FFX Wakizashi EA

Wakizashi in Final Fantasy X.

Wakizashi (脇差, Wakizashi?) is a recurring enemy ability and summon ability associated with Yojimbo. It is originally from Final Fantasy X. Typically, Wakizashi deals non-elemental damage to a single or multiple targets.


Final Fantasy XEdit

X As an enemy ability, Wakizashi deals moderate physical damage. When used by Yojimbo in its first encounter, it has a power of 28, and can target one ally; in the final boss with Yojimbo, it has a power of 14. When used by Dark Yojimbo, it also has a power of 28. An additional version of the ability for Dark Yojimbo is coded into the game, which hits all allies and has a power of 32, but it is unused.

As a summon ability, Wakizashi deals non-elemental damage to all enemies, and is the second strongest ability that Yojimbo can use.

Final Fantasy X-2Edit

X-2 Wakizashi is used by Yojimbo. It deals moderate non-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy Dimensions IIEdit


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Final Fantasy Airborne BrigadeEdit

FFAB Wakizashi appears as an ability usable by Yuna, based on its Final Fantasy X appearance. It appears as two Legend Cards for her, one of SSR rarity and the other of SSR+ rarity.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Wakizashi is an enemy ability used by Yojimbo, based on its Final Fantasy X appearance. It can deal non-elemental damage to one party member, or the entire party.



The wakizashi (meaning "side inserted sword") is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords worn by the samurai class in feudal Japan.