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FFVI Esper Narshe

Valigarmanda frozen in ice in Final Fantasy VI.

A winged Esper with a scaly body. Its attack combines fire, ice, and thunder.
Final Fantasy VI PlayStation esper section

Valigarmanda (ヴァリガルマンダ, Varigarumanda?), also known as Tritoch in the SNES translation, is a recurring summon and enemy in the Final Fantasy series. It is typically depicted as birdlike and is able to use or contribute Fire, Ice, and Lightning elements.


Final Fantasy VIEdit

Tritoch frozen
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The only thing that esper's brought us is trouble with the Empire. Curse the day they dug up that freakish thing!
—Narshe resident

Valigarmanda is discovered encased in ice in the Narshe Mines. The Gestahlian Empire finds out about it and sends Terra, Biggs and Wedge to raid the town to claim it. Narshe has proclaimed itself neutral in the ongoing conflict between the Empire and the Returners, and attempt to defend the esper against the Empire when they come to take it. Valigarmanda defeats Biggs and Wedge, and communicates with Terra, releasing her from Imperial control.

After all members of the party have made their way to Narshe, Banon, the leader of the Returners, offers the organization's help in protecting the esper; however, the Elder of Narshe refuses because of the city's declared neutrality. The Empire invades Narshe in their pursuit of the esper, and the Returners help defend it. After Kefka Palazzo is turned back by the Returners, Valigarmanda reacts with Terra a second time, causing her to transform into an esper and flee.


Main article: Valigarmanda (Boss)

In the World of Ruin, approaching Valigarmanda causes it to react violently and attack the party. If it is defeated, it will thank the party for freeing it and offer itself up as magicite. Valigarmanda can then be used as an esper.

Valigarmanda as an EsperEdit

FFVI Android Tri-Disaster

Valigarmanda is summoned into battle.

Valigarmanda's attack is called Tri-Disaster (Tri-Dazer in the original SNES version), which is a Fire/Ice/Lightning three-way elemental attack against all opponents. Its Spell Power is 110 and it is unblockable. It costs 68 MP. Valigarmanda's main function is to teach the upper-level elemental attack spells:

At level up, it provides a +2 boost to Magic Power.


Final Fantasy XIII-2Edit

Valigarmanda is an answer to one of the possible questions in Captain Cryptic's Confounding Quiz, asking what legendary creature was once found in a block of ice in Gran Pulse. This is a reference to the Final Fantasy VI Valigarmanda.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the RiftEdit

Main article: Drake (Tactics A2)#Varigarmanda

Varigarmanda is a species of Drake in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, found only in the Brightmoon Tor.

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Pictlogica Final FantasyEdit

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Final Fantasy: Unlimited AfterEdit

Valigarmanda is also one of Kaze's summons in the sequel of Final Fantasy: Unlimited called Final Fantasy: Unlimited After, and is named Tri-Disaster. The Soil Charge Triad that are needed to summon Tri-Disaster are:

  • Burning all to ashes, Fire Red!
  • The one that freezes everything, Ice Blue!
  • The brilliance that pierces the darkness, Lightning Yellow!

Followed by saying: "Howl! I summon you, TRI-DISASTER!"

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