Dreadnought and Dragons Edit

The Dreadnought's End Edit

At Altair, take the chance to buy some items. Cottages are as useful as always, though expensive. I recommend you get one. Don't forget to train a little around Gatrea, too. From Altair, head all the way north past Fynn and Gatrea, and you should reach the Dreadnought after a while. If you feel lost, check the map.

After a long walk you'll be at the Dreadnought. If the journey was tough, do not hesitate to use a Cottage. Save before you enter.

Point of no return

Inside, use the pass when talking to the guard. Any other action of sorts will make you enter a fight with the Imperial Soldier - Not good. You shouldn't talk to the other Soldiers either. Anyway, climb the north stairs and go west to find 600 Gil inside a chest, then, follow the path east until you see a second path that leads to a door, which has the stairs for Princess Hilda's cell.

On F2, follow the path and get in the middle path (which is located a bit to the west). Follow the path again and you'll see Hilda and Cid. Open the gate and talk to Cid, then leave the cell and grab the chest to the west, which contains a pair of Thief Gloves. Leave the path and follow the west and east paths in the floor. The west path leads to a chest with a Dark Bow and the east path contains 2 chests, a Hi-Potion and a Potion. After that, return to F1 and follow the path leading south until you reach F3.

On F3 the path is quite simple. Just get in the other side of the room and enter through the door. Descend the stairs and you'll be on F4. On F4, the only thing you have to do is to climb the big stairs and reach a platform on F3. Enter the small room and go down through the stairs.

F5 is nasty. You have to reach the centre, but soldiers guard the way. Get on the left corner of the room and descend it, switching to the southernmost corridor, then follow it east until you can switch again to the easternmost wall, which you must follow until you can turn south again. Then you just follow the open corridors along the way and you'll soon be at the engine room.

Go forward and use the sunfire with the engine. Then, the party will run to Cid's airship and he will take you to Altair. If you want to get Gordon's Ultimate weapon, (Just for the fun of getting it I believe...) now is the last chance. Remove Gordon's equipment and enter Altair.

Deist's Dragoons Edit

Heal yourself and stock up on items. This is a good time to get a second Cure spell. I put mine on Firion, as he had more Hp and Cure can still be used for damaging Undead.

Hilda is loony and the King is dying. He will ask Minwu to get the Ultima Tome, the most powerful spell that the world knows, Gordon to lead the Rebel Army alongside his daughter, and the King will ask you to go to Deist and ask for the Dragoon's assistance. Then he dies.

Go to the "Royal Chamber" and speak to Gordon. He will tell you that the Empire fears the Dragoons. Ask him more about that and he will tell you that Dragoons can talk the language of Wyverns, or as people say: Wyvernish!

Go to Paloom to get a boat to Deist. When there, talk to the blue-haired sailor. She says she will take you to Deist, so go to the overworld and go to the ship to the east.

The pirate crew will attack you, but, like FF1, pirates aren't much of a threat. Slaughter them, and they will hand you the ship and Leila will join your party. She's better than Gordon. Now, you have to get to Deist. It can be a little tough. Don't forget to equip Leila with some Mythril equipment.

Check on the map for an island west of Fynn. That's it. Spam Thunder spells on the sea monsters, you have Leila for that. Try to level your characters to around 600 Hp, or to when they make at least 200 damage per hit. Enter the castle and move wherever you wish. No encounters.

Inside the Castle you'll find a little boy. Talk to him and he'll run. Talk to him again near the stairs and he'll run again. Now climb the stairs and grab the chest containing a cottage, and then head south and talk to the woman. She'll tell you that the Dragoons were slaughtered by the Empire and that the last remaining Wyvern is in the castle. As we still can't speak Wyvernish, we have to go to Wyvern cave to grab a pendant. But we have shopping and treasure hunting to do! Go east and get in the corridor heading south. Follow it to its end and it will lead you to F1 again. Get the Phoenix Down. Now, get back on F2 and go near the woman. This time, go to the northeast corner and descend the stairs. Back on F1, go south and enter through the second door. There you will find a Stop Tome, a Stun Tome and a Curse Tome. Curse rocks, so level it. Exit the room and continue south to get a Unicorn Horn. Go back to the northern stairs and this time go west and enter the door. Grab the Eye Drops, Gold Needle, Antidote, Sage Wisdom, Saint's Spirit, Cross, Mallet and the Wing Sword. Quite a treasure, eh?

Now, leave the castle. Your destination is Deist Cave, but a little trip to Mysidia wouldn't harm anyone. The monsters there are tough, but if you need practice, go to the Peninsula directly south of Altair or to the Arcane Labyrinth. Mysidia is located southwest of Altair, and the best way to get there is via Ship. Try to port near a river/lake and save before you move, there are some tough beasts around. After some Game Overs (I hope not), you'll reach Mysidia, and eventually, level a bit. Save when you reach it, and finally enter it.

I hope your pockets are full, because when you reach Mysidia, shopping will be done. Start by the armour shop, and buy Knight Armours and Giant Gloves for everyone. You'll spend 34k Gil in here, so I hope you came prepared. Next, to the weapon shop. There, your priority is to buy an Ice Bow, and a pair of Ogrekillers, which will be your most important weapons for a while. It's a 35k Gil in here, too. You can pass an Ogrekiller if you want, but I advise you to get both. Next, if you still have some cash, go to the Magic shop, which is worth a visit. It's Magipalooza in this town, but the most important tome here is certainly Holy. If you can (20k Gil!), buy it and put it on your white mage. Adding the expenses, you'll need a whooping 89k Gil for this shopping list. When you're finished, take a peek at Mysidia's library, which contains information about everything, except the passwords you get inside the Arcane Sanctuary.

Leave Mysidia and head for the Deist Cave. It's directly north of the Castle.

Inside, the worst enemies you may find are the Hill Gigas and Revenants. Hill Gigas can be taken care of with an Ogrekiller, while Cure and Fire spells work best against Revenants. If you don't have problems with them, then you're going fine. Go right until you see a chest with 230 Gil inside and continue east until you find a staircase. Descend it, and you'll be on a room with the remains of a dragoon. Examine them and you'll get yourself a nice pendant. Return to Deist Castle.

There, enter the room near the Woman and the little kid and speak to the Wyvern. Ask him about wyverns and he'll give you an egg, and you must leave it on Deist Cavern's Spring.

Go back to Deist Cavern, and instead of going east on the first floor, go southwest, and you'll find a stair case that leads deeper into the cavern. On F2, go into the south room and grab the chest with an Ether, and descend the eastern stairs. F3 is even easier. Follow the path and you'll reach the stairs. F4 is harder because of Revenants. Go to the big room and head northwest to go through the stairs that lead to F5, follow the path, grab the chest in the southeast corner with a Knight Armour and an Adamantoise (too easy) and then the chests with a Saint Spirit, a Sage Wisdom and a Flame Bow in the north.

Go back to F1 and now, go through the staircase located southeast. On F2, follow the path around and go south on the first turn, grabbing a chest with a superfluous Mythril Helm. Go back to the main path and follow it northwest when it divides, and then go down the stairs.

On F3, grab the chest and *DON'T* go through the bridge. Instead, go through the narrow path leading north, which leads directly to the stairs. On F4, go west until you find a chest with Acid Phial (keep this!) and go down the south stairs. On F5, follow the path and enter the second door to the right. Save and heal, there's a boss coming up!

FFII Chimera psp

Chimera (x4?)

HP- 700

MP- 80

Difficulty- Easy/Medium

Strategy- Okay. The "(x4?)" means that the number you'll face is random, and it's max is 4 and it's minimum is 1. So try resetting your game until you have only 1 Chimera to own, so that this fight is easier than kicking a Sergeant's ass. Raise your shields and powering spells. Shell is nice to counter Blaze and Berserk is your best weapon. They have no defence to exploit unless it is Curse.

After this, use the Wyvern egg with the spring and watch it sink. After that, return to the castle and the woman will tell you that the last Wyvern has died. You've done everything that had to be done around here. Go back to Altair.

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