Intruder alert. Defense system activated. Initializing automatic countermeasures. Transferring from observation to attack mode.
—Valia Pira

Valia Pira is a boss in Final Fantasy IX. It is the embodiment of the defense system in the Desert Palace. If the party has examined all of the palace bloodstones Valia Pira cannot enhance its properties: its "immunity to elemental attacks" can be deactivated by the bloodstone in the Hallway; the "increase in magic power" bloodstone is in the fire chamber and its "increase in defense power" can be deactivated in the Upper Hallway; the "evasion increase" bloodstone can be found in the Stairwell near the Library; its "increase magic defense" bloodstone is the one on the right hand side of the shadow chamber; and the bloodstone on the left hand side will deactivate its "increase magic evasion".

Valia Pira will scan the party to see if they are wearing equipment received from a bloodstone. If they are wearing an item, the corresponding enhancement will be activated, so it is advised to unequip any item received from a bloodstone before fighting Valia Pira.


Battle Edit

Valia Pira only uses magical attacks and is weak to Water. Valia Pira will cast Reflect on itself several times, but this can be neutralized by casting Reflect on the party. Victory is achieved if Valia Pira runs out of MP.

Strategy Edit


Valia Pira detecting active bloodstones.

The player is likely to have magic-based characters in the party, as Kuja had recommended Zidane to bring his physical attackers to Oeilvert. Vivi can learn the Black Magic spell Water through the N-Kai Armlet, and Dagger knows Leviathan, which is a Water-based eidolon.

If Eiko is in the party she can summon Carbuncle. Valia Pira only uses magical attacks, so it is impossible to lose if at least one character has the Auto-Reflect ability equipped. As Valia Pira is defeated by expending its MP, Quina's Magic Hammer can help achieve this.

If Amarant is in the party, his Throw command can do enough damage to end the battle quickly.

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