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The Village of the Ancients, also known as the Ancients' Village, is a town in Final Fantasy III. As its name would suggest, it is the home of the Ancients. The people of Tokkul mention it as a "village to the west" and it is located directly west of the Chocobo Woods. It is also the hometown of Desch.

This is an optional area. A red-haired boy offers the party a prize of Gnomish Bread if the player can ride a chocobo all the way around the edge of the continent. Gnomish Bread allows the user to see all locations on the World Map, even if they have not been there previously.

The Inn here charges 120 gil.


Item ShopEdit

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Potion 150 gil 50 gil
Hi-Potion 1,200 gil 600 gil
Gold Needle 300 gil 100 gil
Maiden's Kiss 100 gil
Echo Herbs 100 gil
Mallet 100 gil
Eye Drops 40 gil
Antidote 80 gil

Weapons ShopEdit

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Serpent Sword 1,500 gil
Wightslayer 1,000 gil N/A
Fire Staff 3,500 gil
Ice Staff 3,500 gil
Light Staff N/A 3,500 gil
Killer Bow 2,000 gil 4,000 gil
Fire Arrow 30 gil 150 gil
Ice Arrow 30 gil 150 gil
Light Arrow 30 gil 150 gil

Armor ShopEdit

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Shell Armor 1,250 gil
Flame Mail 2,400 gil
Headband 1,200 gil
Kenpo Gi 2,000 gil
Mage Robe 2,000 gil

Magic ShopEdit

Item Famicom cost 3D cost
Sight 100 gil
Fira 1,500 gil
Blizzara 1,500 gil
Thundara 1,500 gil
Cura 1,500 gil
Teleport 1,500 gil
Blindna 1,500 gil


Item Location
Serpent Sword Hidden in Town


Note: Enemies are only encountered outside of the town.

Musical themesEdit

"Ancient's Village" from Final Fantasy III (DS)
FFIII - Ancient's Village
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background theme that plays at the Village of the Ancients is called "Ancient's Village".



  • If the player visits with Desch in the party, he will comment that the village seems 'awfully familiar'.

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