Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 311

From: Keepers of Honor


Hello, fan club members!
Let's take another peek into Angeal's "unauthorized" profile!
Favorite hobby: Doting over dogs
The bigger the hassle, the cuter the dog.
Favorite read: "Famous Gardens Monthly"
A magazine on various flora, published by Shinra.
Now, isn't that just like the noble,
nature-loving man we all know and love?
That's all for this update.
We'll let you know when we have more to share with you!

Received: After joining the Keepers of Honor.

Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 312

From: Keepers of Honor


Hello, fan club members!
Let's take another peek into Angeal's "unauthorized" profile!
Most valued possession: His camera
A gift from his mother, he uses it to take shots of
the scenery whenever he goes on a mission.
Most valued skill: Cooking with leftovers
Self-catering is essential in frugal living.
Housewives in our readership should take note!
That's all for this update.
We'll let you know when we have more to share with you!

Received: After speaking with the Angeal fan in Sector 8 after returning from Banora.

Angeal Fan Club Newsletter 313

From: Keepers of Honor


Today's update features a conversation between Angeal and Genesis.
G: You'd better do something about those plants in your room.
A: Those plants represent nature. Some of us converse with
nature to hone our spirit and honor.
G: And some of us are getting bugs in our rooms because of those
blasted things.
A: Come on. Don't you remember? We used to have bugs in our
rooms all the time when we were kids.
G: That's why I hate them. And the past? It can stay there.
We're in Midgar. We're not supposed to have nature here.
City-born Genesis, and nature-lover Angeal: so completely
different, yet friends all the same.

Received: Start of Chapter 4.

The memory of silver winds

From: Silver Elite


Sephiroth is known to value his private life, but there was
a time when he had two best friends. We'd like to share a
story of this threesome guaranteed to raise a smile.
The SOLDIER trio would use the training room exclusively as
their playground, but in order to retain their 1st Class
dignity, they would sneak in only after the 2nd Class
members had gone home. Then they would proceed to have one
of the three stand with a dumbapple on his head, while the
other two would throw their swords at the apple to pierce it!
Sephiroth always won, his Masamune always striking
every dumbapple dead center.

Received: After speaking with Silver Elite member in Chapter 8.

The scent of silver winds

From: Silver Elite


Dear members of the Silver Elite:
In this update, we present another piece of Sephiroth
trivia—the secrets to his beautiful long hair.
The hair products he uses are of the highest grade,
made and supplied by the Shinra Company.
He seems to use one whole bottle of both shampoo
and conditioner every time he washes his hair.
They are scented with thirteen kinds of perfumes,
including Rose and Vanilla.
Apparently, the scent in the air after
Sephiroth tosses his hair changes daily!

Received: After joining the Silver Elite.

Done laughing?

Wait, when the apple is pierced, that means the hair of who is standing on it would get drenched in the juice of the apple! Poor guy. He has to shampoo his hair immediately.

Reactor Edit

Nibelheim Incident Witnessed by Zack

Yes. On the seventh day, Sephiroth burned the village. How could he? Of course. He had a huge queue (did I spell that right?) of Fire Materia. I would be willing to feed Genesis alive to hogs if I got the chance. It's his fault. I know. This is a disaster. Congratulations, Sephiroth!

When the scene/dialouge stops, go up the stairs and keep walking up until you reach the reactor. Note that on the way you may experience nasty enemies, like, Bombs. They grow in size. I almost shattered the PSP when I encountered these things because it freaked me out and almost scared me grotesquely to death. No, do not offer your deepest condolences, I am not dead yet. You can see/hear me talking.

Before you reach the reactor, you may want to fuse some Materia first in the Materia Fusion. You may also want to buy some Genji Equipment to lessen the damage of severe attacks. Make sure you have the Items you need, the Potions and stuff, blah blah blah. After some Tifa's Drama inside the reactor, Sephiroth adds the drama load and talks about some crappy epiphanies and shmother crappies. Get ready for one of the hardest fights in CC History. The template below is different from the rest of the boss templates because this battle has two phases.

The One-Winged-AngelEdit

Scripted Boss Battle: Sephiroth

HP: 52,820 (easy)
MP: 9,999
Level: 36
Drops: Hyper Wrist, Iron Bangle
Steal: None, Hi-Potion if you're lucky
Difficulty: ....Mommy!!!

Sephiroth is very DIFFICULT to beat - but NOT impossible. Especially in the first battle. Prepare to lose at least 4-6 times? The fact that he's a boss only at the middle of the game tells you that he's not the hardest. So comfort yourself, there are harder bosses in this game that awaits you.


Don't be rash. Don't panic. If you do, it's game over. Every single thing you do is going to count - meaning that you can't make any mistakes. And to add to that, this is also a kind of endurance boss battle. This battle is very much like the one with Angeal Penance, except that you are screwed for real and that you should be 97 times more careful and cautious. This is an endurance battle, again. Keep your calm and be careful about which commands you choose. Do not give up, and keep morale up. But whatever you do, keep attacking - you have to get him low on HP as much as you can. Sephy isn't that hyper like Angeal Penance, but when he actually does something, it spells doom for you, so if it comes, dodge it. If you can cast Shell or whatever can give you protection against magic, do it.

DO NOT USE MAGICKS AGAINST HIM. He can deflect magicks you cast by jumping up (oh-so-elegantly). Be careful when he uses his trademark DMW Octaslash. If you wear Genji Equipment, it will reduce the damage done, and it will make all your attacks critical. Stealing from him is useless, he doesn't have something hidden in his pockets (save for a Hi-Potion). When he uses Octaslash, press square to dodge. It will block the attack. Btw it appears that Octaslash is also very effective here. Sephy's Octaslash knocks your HP down to 1, like Heartless Angel does. When orbs appear, take them out with Magick. Try your best to avoid them. They are horrible.

In the second phase, all his stats are the same except that his HP is halved. After first phase is over, WATCH OUT! Move away from the platform (if you can). You can only attack Sephiroth by the front. His HP is lower than the first phase, yes, yes. After every attack Sephiroth uses, Zack is knocked back further and further. If Zack is pushed off the platform, it is Game Over. Because of this, Sephiroth is generally easier this time and does not summon the four Crystals.


Zack/You/I/We faint. We fought for nothing at all. Nothing. The battle against Seph was one of the battles in this game where you actually lose, even if you do win.... By the way, our battle is filmed in Last Order, and we can actually watch ourselves fight Sephiroth..

We get a cutscene....

Wow, so dramatic. Anyone ever noticed that when Sephiroth gets stabbed, his body is damaged, but not even a strand of his glorious hair is ruined? Wow.....nice one. Score one for Cloud! This kid is awesome.

Oww, your whole weight balanced on Masamune? That would be soooooooooo painful. But Cloud wins! It's the Power of Good demonstrated here.

Unfortunately Cloud faints, too....

And when we wake up....we see something......HIDEOUS! GAH! GET IT AWAY FROM MY FACE!


. He notices that Hojo is using Cloud as a new experiment. Is this...? Are we gonna be fed to hogs or something? Are we going to die?

To be really honest, we are screwed.

And the only thing I'm actually sorry for, when this game is involved, is that we couldn't save Sephiroth. I mean, from an insane mind. I really loved Sephy as a good guy...though he's doing an grotesquely stunning job at being an antagonist.

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