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One of the Sworn Six of Paladia that got in Rain and his party's way in Dirnado. True to his name, he commands the power of the winds. He is a heartless figure who looks down upon humans and dwarves, calling then "earthbound scum", and killing them without remorse. He appears to be possessed of the same burning anger against the world as his counterpart Veritas of the Dark, according to the similar cryptic words he uses against Rain and his party while dodging their pursuit. He also commits certain puzzling crimes, such as abducting dwarves...
—In-game Description

Veritas of the Heavens, real name Cid, is a member of the Sworn Six of Paladia and the second one encountered by Rain and his party in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. He commands the element of Wind and serves as the main antagonist of the Dirnado region.

An expert engineer, he's the first on the long line of fabled engineers from the Industrial City of Dilmagia to be called Cid, spawning fifteen generations of genius talents and being a renown figure in the city's history.



Veritas of the Heavens wears a full set of green armor that has wing-like adornments on his helmet. He wields a spear.

Without his armor he appeared as a middle-aged man with fair skin and white hair, but his hair is retconned as brown in season two, with green eyes. He wears a green coat with medium length sleeves and brown gloves. He sports a black belt, blue pants and green boots. His coat has a skirted section colored brown and green.


Veritas of the Heavens is proud of his ability to fly and belittles those that cannot, demanding that those who, in his words, "crawl on the Earth", must obey the heavens. He can be cruel and merciless, displaying the same hatred as the rest of his comrades, and as such has little problem with committing murder.

Despite of this, Veritas of the Heavens is proud of the inhabitants of Lapis for creating airships like the Enterprise, a knowledge he passed on when he first arrived into the world.

During the "flashbacks" in Fina's Psyche, Veritas of the Heavens is a reliable person who worries for of all the people that fight alongside him (or, at least, 700 years ago). Deep down Cid is a broken man who is not motivated by anger, but the sorrow of being separated with his family, being unable to be the husband and father that he longed to be. As he battles the party he develops a proximity with Lid, whom he comes to view what his daughter would be like.


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Veritas of the Heaven hails from the world of Paladia and is a brilliant engineer who lived 700 years ago. He married a woman and conceived a daughter. When the world broke into war between Aldore and Hess, Cid was loyal to Aldore and became one of its lieutenants as part of the Sworn Eight of Paladia, and was granted immortality through Aldore's technology.

As the war ravaged, the original Veritas of the Dark enacted a bold plan to end the war by sealing Hess' Eight Sages into Crystal, allowing the Sworn Eight to become the strongest power in the world and thus force negotiations to allow Hess its independence. The leaders of Aldore, fearing their power, betrayed them and transported them and the entire landmass of the battlefield into the world of Lapis, leaving them stranded. This broke Cid, as he knew that without the same upgrades as him, his family would not live long enough for a reunion.

On the world of Lapis he taught the dwarves about airships and technology. He became the first man to be known as Cid, proof of being the best engineer of his time, a title that would be passed onto other engineers spanning a line of fifteen generations at the present.


After Rain, Lasswell and Fina end up in Dirnado, they meet with Lid, Dilmagia's top engineer and aspiring Cid, who joins them on their quest to protect the Wind Crystal from the Sworn Six of Paladia after learning that a man called Veritas has been kidnapping dwarves. At the Village of Ambel where they were supposed to meet with Lid's dwarven friends, the group is ambushed by Veritas of the Heavens who proclaims his superiority due to being able to fly. Rain attempts to literally and figuratively "bring him down" and a battle ensues. Veritas of the Heavens is held back and praises his enemies for being able to provide some sport. He says he has no need for haste as they have waited 700 years to enact their vengeance and departs, leaving Rain and his party surprised that their attacks barely had an effect. Lid's dwarven friend is in shock after witnessing the man's face.

Veritas of the Heavens is revealed to have recruited the captured dwarves as well as Lid's older brother Evan to work on the Invincible, a massive and ancient airship. This was not against their will, and Evan even goes as far as unleashing the Guardian machine on them to almost kill the party.

In Galebreak the party finds several soldiers murdered by Veritas of the Heavens as he taunts them to the race for the Wind Crystal. Not being able to forgive his genocide, Lid officially joins the party.

When the party enters the Wind Shrine, a few steps in and Rain detects Heavens hiding nearby. Heavens gives the party a chance to walk away as he approaches the Crystal. At the Crystal chamber the party intercepts Heavens who, growing tired of their persistence, decides to kill them. Veritas of the Heavens is defeated and his mask broken, revealing his identity as the first Cid whom Lid recognizes from her treasured painting. Heavens admits that he miscalculated but uses the remainder of his power to destroy the Wind Crystal. The Shrine collapses, achieving Veritas of the Heavens's true goal, to undo the seal placed on the Invincible, making its heart beat again and making it functional for his group.

Veritas of the Heavens retreats weakened atop of the Invincible where he regrets his carelessness at having his identity discovered. Veritas of the Dark pays it no mind, knowing that Rain and his friends will never know the truth. They are interrupted by Veritas of the Waters who mocks Heavens for his lack of caution and decides to "fix" his mistake. She borrows Dark's Sacred Ring of Paladia to enact her plan and asks Evan if he's fine with her murdering her sister. Evan gives his consent, while in truth he's worried, making Waters delighted she is allowed to not hold back.


Heavens appears after Dr. Lazarov's defeat. The scientist begs Cid to help him, but the Paladian denies they were ever allies as they always wanted to achieve their goals by their own strength. Lazarov asks why he is in the Invincible, but the engineer claims Lazarov is a "buzzin fly" to the Sworn Six, and that the theft of the airship was more insolence than they can stomach, and kills the deranged scientist.

He praises Rain and Lasswell for their victory against the Darklord and Flamelord. Lid asks why he's breaking the Crystal, and Cid asks why Crystals exist, and unless they can find that answer he will not explain any further. He has Lid pass onto his praise to her brother for constructing the Enterprise and has the party expelled from the airship through his wind abilities.

Although the party watches in horror as the Invincible is reclaimed by Cid, Lid is confident he won't use it as a genocidal weapon like Lazarov.

Veritas of the Heavens reunites with the Darklord and Flamelord. Flame asks Cid if he fought Rain and his party, but the scientist responds that his goal was to retrieve the airship and not fight them. Flame is disappointed, voicing his desires to settle the score with the party. The Darklord scolds him for getting too passionate and to not lose sight of their goal as the land cracks before them.


Veritas of the Heavens appears along the rest of his comrades in one of Lazarov's laboratory, where he researched ways to draw out the power of living beings. They consider Rain and his friends a threat to their plans, and the Darklord encourages the group to enter the devices to empower themselves for the final battle.

Heavens and the rest of the Sworn Six attempt to destroy the final, Dark Crystal. He is surprised to see what he believes is his former ally, Veritas of the Frost. However, the man under the armor is Raegen, leaving everyone in utter shock and wondering the identity of the current Darklord.

A battle ensues for the Dark Crystal as Veritas of the Heavens fights Lid. The Waterlord finds an opening to attack the Crystal, but is protected by a barrier placed by Raegen. Veritas of the Dark commands everyone to attack Raegen, but Heavens refuses and demands to know his identity.

Before long a tremor caused by the inability of the Dark Crystal to keep the Gate ahold alone, forcing Sakura and Raegen to teleport the Crystal to Pharm along with everyone present.


Veritas of the Heavens is the second member encountered by the party. Lid, now knowing the truth of the past events, asks Cid why he wants to destroy the world he helped develop through his knowledge. Cid shares how he was separated from his family and the impossibility to meet them again, leaving him a man consumed by sorrow. He explains that his time with the dwarves helped alleviate the sadness. Lid explains her dream of mass producing airships to end all conflicts, which Jake supports and attempts to strike Cid down as a way to achieve that dream. Heavens escapes to preserve his strength for his time of revenge.

The party catches up to Cid and defeats him despite his upgrade. Lid encourages Cid to look up to the sky so he can bear witness of Lid's labor so that his sorrow is gone. Cid appreciates the sentiment, and claims that Lid's character is how he envisions his own daughter to have been like. He perishes, after draining too much power from his armor, as he looks at the sky one final time.

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Veritas of the Heavens is faced twice as a boss. The first time as a one-time only event in the Village of Ambel and the second time at the Wind Shrine. Veritas of the Heavens fights using Wind-related abilities, such as Merciless Punishment, which deals hybrid Wind damage to the party, Spine Dive as his Jump-esque attack, Grit Stance to boost his DEF and SPR, Aerora and eventually Aeroga after his HP drops below half.

The battle at the Village of Amber is tricky, as he is faced in a town that prevents the player from using a companion character, and is thus dependent on their own strength to overcome the boss.

The battle at the Wind Shrine has him with increased HP and stats, but the player can bring a companion. Using a high-leveled and well-equipped companion can allow them to beat him.

It is advised to bring debuffs (preferably Full Break if possible) and buffs such as Cheer or Focus (Fina and Lid have both in their last levels of 5★ rarity) and even consider crafting Baraerora to significantly reduce the damage of his attacks. It is also recommended to unequip the Golem Esper (if acquired) from any party member using it, as it will give them an innate Wind weakness that can kill them quick regardless of buffs.


His empowered form is faced at Pharm, where he sports 300,000 HP, which is lower than Earth who is fought before him, but almost five times his previous HP. He has increased resilience and much higher damage output. His wind spells and Merciless Punishment can be handled through the usual buffs, but Spine Dive and his new attack Blade Dance are the ones the player ought to be most cautious as they can kill a unit. Due to his jumping, keeping breaks on him at all times can be tricky, so the player should prioritize their own defensive buffs like Rain's Leadership or Sakura's Defensive Barrier. Boosting the party's HP through Materia or Equips is helpful to withstand the attacks.

Playable characterEdit

Veritas of the Heavens' Job is listed as Veritas. His role is Physical Damage. He starts with a rarity of 4★ and can be upgraded to 6★. He can equip Daggers, Swords, Spears, Light Shields, Helmets, Light Armor, Heavy Armor and Accessories. His Trust Master Reward "Sworn Six's Pride - Wind" increases ATK if using a Spear and boosts damage from Jump attacks.


Veritas of the Heavens is basically a Dragoon, as several of his attacks focus on continuous Jumping. By using one of his Spineshatter Dive attacks, he can use the "next level" with the added benefits of reduced delay and increased damage. Although they can be used without "building up" they will inflict less damage and with a much extended turn delay. Although these Jump abilities are strong in their damage multiplier, they are not very practical until refined by later updates. Otherwise he's a decent chainer with Heavenly Wind although he can only properly chain with himself. His passives increase his ATK, MAG, MP and Jump Damage and give him immunity to Blind and Confusion. His Limit Burst, Cruel Punishment, inflicts great Physical Damage and casts a massive Wind Imperil to one enemy. He can learn Black Magic up to Lvl. 8.



Veritas is Latin for "truth."

Heaven is a common religious, cosmological, or transcendent place where heavenly beings such as gods, angels, jinn, saints, or venerated ancestors are said to originate, be enthroned, or to live. According to the beliefs of some religions, heavenly beings can descend to earth or incarnate, and earthly beings can ascend to Heaven in the afterlife, or in exceptional cases enter Heaven alive.