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The Vepal is a flying enemy from Final Fantasy IX. They come in two varieties, green and red.

Battle Edit

Green Edit

The green Vepal appears in the Mitmakis Ice Field on the Lost Continent and some forests on the Triquai Plains. They are relatively powerful enemies, hitting the party with powerful physical attacks as well as the Blizzaga and Freeze spells. It is highly recommended to have Ice resistance and the Body Temp abilities to help fight these enemies, as well as strong Fire and Wind-elemental weapons. If the player has them, Firaga and Twister are both powerful spells to use against these enemies.

Red Edit

The red Vepal appears on Mount Gulug. Its Scorch makes it immune to all elemental attacks. It also uses Mustard Bomb, which can be learned for Quina's Blue Magic, and can cause Heat and disable characters. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have the Body Temp ability equipped, and any Fire-resistant equipment to reduce damage or absorb its Lava Gun attack.

Tetra Master Edit

Tetra Master

Location: Black Mage N°44 (near Black Mage Village item shop)

Gallery Edit

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