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FFA The Vandole Empire (バンドール帝国, Bandol Teikoku?) is the former ruling body of the world in Final Fantasy Adventure.


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The Vandole Empire once prospered in the area of the Crystal Desert and the Dime Tower. They tried to conquer the world with the power of Mana. The Gemma Knights fought against them to retrieve the peace, but they were losing the battle because the power of Mana was too strong. Fuji's Mother assured their victory and the Vandole Empire was defeated.

When Vandole Empire's side was losing by the combined forces of the Gemma Knights and the Mana Family, Julius' father left the empire's last hope in the cave of the waterfalls, his baby son inside it.

The Vandole Empire is succeeded by the Glaive Empire under the rule of Dark Lord, which becomes the main antagonistic force in the game. The only survivor of the Vandole line is Julius, who was found as an infant and raised by Dark Lord, and dreamed to create "Neo-Vandole" out of the Glaive.

Spoilers end here.


An Empire is a dominion composed of a multitude of nations that's ruled by one sovereign leader, generally an Emperor, although some Empires were ruled by kings.

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