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After this game... I'm retiring. I promised myself this would be my last tournament. Win or lose, I'm quitting blitzball. But you know, since we're here, we might as well win!

Wakka [ˈwɑː.kə] is a playable character, and one of Yuna's guardians in Final Fantasy X. He also appears in a smaller role Final Fantasy X-2, as well as Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm and Final Fantasy X -Will-. Wakka is the only playable character from Final Fantasy X who cannot be recruited in Final Fantasy X-2: International and Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster.



Wakka Menu

Wakka is tall and muscled, with tan skin, brown eyes, and long reddish-orange hair styled into a coif and girted with blue headscarf. He wears the uniform of his blitzball team, the Besaid Aurochs, with alterations (presumably as he is the captain): a yellow vest top cut away at the stomach, a yellow shoulder pad on his left shoulder, blue and yellow baggy trousers gathered above the ankle, brown wristbands with a blue and yellow armguard over the left arm, and open sandals. He wears a dolphin necklace and has a silver stud earring on his left ear. In Final Fantasy X HD Remaster, Wakka's model has been updated with detail added to his headscarf and hair. His face has been rounded and his skin, lips, beard, and eyes have been touched-up.

During Final Fantasy X-2, Wakka has grown more lax in his lifestyle, and is said to have gained weight. Despite being called "tubby" by Rikku the programmers had not created a new character model for him. The game's final FMV sequence also fails to show him as having gained weight, although it does show his hair has begun to gray, something not present in his character model.


Wakka is of what would be considered Austronesian descent in our world and is characterized by a Besaid Island accent. He uses speech-mannerisms like "brudda" for "brother" and finishes sentences with "ya?". He begrudges the Al Bhed for what happened to his brother, Chappu, but rationalizes his hatred for Al Bhed not following Yevon.

Wakka's goal as captain to a blitzball team is to have the team do their best without it mattering whether they win or lose. It is not until Tidus arrives the Aurochs begin to focus on achieving victory.

Wakka depends on Yevon's religion and guidance making him socially conservative and thus is intentionally kept in the dark about Yuna's half-Al Bhed heritage. He has a big heart and attempts to cheer the party up, though is not always successful. Traveling Spira with Yuna's party his world-view broadens and he begins to see the hypocrisy behind his previous actions.

In Final Fantasy X-2, Wakka is plagued by insecurity as his new role as leader of Besaid in a quickly changing Spira where old traditions are going out of style, and his impending fatherhood. He tries to deal with his issues alone, but with the help of the Gullwings comes to trust his own judgment.


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Final Fantasy XEdit

Wakka ffx

Wakka's amazement of Tidus's blitzball skill.

Hey! You okay?
—Wakka's opening lines

Having lost their parents to Sin with no memory of them, Wakka grew up on the island of Besaid with his younger brother, Chappu, and fellow orphan Lulu. Wakka became more of a parent than a sibling to Chappu, who despite it all would have preferred Wakka adopt more of a sibling role.

"Wakka's Story" in Final Fantasy X Scenario Ultimania sheds more light to his childhood. After Wakka lost his parents to Sin's attack he was left holding his baby brother at a loss over what to do. Because such tragedies were commonplace, people lived supporting one other and Wakka and Chappu were brought up by the villagers. Owing to the local warm climate, there was plenty of food from the sea and agriculture to not worry about day to day meals. Wakka came to view his and Chappu's flourishing under the care of the kind villagers a blessing of Yevon and came to revere its teachings: if the people follow the precepts their sins would be expiated and one day, and Sin would disappear.

Despite having lost his parents, Wakka doesn't think of himself as being particularly unfortunate. Yet, to put Sin out of his mind to burn away the sorrow rooted in his heart, Wakka made blitzball his life. He learned blitz when he was 5 years old and when he turned 13 he joined the local team, the Besaid Aurochs, a "horrendously ill-fated" blitzball team. That was the year Kimahri brought Yuna to Besaid, and Wakka treated her like a younger sister.

Chappu also began blitz in Wakka's footsteps and when they were able to play together for the Aurochs, blitzball became the focus of Wakka's life more than ever before. When Wakka was 22 Chappu enlisted with the Crusaders motivated by his need to protect Lulu after proclaiming his love to her. Chappu died fighting Sin in Djose. Wakka does not begrudge the Crusaders, who risk their lives protecting the blitzball stadium in Luca, but resents Chappu having discarded the Brotherhood sword Wakka had gifted him for an Al Bhed machina weapon. Thus, Wakka bears a personal grudge against the Al Bhed. Wakka received the bad news during the annual blitzball tournament and missed out on a first victory that was almost within his grasp. Wakka decided to retire from blitzball to avenge his brother by becoming a guardian to a summoner—the only way of defeating Sin in accordance with Yevon's teachings.

Wakka and Lulu served as guardians to father Zuke but even during the pilgrimage there was a part of him that thought only about blitzball. This made him angry and ashamed, and before he was able to focus his mind on being a guardian, the pilgrimage was halted and Wakka returned to Besaid. Six months later, Yuna is about to graduate into a full-fledged summoner, following in her father High Summoner Braska's footsteps. Wakka became her guardian, vowing to not allow this pilgrimage fail like his last one did, in part blaming himself not not being fully committed last time.

Wakka returned to blitzball to burn away his attachment to blitz and cleanly retire at this year's tournament. After giving his all for his team for one last time, Wakka plans to move forward with his duty as Yuna's guardian.

FFX HD Wakka Yevon Pray

Wakka teaches Tidus in Spiran customs by showing how to pray.

Wakka meets Tidus when he washes up on Besaid, bonding with the youth due to both his blitzball skills and resemblance to Chappu. Tidus claims to hail from Zanarkand but Wakka is unnerved and chalks up Tidus's behavior to Sin's memory altering toxin. Wakka tells Tidus of Sin and the destruction of the ancient machina cities, including Zanarkand, as a result of human crimes and use of machina. Wakka leads Tidus to the village and persuades him to join the Besaid Aurochs. As a team with a twenty-three year losing streak, they need Tidus's help even more so now when Wakka is planning to leave the Aurochs to become a full-time guardian.

Despite Tidus violating the temple rules in his ignorance, Yuna obtains her first aeon, Valefor, becoming a summoner. That night, Lulu berates Wakka over his interest in Tidus as she believes Wakka is only protecting him out of memories for his dead brother. Her thoughts may not be misplaced, as Wakka later gives Tidus Chappu's sword, the Brotherhood. Intending to have one last go as a Besaid Auroch, Wakka takes Tidus along for Yuna's pilgrimage out of hopes somebody will recognize him at the blitz tournament in Luca. Yuna sets out for her pilgrimage, first stopping at Kilika Temple, and after obtaining Ifrit the journey continues to Luca's blitzball tournament.

Wakka prays operation miihen aftermath

Wakka prays for those fallen in Operation Mi'ihen.

During the Aurochs' first match Yuna is kidnapped by the Al Bhed Psyches to force the Aurochs into surrendering the match. While Wakka handles the game Tidus accompanies Lulu and Kimahri to save Yuna and upon recovering her Lulu sends a signal to Wakka, who wins the game just in time, ending a twenty-three-year losing streak without Tidus's help. Though a tired Wakka takes a sit during the final match giving up his spot for Tidus, he comes to Tidus's aid when fiends are unleashed upon the stadium. Tidus and Wakka are given the surprise aid of Auron, whom Wakka calls the "best guardian there ever was".

After the tournament Wakka bids his goodbyes to the Aurochs to become a full-time Guardian. When he witnesses to the "Operation Mi'ihen", Wakka's resentment to the Al Bhed grows while learning of Luzzu's role in Chappu's death, with Lulu needing to cool him down.

This is great. I can't believe I've been traveling with an Al Bhed! A heathen!
—Wakka, upon finding out Rikku's origins.
Wakka found out Rikku is an Al-Bhed

Wakka discovers Rikku is an Al Bhed.

After crossing the Moonflow, Wakka greets Rikku as the newest member of their party unaware she is an Al Bhed with the others hiding her heritage from him. An Al Bhed attack on their way to the Macalania Temple forces Rikku to reveal her Al Bhed nature and Wakka is disgusted to find himself traveling with a "heathen". Further furious that everyone else knew and are not taking his side, Wakka heads to the temple on foot while the others use the Al Bhed machina sleds. When the party comes upon the sphere Yuna had retrieved from Jyscal Guado, they learn Seymour murdered his father to succeed him as Maester, and he attacks them and the party retaliates. The only one of the group who was hesitant about fighting Seymour, Wakka is shocked they have killed a Maester and blames Rikku for being branded traitors of Yevon by the enraged Guado.

Wakka continues to distrust Rikku until she guides the group to the Al Bhed Home where they find it is under attack by the Guado. Seeing Rikku mourning over her dead kin, Wakka comforts her before lashing out at the Guado. Wakka comes to understand the Al Bheds' motive for kidnapping summoners to stop their pilgrimage, and after learning that Yuna is half-Al Bhed, he realizes his hatred is further unfounded. His hatred disappears completely, when he realizes the true face of Yevon: they betray their own teachings by using forbidden machina themselves. Being a strong follower of Yevon before that, he later casts them aside, referring them as "nothing but low-life tricksters".

The party make their way to Zanarkand but instead of completing the pilgrimage and obtaining the Final Aeon, Yuna rejects the Final Summoning as a false rite to keep Spira in a never-ending cycle of suffering, the party set out to destroy Sin via the Al Bheds' airship. Prior to the final battle, Wakka makes his peace with the Al Bhed Cid and along with the rest of the party, is saddened to see Tidus disappear after Yu Yevon has been felled.

Final Fantasy X: Eternal CalmEdit

FFX Rikku Wakka Eternal Calm

Wakka getting lectured by Rikku.

After Sin is defeated and Yevon disbanded, Wakka settles down on Besaid with Lulu. A few years later, Lulu is pregnant with Wakka's child and the visiting Rikku comments on the father-to-be's waist size.

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Final Fantasy X-2Edit

I'm gonna be a father soon, you know. Gotta pull it together, ya?
Wakka in ffx-2

Meeting Wakka in Final Fantasy X-2.

Since his parents died when he was young, Wakka knows nothing of parenting and worries how to be a good father to his soon-to-be-born child. Wakka seeks the aid of Yuna and the Gullwings to help him settle matters about his past by finding a sphere recording of his parents he heard of from Chappu when they were children. Wakka clashes with Beclem, a member of the Youth League who has been sent to train the Aurochs. Beclem used to know Chappu in the Crusaders and heard many good things about Wakka from him, but upon meeting Wakka in person Beclem is disappointed. When fiends begin pouring out of the temple Beclem wants to burn it down, but Wakka ventures inside alone to try and stop the fiends by himself, although he ends up getting help from the Gullwings. Afterward Beclem reprimands Wakka for his recklessness, as he has a family to look after now, and Wakka agrees that the temple may have to be destroyed if the fiend outpour ever happens again.

When the baby is born, Wakka receives a sphere of Chappu's final message from Beclem, telling him their parents' sphere was a lie he made up to make him angry, and told him to merely be his brother instead of a surrogate parent. The message allows Wakka to get it together and become a reliable father. He names his son Vidina, the Al Bhed word for "future", perhaps as the final sign of closure to his brother's death and his changed opinion of the Al Bhed. He, along with everyone in Besaid, welcomes Tidus home after he is given another chance at life on Spira.

Final Fantasy X-2.5 ~Eien no Daishō~Edit

After Yuna and Tidus reunite on the Besaid Island shore, everyone returns to Besaid Village. Tidus is surprised to be introduced to Vidina, Wakka and Lulu's child. On the way Tidus talks to Wakka and the Besaid Aurochs about everything that had happened in his two years of absence. Later, Wakka and Tidus talk about blitzball and the Aurochs' losses since Tidus left and Wakka attempts to confirm he is real and not an unsent. Wakka, Tidus and the Aurochs go to the beach to practice blitzball where Wakka introduces their new boat to Tidus, the S.S. Ace, described as smaller than usual, yellow and slightly worn out. The Aurochs' trophy from the time they won the tournament with Tidus in Luca is placed on top.

After they return to the village Wakka tells Tidus Yuna is with the elders who had been waiting for her return since her departure with the Gullwings. Wakka explains that due to the change of beliefs and the diminishing power Yevon's teachings, Yuna serves as a comforting presence to relieve the anxiety and uncertainty now felt by the elderly who had lived by Yevon's teachings for so many years.

The Gullwings' airship breaks down and Tidus finds Yuna has gone missing and that a storm is to hit Besaid later that night. He searches for her and goes missing as well. Wakka and the villagers search for them as well as the Aurochs' boat, and only recover the blitzball trophy at sea. Besaid Village is in chaos when Tidus appears out of nowhere and everyone interrogates him on Yuna's whereabouts. Tidus explains that to bring Yuna back they must find a man called Briar and the village begins a search in the ruins. Tidus dashes off, leaving Wakka and the rest of the villagers bewildered. Tidus eventually finds Yuna on the beach and the two return to the village together.

Final Fantasy X -Will-Edit

Chuami and Kurgum are being sent to Besaid by Baralai to meet with Yuna and Lulu and Wakka, who take the two to her. Kurgum shows Yuna a movie sphere with a recording of a shoopuf at the Moonflow that had died long ago but mysteriously reappeared causing Yuna to believe the shoopuf had been "beckoned".

Kurgum asks Yuna to accompany him and Chuami back to Bevelle and address the Spiran Council and Wakka goes with them. As Chuami, Kurgum, Yuna and Wakka pass the Moonflow they see the shoopufs and a crowd of onlookers, where half of the people are illusions created by the pyreflies, and witness a reunion scene with a father and daughter and the illusion of the girl's mother. In Bevelle they find Sin has been reactivated, possibly called back to Spira by someone's wish. After Yuna meets with Tidus and breaks up with him, Chuami and Kurgum part ways with the latter accompanying Yuna and Wakka, and the former returning to Besaid with Tidus.

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Final Fantasy XEdit

Yuna's blitzball-toting guardian. His training has honed the accuracy and power of his shots, which can take down both fast-flying fiends and enemies afar. He's a competent and versatile fighter, but he has yet to win an argument with Lulu.
—Scan description
Garuda ffx

Wakka uses a blitzball as his weapon.

Wakka uses sports gear as his weapons and armor in battle. He uses blitzballs as weapons, and is the only character who can reliably hit aerial monsters with basic attacks for much of the game. Since the blitzball is a ranged weapon, Wakka is one of three characters in the game, save for aeons, who can hit out-of-range enemies (the others being Lulu with her magic and Kimahri with his Lancet), and the only one who can do so using physical attacks. Wakka, Tidus and Rikku are the only three members of the party in Final Fantasy X who can battle fiends underwater.


He has relatively high Strength and quite high Accuracy, as well as a decent Magic stat, making him a balanced character. Wakka has the highest default Luck stat in the game.

Note: Values in parentheses are node stat bonuses.
Stat Base Value Sphere Grid
Normal Expert
HP 618 4418 (3800) 4018 (3400)
MP 10 190 (180) 110 (100)
Strength 14 54 (40) 45 (31)
Defense 10 30 (20) 31 (21)
Magic 10 37 (27) 39 (29)
Magic Defense 5 9 (4) 5 (0)
Agility 7 36 (29) 23 (16)
Luck 19 20 (1) 19 (0)
Evasion 5 18 (13) 15 (10)
Accuracy 25 50 (25) 52 (27)


Wakka can equip blitzballs and armguards. Through his use of a blitzball, Wakka can perform the Attack command on "out-of-range" enemies, like in the first battle against Sin.

Wakka is one of two characters (the other being Kimahri) to join in Final Fantasy X with no armor equipped. Wakka's weapon and armor names have a sports theme, such as T.K.O. (technical knock-out) or Official Ball.


Wakka's Sphere Grid area runs near Lulu's and Auron's, and his sphere color is yellow. The unique abilities in Wakka's default position on the grid include skills that inflict the status effects Darkness, Silence, and Sleep. He also gains HP-draining skills. Although Zombie Attack is found on Auron's section of the Sphere Grid, only Wakka has a quote when using it, like the other Status Attacks, suggesting the attack is meant for him.

Wakka's Overdrive is Slots where by lining up the reels the player can imbue different effects to Wakka's blitzball(s) and then hurl them at the enemy.

When counterattacking whether the fiend is in the air or on the ground, Wakka holds the ball with both hands and swings it downward upon the fiend. He does this when countering underwater as well, and uses a regular underwater attack when encountering a fast underwater fiend.

Note: Abilities denoted with an asterisk (*) are available in the International, PAL, and HD Remaster version of Final Fantasy X.
Ability Description Ability Description
Dark Attack Inflicts Darkness to an enemy for three turns. Silence Attack Inflicts Silence to an enemy for three turns.
Extract Ability* Allows target to drop ability spheres (normally in Standard Sphere Grid). Aim Raises party's accuracy.
Sleep Attack Puts an enemy to Sleep for three turns. Dark Buster Always inflicts Darkness on an enemy for 1 turn.
Drain Absorbs HP from target to restore own HP. Silence Buster Always inflicts Silence on an enemy for 1 turn.
Sleep Buster Always inflicts Sleep on an enemy for 1 turn. Osmose Absorbs MP from target to restore own MP.
Triple Foul Inflicts Darkness, Silence and Sleep on an enemy for 3 turns.




Promotional poster featuring Wakka and the Besaid Aurochs. From left to right: Tidus, Botta, Wakka, Jassu, and Letty.

Wakka is a professional blitzball player and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, a team that—as of the beginning of Final Fantasy X—went 23 years without winning a game.

Wakka retires from blitzball after the Luca tournament so he can focus on his guardian duties, but can still be re-recruited into the Aurochs later. Wakka may have officially come out of retirement after the events of Final Fantasy X, as Yuna wonders if "Wakka and the gang" were at the blitzball season opening in Final Fantasy X-2. He is on the hidden Besaid Aurochs team alongside Beclem, so the hidden team may not be the official lineup.

Wakka has a unique blitzball technique called Aurochs Spirit, which adds the sum of the SH of all the original Aurochs currently on the team to Wakka's own SH.

With his high EN and SH, Wakka is best in a forward position. He has the first level "Venom Shot" from the beginning, but he is a pushover defensively. At a salary of 1 gil per game, he is the cheapest recruitable player.

Airship - Bridge

Key Techniques
Wither Shot
Drain Tackle
Tackle Slip

LV 3 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 60 70 80 90 99
HP 150 210 383 589 825 1,095 1,396 1,729 2,094 2,491 2,920 3,874 4,956 6,166 7,504 8,817
SP 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60 60
EN 11 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 33 36 40 47 54 62 70 78
AT 3 3 4 5 5 6 7 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16
PA 3 4 6 7 9 11 12 14 16 17 19 22 26 29 32 35
BL 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 8 9 10 11 11
SH 13 14 17 21 24 28 32 35 39 42 46 53 60 67 74 80
CA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 15 17 19 20
Special Techniques
Technique Requirement Obtaining Method
Auroch's Spirit Tackle Slip Tournament Prize

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

Sphere BreakEdit

Wakka Coin
Coin No. 62 Coin Value 9
Trait Rare Item
Location Win from the Bevelle Core Sphere player in the Luca Stadium.

Creation and developmentEdit


In the Japanese version, Wakka is voiced by Kazuya Nakai. In the English versions he is voiced by John DiMaggio who also provides the voice for Kimahri Ronso. In both versions, Wakka is voiced by the same actor who voices the recurring character Gilgamesh.

In the Kingdom Hearts series, while Kazuya Nakai resumes the voice role, Wakka is voiced in the English version by Dee Bradley Baker who voiced characters in Final Fantasy X-2.

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Musical themesEdit

"Wakka's Theme" was composed by Nobuo Uematsu. He is the only main character whose theme is not featured in the game's original soundtrack. It is one of several extra songs that can only be found online or earned in Luca's Sphere Theater.

"Although I don't remember exactly because it was quite a long time ago — in the early stages of game development process, many songs are created based on visualization of different game scenes," music director Keiji Kawamori has explained. "At that time, I believe we decided to go with another track that was better suited for the scene. As a result, this track was ultimately not used."[1]

"Wakka's Theme" was arranged by Uematsu for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster and is available not only via Luca's Sphere Theater, but on the soundtrack as well.

Other appearancesEdit

Dissidia Final FantasyEdit

Wakka makes a cameo in Dissidia Final Fantasy as a tutor from the in-game manuals. Along with Rikku he explains how to use the shop. A Ghost Card bears Wakka's name, and is a Level 100 Tidus that has the Sphere and Blue Gem items to be won through battlegen. Tidus's four exclusive weapons are named after Wakka's weapons.

Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

Wakka is a summonable Legend in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Final Fantasy ArtniksEdit

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Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Wakka Sprite
A young man who, together with his childhood friend Lulu, joins Yuna's traveling party as her guardian. A blitzball player and coach, Wakka has a ready smile and a caring disposition.

Wakka appears as a recruitable character in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. He is unlocked in Besaid on Classic in the storyline of Final Fantasy X as the First Time Reward.


Wakka's class is Guardian.

After Wakka reaches level 50, the player can break his level cap, increasing it to 65 by using a Wakka Memory Crystal. One could be obtained in during the Operation Mi'ihen Challenge Event as the First Time Reward.

Wakka has one of the highest Accuracy scores in the game. This, along with his affinity for distance weapons, makes him an excellent Ranger unit. Bows, balls, and thrown weapons, however, are rarer for some players than others; and as such, Wakka could be stuck wielding a dagger on the front line early. His raw Attack and Speed will, at the very least, allow him to use the dagger to its fullest.

Level HP Attack Defense Magic Resistance Mind Accuracy Evasion Speed
1 180 10 7 8 8 8 24 20 92
10 700 25 21 18 18 20 24 20 97
20 1,279 42 34 30 30 35 25 20 103
30 1,857 60 46 43 43 49 25 21 108
40 2,436 77 58 57 57 64 26 21 114
50 3,015 94 69 72 72 78 27 22 120
60 3,593 111 80 87 87 92 27 23 126
65 3,883 120 85 95 95 100 27 23 129
70 4,172 128 90 102 102 107 28 23 132
80 4,750 146 100 118 118 121 28 24 137

Wakka can use Combat abilities up to rarity rank 3, Support abilities up to rarity rank 5, and Celerity abilities up to rarity rank 3.

His initial Soul Break is Element Reels which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment deals water elemental damage to all targets equal to 125% damage potency of a conventional attack. The ball Official Ball (X) allows Wakka to use Status Reels which at the expense of one Soul Gauge segment damages the enemy deealing 300% damage potency of a conventional attack and decreases its Defense and Resistance by 50% for the duration of 10 seconds.

After Wakka's level cap is increased he automatically gains the Record Materia, Preemptive Strike, which when equipped allows for the player to begin battle with a full ATB gauge. His second Record Materia, Blitz-Eye, can be gained at any given time after battle provided that Wakka is present in the battle party. When equipped with Blitz-Eye, the user never misses when using Attack.


Wakka can equip the following weapon types: daggers, bows, thrown, and balls. The ball Official Ball (X) allows Wakka to use Status Reels.

He can equip the following armor types: helms, light armor, armor, and bracers.

He can equip accessories.

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Wakka is represented in Aqua-elemental cards. He is depicted in his Final Fantasy X promotional poster art alongside Tidus and the Besaid Aurochs, and in his official artwork, as well as in his Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade artwork.

Triple TriadEdit

212a Wakka

Wakka appears on a Triple Triad card in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Non-Final Fantasy guest appearancesEdit

Kingdom HeartsEdit


Wakka plays a minor role in the Kingdom Hearts series. Together with Riku, Tidus and Selphie, he spends his days playing on the Destiny Islands and sparring with Sora. He is skilled with a ball, and together with Tidus, he is inventing an "underwater ball sport". When Sora, Riku, and Kairi leave the island, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie are left behind.

Wakka reprises his role in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories albeit as a memory fragment. He is briefly mentioned in Kingdom Hearts II by Selphie, commenting to Kairi that "Tidus and Wakka are all wrapped up in their ball game" when asking her to go to the smaller island with her.

Wakka makes an appearance in Kingdom Hearts χ [chi] as one of the obtainable character cards.



Wakka means "water" in the Ainu language, an indigenous language from Hokkaido and the Sea of Okhotsk region in Japan.


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