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Vossler York Azelas
Sprite Vossler Sprite Vossler2 Sprite Vossler Port
Japanese Name Vossler York Azelas
Kana ウォースラ・ヨーク・アズラス
Romaji Uōsura Yōku Azurasu
Voice actor(s)
Masaki Terasoma
Voice actor(s)
Nolan North
Age 38
Race Hume
Home Royal City of Rabanastre
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Revenant Wings Job class {{{job}}}
Revenant Wings
Final Fantasy XII Character
The future of Dalmasca will not be stolen.
—Vossler Azelas

Vossler York Azelas is a guest character in Final Fantasy XII. A former captain of the Order of the Knights of Dalmasca, he now fights with the Resistance to restore the kingdom he once served loyally.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Vossler is a tall, muscled man with tanned skin typical of a Dalmascan, though he is unusual in having dark hair as most Dalmascans are blond, and he has short stubble across his jawline. He wears a set of leather and metal plate armor, with a wide collar that exposes his neck and the upper portion of his chest, revealing a leather choker round his neck and a green undershirt. Beneath his leg greaves, Vossler wears purple trousers. His huge sword is slung across his back when not in use.

Proud, patriotic and highly suspicious, Vossler will defend Dalmasca no matter the cost. At times he can be harsh, telling Basch to leave Reks behind as he was injured and potentially a liability to them, but he stands for what he believes in and keeps a close ear to the ground, listening for anything that might be beneficial to the movement of the Resistance.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Vossler fought alongside Basch, during the counterattack at Nalbina Fortress. Like Reks, he, too, was tricked into thinking Basch was responsible for killing King Raminas. After the battle, he fled underground, and joined the Resistance, alongside Princess Ashe. For the next two years, Vossler protected the Princess, as well as gathering as many Dalmascan soldiers as possible to start a Resistance so they could restore their kingdom.

Vossler saves Ashe aboard the Leviathan together with Basch.

During the events of Final Fantasy XII, he reunites with Basch, after the latter escapes the Nalbina Dungeons with Vaan. Skeptical of the disgraced captain, Vossler eventually learns to trust his friend once again. They meet up on the Dreadnought Leviathan, when they are on their way to rescue Ashe. They manage to rescue the Princess, and escape.

The party encounters Vossler again at the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, while on their way to the Tomb of Raithwall. He offers to protect Princess Ashe once again, though he expresses his disdain for the company of Sky Pirates, Balthier and Fran. However, once the party gets the Dawn Shard from the tomb, they are taken aboard the Leviathan and Vossler reveals he has teamed up with the Archadian Empire, so he may help restore Dalmasca.

Vossler is defeated soon after on the Shiva, where he and his men are attacked by Fran in a Mist rage. He apologizes and tells Basch it is up to him to protect the Princess now. Basch forgives his old friend, but the ensuing nethicite overload from the Leviathan's drive all but annihilates 8th fleet, heavily damaging the Shiva, and that is the last that is seen of him. It is unknown whether he survived.

In BattleEdit

When Vossler joins the party as a guest his level is the average level of the two highest leveled party members +4. In the International version, he has gained Souleater, Wither, Expose, Addle and Shear.

He comes equipped with Nightmare greatsword, Scale Mail or Chainmail armor, Sallet or Winged Helm helmet, and the Armguard.


Priority Condition Action
1 Foe: Character status=HP Critical Balance
2 Foe: flying Telekinesis
3 Foe: nearest visible Attack
4 Foe: Targeting Ashe Attack


Level HP MP Strength Magick Power Vitality Speed
6 211 - 228 28 - 36 29 22 21 24
10 323 - 360 36 - 49 31 23 22 25
20 715 - 820 62 - 95 36 27 25 26
30 1,219 - 1,416 89 - 143 42 31 28 28
40 1,696 - 1,979 122 - 202 47 35 31 29
50 2,457 - 2,883 151 - 252 53 39 34 31
60 3,129 - 3,680 177 - 298 58 43 36 32
70 3,510 - 4,128 197 - 331 64 47 39 33
80 3,950 - 4,646 217 - 364 69 51 42 35
90 4,550 - 5,356 230 - 384 75 55 45 36
99 5,227 - 6,160 236 - 390 80 58 47 37


Main article: Vossler (Boss)
Genus: Imperial Army
Class: Dalmascan Military

Vossler is fought as a boss on board the airship Shiva.

Other AppearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Vossler appears in the Trading Card Game depicted on a single card with his official render. That card is a part of the "Fire" set.



  • In the manga, when Vossler went out on a mission(without any details), a bangaa officer/soldier tried to consult him of not going because his wounds were not healed due to his duel against Judge Magister Ghis in Garamscythe Waterways. The bangaa officer brings 'Amalia' up, and suspects that Vossler was trying to get to her. He also said; "Are the rumors about her true? That she's your mistress!", then, he said that Amalia(without knowing anything she's really Ashe) should just be forgotten by him and just "save his good name".

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