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Viera Wayfarer (旅のヴィエラ, Tabi no Viera?), is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XII who helps the player defeat the Mark Vyraal in The Northsward area in Cerobi Steppe. She casts healing spells and support magicks. She also doesn't show up as a guest. The Final Fantasy XII Battle Ultimania lists her under a group separate from guests called "other members".


While in The Northsward area in the Cerobi Steppe, the Viera Wayfarer encountered Vyraal and lost her belongings to the wyrm. She later posted a bill asking for help to hunt the Vyraal and have her belongings returned to her. Vaan and co accept her bill and she helps them defeat the mark. After the battle, she requests the party meet her back at Balfonheim in the Whitecap for their reward. She rewards the party and while going through her belongings, she finds a scale from Vyraal and insists the party take it.



Name Stat
Level 39
Weak Earth
Target Info Yes
Max HP 4,391
Max MP 999
Strength 33
Magick Power 26
Vitality 57
Speed 29
Attack Power 57
Defense 16
Magick Resist 30
Evade 18
Magick Evade 0


Name Stat
Status Immunities X-Zone, Petrify, Confuse, Reverse, Slow, Silence, Poison, Lure, Berserk, Bubble
Innate Statuses Protect (100%), Shell (50%)
Augments Safety
Gambits (A)*Very Often Self: HP < 40% ⇛ X-Potion
(B)*Occasionally Ally: HP < 50% ⇛ Curaga*only in battle, never on herself
(B)*Occasionally Ally: Any ⇛ Protect*only in battle, never on herself
(C)*Rarely Ally: Any ⇛ Shell*only in battle, never on herself
(C)*Rarely Ally: Any ⇛ Haste*only in battle, never on herself
(A)*Very Often Foe: nearest visible ⇛ Attack


Category Name
Weapon Shortbow
Off-Hand Onion Arrows


Viera is a feminine name in Belarus, which means "faith."

A wayfarer is a person who travels on foot.

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