The Vault is a dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward and is the fortress of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church. It is uniquely located within a city rather than an open world area.


Ser Aymeric's attempt to bring the truth of the Dragonsong War to light has ended in failure. Imprisoned by the archbishop under suspicion of heresy, he now languishes in the gaol underneath the Vault. Yet all is not yet lost, for Lucia has hatched a bold plan to see justice done. While her party frees Ser Aymeric from captivity, you are to lead a party into the highest levels of the Vault and seize Thordan VII. Though the knights of the Heavens' Ward will attempt to bar your passage, you must press on, for the future of Ishgard hangs in the balance!
—In-game Description
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After the death of Nidhogg, the great wyrm Hraesvelgr reveals the truth of the Dragonsong War: that the conflict was initiated by Thordan I after 200 years of peace between man and dragon, and that all Ishgardians, not just the High Houses, are descended from the Knights Twelve. However, when Aymeric de Borel accuses Thordan VII of covering up the truth so that the people would mindlessly follow the church and support the war effort, he is imprisoned on charges of heresy and imprisoned within the Vault. House Fortemps and Lucia's Temple Knights assault the Vault to rescue Aymeric, and send the Warrior of Light's party to seize Thordan.

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  1. Defeat Ser Adelphel.
  2. Defeat Ser Grinnaux.
  3. Defeat Ser Charibert.


The party must progress through the Cathedral to reach the objective. The enemies in here will aggro players from a very long range as they move through; it is best for the tank to take point at all times through the dungeon. After climbing the first staircase beyond the congregation chamber, the first boss, Ser Adelphel is encountered on the landing. Defeating him allows the party to move to the second floor.

In the hallways on the second floor, a mage awaits in the hall. Additional personnel will aggro from a side passage containing a treasure chest. More await as they close in the the lift. Before the party can use the lift, two statues called Faces of the Heroes will awaken. Once all opposition is gone, a zone line leads to the upper levels.

The second boss, Ser Grinnaux, will be encountered as the party move their way through the side hallway. The party will then encounter additional faces of the hero and automaton chess knights as they proceed to the parapets. Outside, after dispatching the last wave of officials, a Vault Priest will bar the way inside a tower. When he gets low on health, he'll summon four hollow gargoyles to attack the party. Defeating them all allows them to proceed to the final area.

As the party closes in on the archbishop, Ser Charibert appears as the last boss of the dungeon. Defeating him will complete the instance.