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XI Utsusemi are Ninjutsu spells in Final Fantasy XI that aid the caster in avoiding attacks. These spells put up Copy Images that absorb attacks directed at the caster, causing them to miss completely. The Utsusemi status is vastly superior to the Blink status in Final Fantasy XI. They share the same description, but are so different in potency that they have different enhancement symbols. Blink gives 2 Copy Images that might cause a physical attack to miss, but it may still hit despite the Blink effect.

Utsusemi status guarantees that each copy image will cause a single physical hit to miss (with some exceptions for certain enemy special abilities, like Spiral Spin), and Utsusemi also protects from single-target magic spells and attacks, causing them to miss, with some exceptions for special abilities, like for Ifrit's Meteor Strike. Utsusemi status will be instantly erased by -ga spells, such as Firaga and Sleepga.

There are two spells that grant the Utsusemi status:


Utsusemi (空蝉?) is Japanese for "cast-off cicada shell".

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