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Vortex is a boss in Final Fantasy Dimensions. It is fought in Forest of the Fey. During the battle, the Warriors of Light must fight three of them.

Stats Edit

Battle Edit

Vortex is a boss, but it's only a little stronger than monsters around here.

Strategy Edit

Vortex can cast Confuse or Silence to make the battle harder. Also, Vortex loves using Water either on one or all allies. Remember, the characters have to fight three of them at the same time. Still, this is not a difficult fight. Having a Mage to cast Cura on the party, a Summoner (Dimensions) to strike Judgment Bolt or even better Diamond Dust and all other members to attack continuously is what it takes to defeat three of them.

Etymology Edit

In fluid dynamics, a vortex is a region within a fluid where the flow is mostly a spinning motion about an imaginary axis, straight or curved.

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