Vesperpool is a large lake in the northern Cleigne region. It becomes available to visit in Chapter 7 when the roadblocks on the roads leading to it are lifted. Noctis Lucis Caelum and his two party members Ignis Scientia and Prompto Argentum come to the area following rumors that mythril can be found around there, and venture to the Steyliff Grove ruins that are only open at night.

The lake is the biggest inland body of water on the region and is known for its good fishing spots. Myrlwood is a dungeon northwest of the region. Water represented death in the ancient Solheimian culture, and Solheimians paid tribute to the dead at the Vesperpool through the Steyliff Grove. Vesperpool is mentioned in the monoliths of Steyliff Grove Menace as a place ravaged by a lightning-elemental flying monster the king and the Oracle sought to fell.


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Photo OpEdit


Photo by Prompto.

When driving through the area Prompto will ask to take a photo by the lake.


The lake has numerous spots for fishing and some of the biggest fish in the game can be caught from it. The furthest fishing spots located at the northern edge and on the small islands in the lake can only be reached by swimming through the lake on a chocobo. One of the islands also has a fishing shop available during the day.

If the player camps at the nearby haven with a full party, Gladiolus will ask for him and Noctis to go fishing for the legendary Liege of the Lake in the Vesperpool the next morning. Complying triggers a quest for the fish. The tour is completed once the player catches the Liege; quitting fishing puts them back at camp, but the tour can be restarted at any time by camping at the same haven again. It is possible to catch the Liege outside of the tour when fishing at the same spot.


The tour at the lake completed.

The "Liege of the Lake" is one of the toughest fish to catch. It is a hidden fish (not marked on the radar while fishing) lurking in the top left corner of the fishing area. It can be caught with the 10,000 Needles Gold Cactuar lure that can be bought at the shop at the same fishing spot. It will appear regardless of weather. It will struggle almost all the time when caught. It is best to use the best fishing line, an upgraded rod and reel, and to have Fishing Level 7 or above. The player should continually tilt the analog stick the way the fish swims, and looking at the fish itself rather than the button prompt can be a better method, although this is not so easily seen if it is raining. The player must be patient and only reel in when the fish is not struggling (the controller doesn't vibrate). Tapping the reel in button can work better than holding it, to save line. Because the fish struggles so much, there are only short windows for reeling.

Catching the fish yields the Big Blaze Bahamut lure, which is special as it will return even if the line snaps.

Black chocobo eggEdit


The party finds the egg.

Wiz's final quest tasks the party with finding a rare female black-feathered chocobo that has fallen under attack. Noctis's party saves the egg at Vesperpool, but can't find the mother bird. They take the egg to Wiz Chocobo Post, where Wiz will notify the group once it hatches.

Oric's Culinary ChroniclesEdit

Entry 6: Moving Out is found on stone ruins east of Steyliff Grove, near to where Ardyn appears in Chapter 7. It teaches Paella de Pollo recipe to Ignis.



Vesper means "evening" in Classical Latin.