Vali is an enemy in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It can be found in the Rocky Crag area of the Wildlands. It shares its Extinction rate with Hanuman.

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Vali appears with Hanuman in battle. Hanuman may use Thunder Eater to buff Vali with Enthunder, Protect, Shell, and heal it.

Strategy Edit

To defeat them faster, the player should focus on Hanuman first. Lightning should use Aerora or Aeroga to defeat Hanuman (although Aeroga can still damage Vali as it is an area-of-effect spell). After Hanuman is defeated, the player should use Aeroga on Vali.

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Etymology Edit

In the Hindu epic, Ramayana, the vanara Vali was king of Kishkindha, a son of Indra and the elder brother of Sugriva.

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