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Hexed here, this is my walkthrough for the game Final Fantasy III
Note: If you are looking for a walkthrough of the game originally released in America as Final Fantasy III go here.

Notes before starting to read Edit

  1. This game is one based on the Job System, if i say Job, it means the same thing as class and vice versa.
  2. Your mind belongs to me upon you reading one word of my walkthrough. :)

Requirements to use this walkthrough Edit

  1. A body,
  2. A brain,
  3. A Nintendo DS,
  4. A Final Fantasy III DS game,
  5. An internet connection,
  6. The ability to read,
  7. The ability for you to be subservient to my word,
  8. The ablility to cope with a game with no boobs.

Parts Edit

Part I: Hole, what hole?
Part II: Ghosts are now plot devices!
Part III: Gettin' Classy
Part IV: Fighter, Fighter, Thief
Part V: Amnesia is a convenient ailment.
Part VI: The Enterprise: Shittily built viking craft.
Part VII: Dwarves: The only people that think trees are evil.
Part VIII: Advisors = Bad for Kingdoms, but good for evilness quota.
Part IX: Time to make fiendish calimari!
Part X: Please wait, Reverting evil.
Part XI: Brokeback Saronia
Part XII: Nonsensical grinding. Odin too!
Part XIII: Dark Knights: Self Harming Maniacs.
Part XIV: 100% Pure Light Warrior.
Part XV: General Rule of RPGs #45: There is always a sealed realm. (SMDs optional)
Part XVI: What is it with pitiful penultimate bosses?
Part XVII: The Dark World is one massive acid trip...