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FFRK Vale of Memories Event

Vale of Memories (追憶の狭間, Tsuioku no Hazama?, lit. Rift of Recollection) was a multi-realm Special Event in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. Its aim was to allow players to acquire and develop their characters in free-form. The open format of this event featured all unlockable characters previous to the late December 2015 update, plus both levels of Memory Crystals as well as other rare reward items. In the global release, this event ran from December 23, 2015 to January 1, 2016 with a claim period through January 7, 2016 (all times UTC).

In tandem with this event, a third Soul Break Celebration was launched, increasing the drop rate of many rare weapons.


Players entering Vale of Memories were presented with four Realms of three dungeons each, breaking up into difficulty ratings of 20, 50, and 110. Completion of each dungeon sequence would grant the player one of four tickets to a room in the Hall of Rites, explained in further detail below, in addition to unlocking the next rank in the selected Realm. Upon completion of all designated Realms, a fifth Realm exclusive to the event would be unlocked.

Featured RealmsEdit

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The event features location content from four Realms, with associated Record Synergies enforced:

The Hall of RitesEdit

The Hall of Rites was this event's version of a Collector's Event shop, with three "rooms" to choose from and specific tickets needed for each room:

  • Completing a rank 20 dungeon granted the player a Soul of a Hero, a ticket item granting the right to unlock any released character not in the player party.
  • Completing a rank 50 dungeon awarded a Memory Crystal Lode ticket, granting access to all available Memory Crystals I released
  • Completing a rank 110 dungeon awarded a Memory Crystal Lode II ticket, granting access to all available Memory Crystals II save for Sephiroth's, whose event was underway at the time globally.


The Hall of Rites from the Vale of Memories event is now a permanent game feature, and was opened again during the First Anniversary Gala event series.