What am I to do with those who oppose me? But show them death!
—Vayne, whilst preparing Mach Wave

Vayne is a final boss in Final Fantasy XII. This is Vayne's first form, before gaining the help of nethicite and transforming into Vayne Novus. The party fights Vayne on board the Sky Fortress Bahamut.


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Larsa will assist during the battle, but is not too powerful a help, as he is about the same level when he left the party at Mt Bur-Omisace.

Vayne bears no weapon, opting to use his fist in the same style as a Monk would, dealing moderate damage to a single character. As soon as Vayne has lost 50% of his HP, a scene will play and he will start to chain his attacks. He will use Mach Wave to do over 800 damage. When he has 25% of his HP left, he will use Force of Will, which can do more than 1,600 damage.

After this battle, Vayne transforms into Vayne Novus with the help of Larsa's nethicite.


Protect/Protectga are useful. Vayne is not immune to Oil, so the player can exploit it to spam Firaga, dealing tons of damage. As with Gabranth, Vayne also lacks an immunity to Silence.

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