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XIII sazh vigilance

Vigilance in Final Fantasy XIII.

Boost target's odds of interrupting actions and avoiding interruption of own.
—Description, Final Fantasy XIII.

Vigilance (ガッツ, Gattsu?, lit. Guts) is a recurring ability in the Fabula Nova Crystallis saga that bestows the status enhancement of the same name.


Final Fantasy XIIIEdit



Vigilance is a Synergist command ability expends 2 ATB gauge segments. Sazh learns it at Crystarium Stage 2, Snow at Crystarium Stage 7, Vanille at Crystarium Stage 1 and Lightning at Crystarium Stage 10.

Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

XIII-2 Vigilance returns in the sequel as a Synergist retaining it 2 ATB gauge segment cost. It has an area-of-effect spell variation known as Vigilaga. Vigilance can be infused into other Synergist monsters.

Serah learns it at Role Level 30, Noel at Role Level 11, Clione at level 4, Fachan at level 10, Gahongas at level 13, Leyak at level 5, Nanochu at level 17, Sahagin Prince at level 15, Sazh at level 2, Thexteron at level 3, and Yakshini at level 45. It is known by default by Microchu and Purple Chocobo.


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