The Rebellion Edit

The game starts with an introduction. The evil Emperor of Palamecia plans to conquer the world by summoning dark fiends. The rebel army of Fynn opposes his campaign, and gets toasted. The rebel army runs though, and hides itself on the small town of Altair. Our party, whose parents died on the invasion, got left behind...


Black Knight x4

HP- ????

MP- Not relevant

Difficulty- Undefeatable

Strategy- This is a battle that you just can't win. I don't even know if you can win it with gameshark. Never tried it. Just accept your destiny and kill yourself to hasten the battle.

The Town of Altair Edit

After the battle is lost, Firion and the gang get rescued by some Fynnian Knights. After that, Firion wakes up inside a strange room. He is alive, and while leaving it, he meets Guy and Maria, who survived too, thanks to the help of Minwu, the White Wizard and Princess Hilda of Fynn. Let the computer guide you and you will be on the "Royal" Chamber. Firion asks her to join the Rebel Army, but she refuses and grants the party with the rebel password Wild Rose. Select "Learn" in the interaction menu, and then "Ask" about the word you just heard of.

You now control the interaction system. Sometimes you will also need to use an item to cause reactions in the NPC's. Remember to interact whenever it is possible, so that you can proceed in the game.

Now let's get to business! Before everything else, go to the menu and put Maria on the front row. Now exit the Royal Chamber and head to the hall. There go get the chest on the left that contains a potion. If you want, you can go visit the King, who got injured in the battle, or talk to Minwu who is right besides the Princess.

Exit the Hideout and breath the fresh air. You can talk to the townsfolk and interact, but it's not relevant right now. Head to the Magic shop on the east side of the town and buy Cure. Maria's my White Mage so I usually put on her. Now head south to the Weapon Shop and buy another Broadsword. Equip it on Firion, and head west for the Armour Shop. You can sell Firion's Buckler, and try to get 3 Leather Caps and Gloves. If you haven't the money, don't worry. We'll take care of that right now.

Leave the Town, and fight a bit around Altair until you have around 700 Gil. Then return to Altair and buy Blizzard, Fire and Thunder.I usually make my Firion my Black mage, so I put them all on him. You should buy what you haven't finished buying before as well. Then, leave the town and head north until you reach a village within a forest. You should have at least 200 Gil. Buy an Axe for Guy and a Leather Armour for Maria. You are all set now for training.

Basically, for training, you just have to spam spells (offensive, supportive and healing) on your characters, and attack you characters physically. That's enough. Try to kill all enemies but the weakest one before trying this method. Heal at the inn, but before, use Maria's Cure to the fullest. The less Hp and Mp you have, the greater is the bill. Sanctuaries are free though. On the first training round, try to level Maria's Cure to lvl.2 or 3. Before going to the next section, have at least some 60 Hp for each character (And I mean every character).

The Town of Fynn Edit

Go north from Gatrea and go around the lake until you see a Castle. That's Castle Fynn, but it's out of reach for a now. What you want is to enter the town around it. There you will find a Lot of Imperial Soldiers and monsters inside the Town. There is no chance you can defeat the Soldiers without proper training, so don't talk to them or you're toast, this time for real. It's your choice. You can grind a lot around Altair and Gatrea, but it is unnecessary. What you have to do now is to go north until you check the Armour shop and when you see a fence, go behind it. Don't go more than 2 squares away from it or you'll quit the Area, just stay close to the edge and follow it until you reach the Pub.

Inside, you will see a LOT of guards. Don't talk to any of them, just get to the other side of the counter and talk to the little guy. Ask him about the Wild Rose and he'll get aside, leaving a secret passage were he stood. Now you just have to follow the passage to reach a room, it has 3 chests, so get the potions inside. There is also a bed with a man on it. Talk to him and ask about Wild Rose again. You will find that he is Prince Scott, Hilda's fiancée. He is dying and he asks you to deliver his ring to her, to tell his brother he's not a coward (yeah right) and to tell the King that Borgen betrayed him. That's a lot of messages. Afterwards, he'll give you his Ring and die.

You have now access to the World Map. Press Circle and Select whenever you are on the Overworld.

Get back to Altair. You can train a little more if you want. Focus on training MP and HP. Try to get Your characters HP to +100. When on Altair you can use Scott's Ring when talking to Gordon, and then go to the royal chamber and use it with Hilda, so that the story progresses and Hilda starts speaking about Mythril. You are now assigned to go to Salamand with Minwu (Yay!). Talk to Minwu and he'll join your party, giving you a canoe in process. Before leaving the room, talk to Hilda to learn about the Dreadnought, and ask about the Dreadnought to learn about the Airship. You can also talk to the King about Borgen, and ask the townsfolk about Mythril.

You are now meant to head to Paloom at the other side of the lake near Altair. You can train a bit before going. Level your spells and status and cast a few magic's with Minwu. All of his spells are at the edge of leveling up, so cast at least one time each spell, if they don't level don't bother.

Enter the town and talk to the Sailor right in the entrance to pay the trip to Poft. Buy some magic's (Shell, Blink and Protect are very useful) and upgrade your Armour. You can get money training outside the town. Don't mind with the Item or Weapon shop, there's nothing relevant to buy. When you're ready leave town and get in the ship near you. It'll take you to Poft, near Salamand.

On Poft, you can go to the pub and talk to the white-haired man named Cid, and ask about the Airship. Talk to the man on his right to pay for an Airship ride. This ferry takes you to either one of 7 locations, and the price varies on the distance. It can take you to: Basfk, Salamand, Semmit, Kashuan, Gratea, Fynn and Altair. You can ask him to take you to Salamand, but it costs 200 Gill and you could walk there easily, while profiting. The shops here sell the exact same thing that those in Paloom sell, so you could also get some money training here. It's better to train here than in Paloom, as the monsters outside are stronger and they give more Gil. Try to get the same stuff I told you to get in Paloom. Now let's get going to Salamand!

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