The Vorpal Bunny is a Rank III Mark from Final Fantasy XII. The hunt becomes available after defeating Bergan in Mt Bur-Omisace. Vorpal Bunny can be found in the Rustling Chapel area of Golmore Jungle.

According to Nera, the petitioner, it only shows itself every seven years, and that its tail is used by viera salve-makers to create a special substance, called "Vision Dust", as a rite of passage. She posted the bill in order for her friend, Alja, to become a full-fledged salve-maker, as Alja herself is not quick enough to catch one because of her lame leg.

Clan Primer Edit

Hunt 14: A Chase Through The Woods Edit


Mark Bill.

Petitioner: Nera
Petitioner's Location: Eruyt Village (The Spiritwood)
  • Saw bill posted for the hunting of a vorpal bunny (Rank III). The petitioner is Nera in the Spiritwood of Eruyt Village.
  • Hunt accepted. Nera searches for a vorpal bunny tail for her friend, Alja. The vorpal bunny is to be found in Golmore Jungle.
  • Vorpal bunny defeated, and tail obtained! Report to Nera in the Spiritwood of Eruyt Village.
  • Hunt reported and tail delivered. Alja, learning of Nera's kindness, promises to complete her apprenticeship and become a fully-fledged salve-maker.

Bestiary entry Edit

Being a Dreamhare possessing a distinctive dark-furred Body and feathered Ears. Its large white Tail contains a unique Oil, used by the viera for Centuries as an Ingredient in potent Unguents and Remedies. It is understandably quite wary of Man, and therefore difficult to Catch. Posted as a Mark by a kind soul hoping to help her Friend become a true Salve-Maker.


Battle Edit

The Vorpal Bunny is a scarce creature, and will keep running away rather than fight. The player should try and keep it in their sight, as it may go underground and fully recover all damage the player had inflicted. After clearing the lower chapel area of all enemies, the player should cast Protect on each party member. As soon as it appears, one should cast Dispel on it to remove the Faith status.

It starts out with the Protect and Faith buffs. Although, not Dispelling these buffs doesn't change much of the difficulty to defeat it. Trying to chase it while equipped with melee-type weapons is not recommended as the attacks will not hit.

Strategy Edit

One strategy is to cast Berserk or throw Bacchus's Wines at it, to force it to stay in one place. This will make its normal attacks do over 400 damage with good armor on, but the damage can be lowered with Protect. Also, a long-enough Quickening chain can kill the Vorpal Bunny instantly.

It is easiest to defeat the Vorpal Bunny enemy without defeating all other enemies in the The Rustling Chapel area. If the player does, Dark Skeleton enemies will spawn over the area. Alternatively, they can leave and reenter the area, a method which lacks the exp benefit.

Rewards Edit

Nera will be waiting at the entrance to Eruyt Village, as not to let anyone from the village know she had gotten help from outsiders. She tells Vaan to follow her from a distance so that they can speak freely at a disclosed location, but they are spotted by Alja.

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