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The Via Infinito is a vast optional dungeon below Bevelle accessed during the 5th chapter of Final Fantasy X-2. It consists of 100 floors or cloisters, beneath each other. In Chapter 5, the player can go to the New Yevon Headquarters and find a glowing glyph on the floor at the end of the path on the right. Completing Via Infinito contributes toward the story completion percentage.

The player faces many of the toughest opponents in Via Infinito, and at Floor 100, fights a superboss. In addition to a handful of native fiends, other random fiends may appear if they have been fought elsewhere. Thus, it is a good place for completing Shinra's Bestiary.

Profile Edit

Via Infinito

Via Infinito

The dungeon comprises of 100 cloisters (or floors) that form a descending stack. From each floor, one can drop down to the next but cannot ascend to the former. There are great cloisters at floors 0, 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 that, except cloister 0, feature a boss battle. The bosses are characters from Final Fantasy X who died and turned into a fiend. In the final "Infinity" the party can challenge Trema.

For each cloister block of 20 floors, there are about six level designs which appear at random. Because the dungeon is swarming with monsters, equipping a Charm Bangle for No Encounters will have no effect. Every oversoulable fiend, except for the Georapella and Precepts Guard, can be found here. Elder Drake or Mega Tonberry can be found wandering the levels in real-time, and approaching them initiates a battle, but most of the time they can be avoided. On rare occasions, a Tonberry will offer a random item in lieu of a fight.

Via Infinito2

A Tonberry guarding the blue glowing glyph in Via Infinito

The most important friendly asset on each cloister is a blue glowing glyph on the floor. Walking on it restores the party's HP and MP and allows the party to teleport to the dungeon entrance. The portal may appear on the main path, in an obscure side path, or in a dead end guarded by a powerful beast.

Once out of the dungeon, players can either resume from where they left off (mislabeled as "continue from the deepest level reached") or start from cloister 0, which offers teleportation to any of the unlocked great cloisters.

Banners with Yu Yevon's likeness can be seen on each floor, but the symbol itself is upside down.

Recommended tactics Edit

As Via Infinito has the toughest enemies, using strong equipment and dresspheres is optimal. The Highroad Winds and Mounted Assault Garment Grids offer the First Strike ability, which is useful for everyone. Good dresspheres are the Dark Knight for their high defense and HP, Gunner for their damage-dealing potential, Alchemist for healing and Berserker with all the evade abilities learned for fighting the Elder Drakes. Berserkers are especially powerful with a Speed Bracer equipped. Gun Mages also have a chance to learn some Blue Bullet abilities from Via Infinito. Accessories that boost Luck are especially useful. Lady Luck is good for easily bribing opponents and Mascot is the strongest dressphere in the game.

In the International+Last Mission and HD versions, the player can capture a variety of fiends and swap them in when there is a need.

Cloisters Edit

Cloisters 0-20 Edit

Entrance to via infinito

Entrance to Via Infinito

Crimson Sphere 6 is received at the entrance of the dungeon after the initial cutscene.

Cloister 0 is known as the Great Cloister. They appear every 20 levels. In Cloister 0, on the far right side there is a hidden path to a pillar. Jumping on it transports the player from Great Cloister to Great Cloister (every 20 levels). This is useful for battling fiends one missed oversouling and if one accidentally went back to Cloister 0.

The first bloc is the easiest and can be completed in under 30 minutes. There will be Elder Drakes jumping back and forth, but the player can get past them without a fight. A way to tell that there is one nearby is by the roar and jumping noises.

The boss at Cloister 20 is Aranea. With only 18,000 HP he may not seem like much of a boss, but he is strong and can inflict Stop with normal attacks. It is similar in appearance to Boris from the Floating Ruins on Mt. Gagazet. It was once Maester Wen Kinoc, who was murdered by Seymour Guado.

Crimson Sphere 8 is a reward for defeating Aranea.

Cloisters 21-40 Edit

Elder Drake in Via Infinito

Elder Drake in Via Infinito

This bloc of cloisters has three new level designs. The level with the Elder Drake might now have two. There is also another room with an Elder Drake in a pit in the middle of the path. This particular cloister has a path going left and right; the player should take the left path and hit the switch to activate stepping stones.

The boss in Cloister 40 is Black Elemental that only has 9,999 HP, but maximum Magic and Magic Defense stats. Its Ultima attack is usually lethal. It was once Lord Jyscal Guado, former Maester of Yevon and father of Seymour Guado.

After defeating the Black Elemental, a chest will appear containing Moon Bracer, Shining Bracer, Speed Bracer, Recovery Bracer and Cat Nip. Cat Nip has the ability SOS ????, which when equipped, will cause the wearer to deal 9,999 hit points in damage with all attacks if their HP is HP Critical. In the International and HD Remaster versions, it also has Auto-Berserk and Auto-Slow.

Cloisters 41-60 Edit

Tonberry in Via Infinito

Tonberry in Via Infinito

The dungeon gets harder from here on. The level designs will be different, but a couple stay the same. Mega Tonberries appear in the floors now, although uncommonly. To get past the Mega Tonberries without a fight the player must run to the side through the gap. Instead of two jumping Elder Drakes there will be one jumping front to back to the side and one at the end off a ledge that is hard to see unless one stops at the edge and drops down. If the player jumps the ledge a battle ensues; to avoid it the player must drop down and run to the side.

In this bloc there are Tonberries with tiny Tonberries; if the player finds a cloister that starts on a ledge and at the edge there are three more ledges in intersections and one in the middle, following the path of that cloister to a Tonberry near the exit has a tinier version of him standing next to it. Talking to the little Tonberry gives an item.

The boss in Cloister 60 is Concherer who has nearly 350,000 HP, high stats across the board, and can inflict heavy damage. Its appearance is similar to Neslug of the Monster Arena from Final Fantasy X. It was once Grand Maester Yo Mika. When defeated, it can be captured and used as a very powerful ally.

Cloisters 61-80 Edit

Tonberry Floor

Tonberry Cloister in Via Infinito

This bloc has many Mega Tonberries, but none of them are mandatory. There is a cloister with a long bridge and a Mega Tonberry at its other closed end. After defeating or waiting for it to walk away, the player must jump down the bridge and make a left, go down and press Circle to get on another platform. After a semi-circular path, there should be three separate alcoves with Tonberries. The exit is in the middle one, but it is blocked by a Mega Tonberry. Instead of fighting it, the player can fight ordinary Tonberries in the other alcoves to make the Mega Tonberry disappear.

On some levels, there is a Mega Tonberry waiting on the left intersection, so player should slow down in these parts.

There is also a cloister full of Tonberries. The Mega Tonberries can't reach the player, but if the player touches a small one a fight with a Mega Tonberry ensues. The player must avoid the Tonberries and look for a switch. This cloister has two side platforms and two top platforms. One has a teleport glyph and one is a switch. The other two are empty.

In the original version, if the player equips Cat Nip and keeps a Gunner's HP low, they can clear this bloc faster and be automatically be prepared for the boss battles to come. This strategy is no longer viable in the HD Remaster version.

The boss in Cloister 80 is Chac, a strong Basilisk with over 430,000 HP who petrifies the party. She was once Lady Yunalesca, the keeper of the inner sanctuary inside Zanarkand Dome.

Cloisters 81-100 Edit

Via infinito final floor

Final Cloister

The bosses from previous boss battles in Via Infinito appear in the last bloc as normal encounters, but it is possible to escape from them. From the cloisters 85 to 99, Elder Drakes become random battles. In the last 10 floors the Via Infinito bosses don't appear much, but the fiends start appearing in unique battle formations and ambush the party regularly. With First Strike the ambush isn't a problem.

There is again a cloister with a regular Tonberry along with a tiny Tonberry. They don't attack. The player can press X on the normal-sized Tonberry to receive an item. The player can click X to push the small Tonberry around, then get another item from the bigger one. The maximum amount of items one can obtain from them is two.

The items obtainable from the Tonberries are:

There are two bosses at the bottom of Via Infinito, fought successively with no chance to heal after the first boss. The first is Paragon, which has 200,000 HP and high stats. Paragon was once Lord Zaon, Yunalesca's husband and the first Final Aeon. The second is Trema, the former head of New Yevon who entered the Via Infinito a year ago. Trema is a strong superboss with 999,999 HP and maximum stats. His physical and magical attacks are both deadly.

Defeating Trema awards the Iron Duke accessory. It raises all stats by +100 (except Agility and Luck, which are +10 and +50 respectively) and boosts HP and MP by 100%.

Musical themes Edit

"Disquiet" from Final Fantasy X-2

The theme to Via Infinito is "Anxiety" (不安, Fuan?), called "Disquiet" in the Luca sphere theater and iTunes.

Etymology Edit

Via infinita is a Latin or Italian phrase that means "endless way."