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Vyv is a non-player character in Final Fantasy XV. He is found in Lestallum and runs a publishing company called METEOR. He is on a hunt for quality photographs for his publication.




Meteor logo on Vyv's shirt.

Vyv is a portly man distinguished by his white t-shirt, which bears the phrase "Eat. Live. Breathe. METEOR." He wears a black backpack, and a black camera hangs from a red strap around his neck. In an attempt to alleviate discomfort caused by Lestallum's high temperatures, Vyv keeps his shoulder-length brown hair tied back in a short ponytail.


Vyv is personable and approaches others easily. He is passionate for journalism and though the publication he runs is small, he wants to expand and make a difference in the world. Vyv maintains a professional demeanor around Noctis, and is not intimidated by his status as the prince.


Vyv recognizes Noctis Lucis Caelum as the prince, but is mainly interested in his travels due to the photos Noctis's friend Prompto Argentum has been taking. Vyv was actually planning on selling the Empire information on Noctis and his friend for some money, but decided against it when he realized how talented they were at taking photos. Prompto is taken by professional interest in his work, and is eager to go and snap the shots Vyv requests. The requests get increasingly difficult, sending the party to imperial bases and even a volcano. At last, Vyv requests a photo of a supposedly haunted painting, and Noctis agrees to try though he doesn't believe in ghosts. To their surprise they succeed, and an astonished Vyv says he can't publish a photo that is potentially haunted, but agrees to pay them anyway.


Completing Vyv's sidequests yields EXP and gil as reward. The photos he requests can only be taken during daylight hours. If it is too dark, the party will recommend they return later.

The Perfect LandscapeEdit

After Iris Amicitia has shown Noctis around Lestallum, the latter can talk to Vyv to receive a quest. The player must head for one of two locations for a photo: the north of the Disc of Cauthess, or by the chocobo racing courses near Wiz Chocobo Post. Talking to Vyv after yields 1,000 EXP and 5,000 gil.

An Eye for IslandsEdit

The quest becomes available after completing "The Perfect Landscape". This time, Vyv requests a photo of an island taken from Galdin Quay, the Angelgard. Completing the quest yields 1,500 EXP and 7,500 gil.

Aftermath of the Astral WarEdit

The quest becomes available after completing "An Eye for Islands". Vyv wants two shots of Taelpar Crag: one is from the lookout tower close to Tollhends Stronghold, and another from a bridge to the east of Old Lestallum. Completing the quest yields 2,000 EXP and 10,000 gil.

Of Gods and KingsEdit

The quest becomes available after completing "Aftermath of the Astral War". He wants a photo of the gate of the royal tomb southeast of Duscae, and then of the Tomb itself. Completing the quest yields 2,500 EXP and 12,500 gil.

Vyv's Volcanic InspirationEdit


Vyv's requested photo.

The quest becomes available after completing "Of Gods and Kings". For this photo, the party must head for the Rock of Ravatogh, a volcano in the west of Cleigne. The player must ascend the slope to a dead-end to the west of the map and photograph the flowing lava. The heat will continuously damage the party. The player may need to fight Thunderocs along the path. Completing the quest yields 3,000 EXP and 15,000 gil.

A Place to Call HomeEdit

The quest becomes available after completing "Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration". Vyv wants a picture of Insomnia. The player must head to the hill overlooking the city where Chapter 1 concluded. Completing the quest yields 3,500 EXP, 17,500 gil, and "Time" photo filter (black and white).

The Pen is Mightier than the SwordEdit

The quest becomes available after completing "A Place to Call Home". Vyv wants three photos of imperial bases in Lucis: Formout Garrison in Leide (close to the Prairie Outpost), Tollhends Stronghold in Cleigne (north of Old Lestallum), and Perpetouss Keep in Duscae (southwest of the Cauthess Rest Area). Each picture is part of a subquest that needs to be selected manually in the main menu to activate its waypoint. The player may have to engage imperial troops in each area. Completing the quest yields 4,000 EXP and 20,000 gil.

The Cursed CanvasEdit

Altissia Painting Hands

A ghost emerging from the painting.

The quest becomes available after completing "The Pen is Mightier than the Sword". Vyv wants a photo of a cursed painting. After heading to Altissia in Chapter 9, the player must head to Maagho restaurant and take the "A Lost Painting" hunt. In the basement of the Secretary's Estate Prompto will take a picture of the painting even if the player doesn't complete the hunt. The party can return to Lucis via by calling upon Umbra at the Leville hotel and talk to Vyv to get 5,000 EXP and 25,000 gil.



Vyv at Moogle Chocobo Carnival.

  • Vyv bears an uncanny resemblance to American actor and comedian Jorge Garcia, best known for his role in the television series Lost.
  • The meteor on Vyv's shirt somewhat resembles the Final Fantasy VII logo
    FF7 Logo
  • Vyv is found by the pinball machines at the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, but he cannot be interacted with.

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