One of the Sworn Six of Paladia targeting the Wind Crystal located in Dirnado. Never making his intentions clear, Veritas of the Heavens only concerned himself with destroying the Crystal and obtaining the treasure sleeping within. When his true identity was revealed to be that of Lid's role model and hero, the young airship engineer suffered quite the shock.
—In-game description

Cid, also known as Veritas of the Heavens (天風のヴェリアス, Tenpū no Veriasu?, lit. Vellious of the Heavenwind), is a major character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. A member of the Sworn Six of Paladia, he commands the element of Wind and serves as the main antagonist of Season One's Chapter II.

An expert airship engineer and a renowned figure in Dilmagia's history, a long line of fabled engineers – spawning fifteen generations of genius talents – receives the title of Cid in his honor.

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Veritas of the Heavens wears a full set of green armor with golden details and has wing-like adornments on his helmet. He wields a spear.

Without his armor he appeared as a middle-aged man with fair skin and white hair, similar to his portrait in the Mobreeze Airship Factory, which Lid describes as "good-looking" with a tough-looking scar on his left cheek. However, in Season Two, his hair appears as brown, and has green eyes. He wears a green coat with medium length sleeves and brown gloves. He sports a black belt, blue pants and green boots. His coat has a skirted section colored brown and green.

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Grief corrupts the heart far more indelibly than even hatred...

When first encountered as Heavenlord, Cid adopts a haughty demeanor, belittling those that cannot fly, stating that those who, in his words, "crawl on the Earth" must obey the heavens. He can be cruel and merciless, displaying the same contempt as the rest of his comrades. Despite this, Cid is proud of the inhabitants of Lapis for creating airships like the Enterprise.

Proud as he is, Cid seems to personally dislike being perceived as weak, as seen in "Time Ticks Away", refusing to ask his allies if they could fix his pocket watch for years, even though it contained a photo of his long-lost family.

As seen in Fina's memory world from 700 years ago, Cid was a reliable person who worried for of all the people that fight alongside him. Due to the forced separation from his family, deep down Cid is a broken man who is not motivated by anger, but the sorrow of being unable to be the husband and father that he once longed to be. He was left with nothing but a desire for vengeance, though his dealings with dwarves helped mitigate some of his solitude. In the present, as he battles the party, he develops a soft spot for Lid, whom he comes to view what his daughter would be like.

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Paladian civil war Edit

Originally hailing from the world of Paladia, Cid was born in Aldore over 700 years before the events of the game. He was brilliant engineer and a married man; he and his wife had just had a daughter, when the faction known as Hess developed the "visionary magicks" (a power born from scientific progress, different to preexisting magic used by the rest of the world) and attempted to declare themselves independent from the rest of the world. Deeming these magicks dangerous, Aldore declared war on Hess.

When the civil war broke out, Cid was loyal to Aldore and became one its lieutenants as part of the Sworn Eight of Paladia, assuming the title of "Veritas of the Heavens". Under the leadership of Raegen (Darklord), Cid and the rest of his comrades – Ignitio (Flamelord), Citra (Lightlord), Sieghart (Earthlord), Volka (Waterlord), Sakura (Boltlord) and Frostlord – were augmented, being rendered nearly immortal by Aldorian technology, in order to lead Aldore's military forces from the frontlines.

In a final attempt to end the conflict, the Aldorian government devised a plan. The Veritas would seal their counterparts, Hess' Eight Sages, inside crystals; with them out of the way, Hess and Aldore would open peace negotiations. However, the leaders of Aldore, fearing the Sworn Eight's power and popularity, betrayed them. Through a dimensional gate, they banished the Sworn Eight, the sealed sages, the soldiers of Aldore and Hess, and the entire landmass of the battlefield into the world of Lapis, leaving them stranded. To ensure that it would remain fixed to Lapis for ages to come, Aldore put a seal upon the land which consisted of eight great crystals, each corresponding to one of the elements. This broke Cid, as he knew that without the same upgrades as his, his family would not live long enough for a reunion.

Life on LapisEdit

FFBE Cid and the dwarves

As seen in "Memories from the Battlefield", sometime after their exile, the Veritas sought to avenge their betrayal. But as they knew little other than the crystals playing a role in binding them to Lapis, they scouted the world. Cid went to the Dirnado continent, where he felt a strange source controlling the winds. In his journey, he took care of many monsters pestering the local dwarves, who allowed him to use their forge in gratitude. He accepted in order to find out more about the land, but as he spent more time with the dwarves, he became increasingly fond of them.

When they repaired his pocket watch (and thus, allowed him to see a picture of his family after so long), he repaid the dwarves by teaching them the arts of airship building, and his teachings—which at some point reached the humans of Dilmagia—would make him the "father of airship technology" in the eyes of Lapis' inhabitants. His prolonged stay among the dwarves prompted Sieghart to look for him and ask him if he had forgotten their goals, to which Cid replied that he had not. Later on, when Citra discovered the Magic Library on Mysidia, he helped the others investigate the library. Though Cid, Citra and Volka were trapped in a book, they were able to escape.

Their plans of revenge were renewed six centuries after their banishment, when Citra and Sakura found a book that said that the dimensional gate had never really disappeared, and that it could be opened every 100 years or so. Cid was on board with the plan to destroy the crystals, but Raegen and Sakura left the group and discarded their armors. Of the remaining five, Cid was in charge of refurbishing the Invincible; for that end, he recruited dwarves, who accepted to help him for his sake, and an outstanding engineer from Dilmagia, Evan. At some point, Cid also came to be associated with Dr. Lazarov.

Season One Edit

During the game's events, Cid has to resort to abducting dwarves from Dwarves' Forge to finish the Invincible, and has to return to the Village of Ambel to reclaim a straggled dwarf. He is confronted by Rain, Lasswell, Fina and Lid, who enquire why he is kidnapping dwarves; when he is held back, he praises them for being able to provide some sport. He says he has no need for haste as they have waited 700 years to enact their vengeance and departs.

FFBE Heavenlord destroys Wind Crystal

Cid attacks the Wind Crystal.

At Galebreak, the party finds several Dirnado soldiers murdered by Cid and he taunts them to the race for the Wind Crystal. Not being able to forgive his crimes, Lid officially joins the party. When they enter the Wind Shrine, Cid gives them a chance to walk away, but they continue onto the crystal's chamber to intercept him. Cid is defeated and his mask breaks, revealing his identity as the first Cid whom Lid recognizes at once. Heavenlord admits that he miscalculated but uses the remainder of his power to destroy the Wind Crystal (thus undoing Aldore's seal on the Heart of Babel) and teleports away. The ship's heart now awoken, it takes to the skies at once.

Cid retreats weakened to the deck of the Invincible where he regrets his carelessness at having his identity discovered. Darklord pays it no mind, knowing that Rain's group will never know the truth. They are interrupted by Volka who mocks Cid for his lack of caution and decides to "fix" his mistake. She borrows the Sacred Ring of Paladia to enact her plan and departs for Olderion.

After the party boards the Invincible and defeat Lazarov, Cid reappears before them. Lazarov begs Cid to help him, but he denies they were ever allies as he is no more than a "buzzing fly" to the Sworn Six. As Lazarov had used the Invincible for his own selfish reasons was more insolence than they can stomach, Cid dispatches Lazarov. Lid soon asks if he is the first Cid, which he confirms, and why he wants to destroy the crystals. Cid, in turn, asks why the crystals exist, and unless they can find that answer he will not explain any further. He has Lid pass his praise onto her brother for the Enterprise, though, and then teleports the party out of the airship. Cid then reunites with Darklord and Ignitio to report his success.

Cid later appears along the rest of his comrades in one of Lazarov's laboratories, where he researched ways to draw out the power of living beings. They consider Rain and his friends a threat to their plans, and Darklord encourages the group to enter the devices to empower themselves for the final battle.

At the Gronoa Shrine, Cid and the rest of the Sworn Six attempt to destroy the Dark Crystal, the last one remaining. They find the party protecting the crystal and accompanied by Frostlord, but the man under the armor is Raegen, leaving them wondering the identity of the current Darklord. A battle ensues for the last crystal, in which Cid fights Lid until the shrine becomes unstable and Raegen teleports the crystal to somewhere in the Pharm continent.

Like his comrades, Cid searches for the crystal and is the second member to be encountered by Rain's party at the Mossy Woods. Lid, now knowing the truth of 700 years ago, asks Cid why he wants to destroy the world if he gave them airships. Cid shares how he was separated from his family, and that he had left his arts to the dwarves in gratitude for alleviating some of his grief. Lid is willing to fight him, but Cid flees to preserve his strength for his battle against Aldore. Nevertheless, the party catches up to and defeats him. Lid then asks Cid to wait a little longer for her and her brother to fill the sky with airships and encourages Cid to look up to the sky so he can bear witness of Lid's labor so that his sorrow is gone. After the party leaves, Cid appreciates the sentiment, and claims that Lid's character is how he envisions his own daughter to have been like. He perishes, after draining too much power from his armor, as he looks at the sky one final time.

Season Two Edit

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Cid can be summoned to play either in his Veritas of the Heavens variant, or his armorless variant.

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Veritas of the Heavens is faced twice as a boss. The first time as a one-time only event in the Village of Ambel and the second time occurs at the Wind Shrine - Heavenly Winds. Veritas of the Heavens fights using Wind-elemental abilities, such as Merciless Punishment (which deals hybrid Wind damage to the party), Aerora and eventually Aeroga after his HP drops below half. He also can use Spine Dive, a Jump-esque attack, and can boost his own DEF and SPR by using Grit Stance.

His empowered form is faced at Mossy Woods - Look Above, where he sports 300,000 HP, which is almost five times his previous HP. He has increased resilience and much higher damage output. His wind spells and Merciless Punishment can be handled through the usual buffs, but Spine Dive and his new attack Blade Dance are the ones the player ought to be most cautious as they can kill a unit. Due to his jumping, keeping breaks on him at all times can be tricky, so the player should prioritize their own defensive buffs like Rain's Leadership or Sakura's Defensive Barrier. Boosting the party's HP through Materia or Equips is helpful to withstand the attacks.


Etymology Edit

Veritas is Latin for "truth."

Heaven is a common religious, cosmological, or transcendent place where heavenly beings such as gods, angels, jinn, saints, or venerated ancestors are said to originate, be enthroned, or to live. According to the beliefs of some religions, heavenly beings can descend to earth or incarnate, and earthly beings can ascend to Heaven in the afterlife, or in exceptional cases enter Heaven alive.

Cid is derived from the dialectal Arabic word سيد (sîdi or sayyid), which means "lord" or "master."

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