Wan that Aprille with his sure-es so-tuh/The drewgt of march hath pear-said to the row-tuh/And bathed every vine in sweech liquor/Of wheech ver-too en-jen-dred is the flu-er/When Zepherus ache with his sway-tah breath/In spear-ed hath in every holt and heth/The tawn-dray crop-pays and the young-gay soan/Hath in the rahm his hall-vey coors e-rown/And smal-ay foe-lays mock-en mel-oh-dee-uh/That sleep-en all the neekdt with an open ee-ah/So prick-eth him nah-tour in here core-ahj-ez/Thah-nay lon-gen folk to goen-on pilgrim-ahj-ez/And palm-ers for to sake-en stroan-jay stroan-days/To fair-nay hallways kouth in soan-dray loan-days/And specially from every shear-ez end-uh/Of Eng-gla-ond to Kha-ter-bury they wend-uh/The holy blissful martyr for to sake-uh/That hem hath holp-en whan that they were seek-uh. Don't believe me?

...I am BlueLionheart, and we would make our Mom's English teacher very excited.

The Line of Duty Edit

So now we've landed way too far from our drop zone, as Shelke so kindly points out in a phone call. Do not...yell at me, you little schmuk brat. However, she says this could work to our advantage, as the only way to reach them is through the upper platform. Run foward and blow up the explosive barrel. It turns out there is a whole regiment that missed their drop zone too. The girl says this looks like the Train Graveyard. Whoa...been there before.

Train Graveyard
I have had the pleasure of navigating this place once before. I'm not real keen on doing it again.

The group asks to follow Vincent until they find their commander. He just tells them not to get in his way. Now, the group will be following behind you, and you'll have to protect them. Pop off all three guards that come out ahead of you. Go behind the giant barrel thing to find another guy who missed his drop zone. Join the club, man, we've got jackets. Before you leave, shoot the Memory Capsule in between the wall. Now, go in the door, and kill all the guards for a Cardkey. Keep going, and in the open area, blow away the four guards.

We are just about to continue on, when the (only, I think) girl on the team starts talking about her brother. She said he joined a Shinra resistance group, and died when the Sector 7 Plate fell. Was it Biggs or Wedge? In the giant open area we're now in, try to kick off all the guards without getting your entire team killed like I do. Then kill the Samurai guy for a Cardkey. I once forgot about him, and turned around to see him right behind me. Yikes.

Now blast off the guards in the next area, and then blast off the robots. Shoot the Memory Capsule in the crevice, and go into the hallway place. The entire team rushes in to meet their commander, in this particular game it was the cowardly guy I picked up from behind the barrel. BUMMER, man. The commander and his team then want to go with Vincent, but he's so not having that. Too bad, I'm going with him anyway. Man, when you get out into the next area, there are missiles flying all over the place!!! It's kinda like the World War II movies we watch.

I wish this game was top-down sometimes... Edit

Before we continue, see if you can find this Memory Capsule that I'm too blind to see.

Memory Capsule #43: Exit the office with the shop and use the Hydra to snipe the Memory Capsule on the northeast corner of the tower where the DG Snipers are located.

Continuing down the path, use the Mako Point, and gather all the items. Shoot the Memory Capsule under the train, and go through the open car. Does this train car look familiar to anyone? I have a strange feeling I've been here before...Outside, eliminate all the guards and snipers, and shoot the Memory Capsule on the really tall building.

Uh-oh, looks like it's time for us to save the WRO...again. After you do that, shoot the Memory Capsule on the water tower. Then you can hunt for the other Memory Capsule that I was too blind to see!!!

Memory Capsule #45: After shooting all of the Red Saucers near the barricaded door, stand next to the barricade ans look due west. The Memory Capsule is on the side of the containers is a small gap between them and the building.

Now go through the carrier area, and pop off all the guards there. Shoot the Memory Capsule on the bars, and walk through the second compartment and onto the train car. There's one lone WRO guy here. He's says he's looked all over for a way out, but there is none. Great, so it looks like we're all stuck here...Then Shelke gives us a call. She says the only way out is through a secret underground passage. But up ahead is some of Deepground's biggest defenses, which she remarks, should be no sweat for (the great) Vincent Valentine. What is up with everyone here calling him by his full name? I don't get it.

Exit the car, leaving the poor guy all alone, and go out the back door. Head around the bend, and prepare for yet another two Boss fights in a row.

I just wanna get in the dang tower!!! Edit

Deepground Commander-DoC

Deepground Commander

Difficulty: Easy

Man, why do all the Bosses in this game have to be either really easy, or flanked? The best thing to do here is pop off everyone that's with him first, as he'll stay way far away from you. Bullets and Materia work best, but you should have no problem here.

Once that is all over, go to the pile of train cars. There is a Memory Capsule underneth the flaming cars. Go through the passage, which is very linear, and kill all the guards there. Once we get out and go up a little ways, Shelke calls us, and says Deepground is approaching. Aerial troopers, to be exact. Which leads to a fabulous question: Why can't there be an Anti-Aircraft gun in this game too?

Boss Fight 2 Edit



Difficulty: Easy

What kind of name is "Shrike" anyway? There are about six of these guys flying above you. They move around in a set pattern, so you can easily shoot them as they come by with your bullets. Materia won't really help here, as they're too fast. But, I trust you've been good with your aim, so this won't be that hard.

I had the benefit of my sister's encouragement in the last fight. Afterwards, Vincent jumps up and beats the last Shrike to death. "He'd make a good gymnist" my sister says. Could he be contemplating a career change? I highly doubt it, but I concur with her statement.

Level up or get some gil. Shop if you need to, and let's continue on. Let's hope we'll actually GET IN the tower this time.

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