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The Veldt in the World of Balance (iOS/Android/PC).

Gau become stronger on the Veldt.

The Veldt (獣ヶ原, Kemonogahara?, lit. Beast Plains) is a region in Final Fantasy VI. It is a seemingly endless plain which attracts monsters. Gau lives here, and learns his various Rages here. The Veldt lies to the south of Baren Falls, and contains the town of Mobliz and Mt. Crescent.


FFVI Gau Sabin Veldt

Gau found Sabin and Cyan washed onto the Veldt.

Sabin and Cyan wash onto the Veldt and are saved by Gau, who runs away after the two come to. After purchasing some Dried Meat in Mobliz, the party can give it to Gau to have him join them. As his thanks for the food, Gau tells Sabin and Cyan about a "shiny, shiny treasure" he has kept in the Crescent Mountain Cave to the south. The treasure turns out to be a diving helmet, and the three use it to dive into the Serpent Trench to swim to Nikeah.

In the World of Ruin, Gau has returned to the Veldt, and will again join the party. There is a Cave on the Veldt, but other than that, it is just an empty plain.


Enemies on the VeldtEdit

This makes the Veldt useful for fighting enemies that are found in places the player cannot revisit, especially in the World of Ruin when most of the monsters from the World of Balance vanish. All enemy formations here yield the same amount of gil and Magic Points they normally do, but yield no EXP, making it a good place to train to learn magic if the player wishes to keep their level low.

Encounters with GauEdit


Gau given Dried Meat.

Gau appears on the Veldt whenever he has used the Leap command to leave the party. Gau's stats vary depending on what level he's at along with what piece of equipment he's equipped with before he left. When Gau appears, any commands issued to the party are cancelled.

The first time the player meets Gau in Sabin's scenario, using a Dried Meat on him will begin a cutscene, after which Gau joins the party. All times after this when Gau appears after using Leap, he will rejoin the party after being left alone for a few seconds. Attacking him, even after earning his allegiance, causes him to flee and not rejoin. This will not affect future appearances by Gau, and he will continue to attempt to rejoin the party.

In the World of Ruin, wandering the Veldt in a party of fewer than four people will cause Gau to appear and rejoin the party. He will not appear if the party is full as there must be an empty slot for him to occupy when he rejoins.

Learning Rages on the VeldtEdit

Main article: Rage (command)

Gau can only learn new Rages on the Veldt. Once an enemy formation is encountered (it does not have to be defeated), it will show up on the Veldt. Once Gau encounters a monster which the player wants to learn a Rage for, a special command that only appears on the Veldt, Leap, must be used. Gau leaves the battle and the battle ends there. Gau will randomly return at the end of another battle, and he will have learned the Rages of not only the enemy he jumped on, but also those that were defeated in the battle he came back on. Gau will not appear if there are four members in the party, or if the fight was a Back Attack, Pincer Attack, or Side Attack. He will also escape if he is damaged by a party member while he is returning. Gau also can't leap if he's the only member in the party.

Not all enemies appearing on the Veldt have Rages. The enemy Tonberries has a Rage that was dummied out. Its Rage can be obtained and added to Gau's Rage list on the GBA version, but it cannot be selected during battle.

Several enemies that have Rages—Typhon, Siegfried, and Death Warden—do not appear on the Veldt in the game's SNES version. This is corrected for Death Warden in the GBA release; however, even in the updated release, Siegfried and Typhon will never appear on the Veldt, meaning players cannot obtain these two Rages without a cheat device.


The Veldt is home to almost all the normal enemies that appear in the game, though there are a few exceptions. Even a handful of bosses appear here. An enemy will not appear until the player meets it elsewhere in the world, and only enemy formations the player has encountered will appear.

Musical themesEdit

"Wild West" from Final Fantasy VI
FFVI - Wild West
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"Wild West" is used as the background theme for the Veldt, and as a battle theme for all battles that take place inside it.



[view  · edit  · purge]Veldt or veld is a term used to refer to certain wide open rural spaces of Southern Africa.

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