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BD The Venus Sisters are a group of sisters in the Bloodrose Legion that appear in Bravely Default.

The youngest is the 17 year old (14 in the Japanese version) Artemia, holder of the Ranger asterisk. Artemia is a feral wild child and speaks in broken English. By the time the party encounters her in the Twisted Treetop, she has completely succumbed to the bloodlust of the hunt due to becoming lost for a year in the Eternia region's wilderness before becoming a member of the Bloodrose Legion.

The middle sister is the 24 year old Mephilia, holder of the Summoner asterisk. She is a genius and summoning prodigy. She has a sixth sense that allows her to see what others cannot. She has become insane and sadistic due to the loss of her beloved Suleiman and her involvement with the Bloodrose Legion.

The oldest is the 28 year old Einheria, holder of the Valkyrie asterisk. She is serious, disciplined and strict. She cares deeply for her best friend Edea and her sisters.



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