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If it's an introduction you want, all you need to do is to ask. I am Vata of the Wind, hand of Avalonian Empire.
—Vata to the Warriors of Light
Mercenaries aren't often bound to a higher calling, but Vata is the exception that prove the rule. Brash and unpredictable, he excels at guerrilla warfare.
—Official description

Vata is one of the Four Generals in Final Fantasy Dimensions.




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Originally, Vata was of a village destroyed by the Avalon Empire when its soldiers raided it for a crystal. The sole survivor, Vata joined the army's ranks to raise up to a position to exact revenge on the Emperor. With such a chance out of his grasp as he could not be promoted beyond his current rank, Vata lost hope in his village being avenged until he met Sol and his friends while they help Barbara rescue her dragon Ceres. Though he succeeds in obtaining the fragment of Deist's crystal, Vata falls back without obtaining the rest.

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FFD Vata

Vata fights the party a total of five times, the first four in his usual form and the last as Nil Vata.

Other appearancesEdit

Final Fantasy Legends IIEdit


FFLTNS Vata Artwork

Vata appears as a wind-elemental summon. His special attack is Buffet, which deals wind-elemental damage to all enemies and lowers their speed for three turns.

Vata allows the wielder to use the following abilities:

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Final Fantasy Trading Card GameEdit

Vata TCG

Vata appears with a wind-elemental card.


Vata is another name for Vayu, a primary Hindu deity, the Lord of the winds, the father of Bhima and the spiritual father of Lord Hanuman.

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