tips before you begin playing, just to let you know what you are up against here. You may of course simply skip this section.

  • This game is hard: you're going to have to accept that you will be grinding out levels at different stages of this game. The transition between jobs includes a period of downtime that I believe decreases statistics so it'll take a few battles just to get over that every time you switch jobs.
  • This game is punishing: There are no save points before bosses and a loss will mean restarting a dungeon all over again with all that experience lost. This forces you to make sure you are fully prepared before attempting to explore a new area.
  • Yes, the magic system is frustrating: you'll just have to be extra careful in conserving MP for this title.
  • Play around with each of the jobs: I've listed out each of them to my best knowledge of them but that isn't entirely the final say as much as my experience with them. You may find a combination that works a lot better than mine. I've just gone off what I have used to beat the game with.
  • Turn up the music: I really like the soundtrack to this game and I hope you do too :)

Table Of Contents Edit

Part 1: We're going on a holiday! Edit

Part 2: Land Down Under Edit

Part 3: There and Back Again Edit

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