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The memories and emotions of people, housed inside crystals... These are visions. By summoning forth the visions of ages past and worlds distant... We can call upon their strength in battle.

Visions (ビジョン, Bijon?) are the physical manifestations of memories and emotions stored within the crystals of Lapis, the setting of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Described as the "hopes and dreams of legendary warriors given life", visions are bound to their crystals and can only be summoned by those with the "power of visions" (ビジョンの力, Bijon no Chikara?), an ability held by the game's main characters Rain and Lasswell.

As a general rule, a vision is created when a person's memories is collected inside a crystal upon his/her death. Death is, however, not essential to the process; intense emotions (such as Charlotte's worry over her comrades, or Lawrence's admiration) may crystallize and generate visions while the owners continue living. Furthermore, the possibility of becoming a vision is not limited to the inhabitants of Lapis alone; memories may originate on distant worlds—namely, those depicted throughout the Final Fantasy series.

Visions trascend the boundaries of time and space to manifest in the world of Lapis, as seen in the Arena, as crystal of Lapis not only contain memories from other worlds, but also memories of other timelines.

Gameplay-wise, visions are "units" (ユ二ット, yunitto?), or playable characters that may be used to battle if included in a party. With the exception of story characters (Rain, Lasswell, Fina, Lid, Nichol, Jake and Sakura), all units are visions, and will perform one or more particular roles: Physical Damage, Magic Damage, Hybrid Damage, Tank, Healing, and Support. In most cases, they must be summoned by using either Friend Points, Rare Summon Tickets, or Lapis, the game's premium currency. The exception to this are Raid Summons (obtained by reaching a certain amount of points during the eponymous raids or by spending raid coins on their respective banners) and some special units awarded upon the completion of a mission, such as Maxwell.

Story Edit

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The power of invoking visions was developed 700 years ago in Paladia under the name of "visionary magicks". A power born from scientific progress, it was different to preexisting magic used by the rest of the world. These magicks were one of the reasons behind Hess' secession attempt from the technological Aldore, and the subsequent civil war between the two factions.

Rain and Lasswell, knights from the Kingdom of Grandshelt, are prompted by a girl encased in crystal, Fina, to safeguard the Earth Crystal from Veritas of the Dark. At the Earth Shrine, the two knights confront the aggressor, but they are swiftly defeated by Veritas. He destroys the Earth Crystal and leaves, but Fina reappears before the two knights, and grants them the power of visions so that they may save the world. Although Lasswell can also summon them, Rain's control of the ability is far superior than his brother's; this can be seen in the several special events that involve ephemeral versions of other worlds. However, Lasswell will master this power after some time.

During Chapter V, it is revealed that some members of the Sworn Six of Paladia can also summon visions in their aid. This was shown when Veritas of the Light, summoned two soldiers while battling Rain's party at the top of Mysidia Tower.

At the Vision of Bahamut event, it is revealed that espers can create visions of themselves with their own memories and if someone manages to defeat one esper vision, the original creature will be weakened.

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Trivia Edit

  • The only vision shown in a cutscene is that of Elle's. The vision appears as if surrounded by a white glow.