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Vox in Final Fantasy XII.

Cures silence.
—Description, Final Fantasy.

Vox (ボキャル, Bokyaru?, lit. Vocal), also known as Silena or AMUT, is a White Magic spell that cures the Silence status.


Final FantasyEdit


White Mage - AMUT

Vox, also known as AMUT in the NES release, is a level 4 White Magic spell which removes Mute from a single ally.

The spell can be bought at Elfheim and can be learned by the White Mage, White Wizard, and Red Wizard classes. In the GBA/PSP/iOS releases it costs 3 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy XIEdit

XI Silena is a level 19 White Magic spell available only to White Mages. It removes Silence from one targeted player or ally.

Final Fantasy XIIEdit

XII Vox allows a non-silenced user to remove the Silence status effect from a party member. The animation of the spell is a reverse to the Silence spell. In both the original and the International Zodiac Job System, the License for Vox is White Magick 2, which takes 20 LP to unlock.

The spell initially takes 8 MP to cast and can be purchased for 300 gil from shops Dreadnought Leviathan onwards in the original version, but in the Zodiac Job System version, Vox is available since the game's beginning and can be used by the White Mage and the Red Battlemage.

Final Fantasy XIVEdit


FFXIVL Silena Icon

Silena appeared as an ability in the original Final Fantasy XIV. At the initial release, Silena was a spell learned by Conjurers at rank 28. The ability cost 2 actions points to set and cost 24 MP to use. When used, the ability would remove the silence status from party members within an area of effect.

After the release of patch 1.20, Silena was removed from the game and Conjurers gained the Esuna spell as its replacement.

Final Fantasy Record KeeperEdit

FFRK Vox is a White Magic Ability with a Rarity of ☆. It removes Silence from one target, it can initially be used four times and it can be honed to Rank 5. It can be created by using Minor White Orb x3, Minor Ice Orb x3 and 1000 gil.

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Final Fantasy Brave ExviusEdit


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Vox means "voice" in Latin.