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Waldeve is a non-player character from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. He is an antagonist in the Black Mage job quests.





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Originally a conjurer of Stillglade Fane, his lust for power resulted in him dabbling in forbidden black magic, even starting a cult called "The Defiant." He later stole the Book of Thal from Thal's Respite. He later tried to recruit Ququruka's followers, and attacked them when they refused.

During the job quests, it is discovered the Defiant mages were hastily using black magic without the Gem of Shatotto to regulate it, causing many to self-immolate. They later (unsuccessfully) tried to proselytize new recruits in Coerthas, but the Ishgardian pious would not heed his dark magic.

Waldeve is confronted at his hideout in the Burning Wall, where it is discovered he was trying to summon a powerful voidsent called Barghest to attract new followers. As Lalai predicted, he couldn't actually control the voidesent, who simply swatted him aside. Zhai'a Nelhah, Kazagg Chah, Dozol Meloc, and 269th Order Mendicant Da Za arrived in time to dispose of the dangerous voidsent.

After Barghest is slain, Zhai'a healed Waldeve's injuries and took him into Gridanian custody to await sentencing by the Seedseers.

Spoilers end here.
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