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Welcome! Enjoy your stay! -- Kyrel 15:12, December 23, 2009 (UTC)

League of LegendsEdit

Have you ever heard of it? I'm sure you'd like it. I am Kikonu, a hero, nice to meet you. ^_^ L'Cie Mark Anima Kikonu L'Cie Mark Anima 14:16, February 24, 2015 (UTC)

Re:Long Time, No See Edit

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DFF Cosmos Piece I cannot answer the question of how long I will be staying. It really depends on how long Final Fantasy manages to maintain my interest; the recent Final Fantasy XV stuff has inspired me to start editing here in a more productive fashion. That drive to edit is small to begin with because my FF knowledge is limited to FFVII, the Dissidia games, and FFXIII. I hope to get Type-0 HD and FFXV when the appropriate times come, but for now, I'll just do what I can when I can. I show up here whenever I feel the urge to work on one of my FF creative projects. FFXV has really inspired me, particularly when it comes to the FFXVI game I'm basing off of Agni's Philosophy.

Yeah, that heart/soul stuff is kinda annoying -_- I suppose the localization of FFXIII could have been worse.


TALK - 20:23, February 24, 2015 (UTC)
If you can, add the stuff that should probably be split into the "Articles to Make" section. There's a section in there now just for Splitting, which is where some of the data on the talk pages go. I put data on talk pages so that whenever I or anyone else goes to split the data, we know what to split, but I also put it in that forum topic for the same reason. I appreciate you looking these up for the abilities, I finally got tired of going through the website to see what's what. Got through all equipment and halfway through items (got up to FFX with items) on that site before I was done.
TALK - 20:38, February 24, 2015 (UTC)
Oh whoops! Meant Forum:Articles to Move Topic. How'd I mix that up? >_>;;

I'm Back (For Now, at Least)Edit

Cloud Dissidia artwork
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DFF Cosmos Piece Looks like I'm here to stay, at least for a little while. I plan to help the Wiki improve the articles relevant to the FF games that I have played, as well as assist in revising/updating the Type-0 and FFXV articles, given the recent release of Type-0 HD and Episode Duscae. I've decided to behave more professionally here, in the sense that I will not be editing my userspace as often as I have in the past. The high standards of this Wiki have made me hesitant to edit here, but I no longer want to be that one user who never helps out, even if it is because I have only played a few FF games and may not be of much use... I'm still open to chatting, however. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page whenever you like, whether it is to discuss Wiki issues, creative projects, or whatever.

Are you going to play Type-0 and/or Episode Duscae? While Type-0 is a game I don't really care about (I still wish it was Agito XIII...have you seen the epic new secret ending?), I can't wait to get my hands on the FFXV demo. The game looks so well-made; the graphics are beautiful, the gameplay looks fun and epic, and the music is amazing, albeit a bit too Kingdom Hearts-y for my taste. This is the kind of material that makes me jealous of the staff at Square Enix; I really hope that FFXV isn't a game like FFXIII-2, where it has loads of potential and then disappoints... Unfortunately for me, I cannot play Type-0 or Episode Duscae until I return home from college, as I do not have my new PS4 here with me. Oh well.

I hate leading you on and then disappearing when it comes to our various creative endeavors. The reason for this is simply one of two things: either Final Fantasy loses my interest for a long period of time, or I have creator's/writer's block and give up on my ideas for things until something inspires me again or I magically come up with something I like. If you're still interested in assisting me, here's the latest, in case you're interested:

  • Final Fantasy XIII-3 - Not much has happened in the development world on this project since we last spoke. I was thinking, though, that perhaps when the party travels to New Valhalla, within the Unseen Realm, they would encounter remnants/elements of the old world from the Crystal Age, such as Moogles, Chocobos, et cetera. This would also justify Lightning's reunion with Odin, and perhaps a few boss fights against fal'Cie.
  • Final Fantasy XVI - Nothing new here, either. I have no ability to link ideas together to form a plot for this. Sure, I have a few thoughts on where I'd like to take the story, but nothing significant. One thing I know for sure though is this: in early 2015, Yusuke Naora released a piece of artwork featuring Agni in two different outfits. This was random to me, but I decided to use these designs as the costumes that Agni wears in Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy XVI-2, when I'm ready to develop it, respectively.
  • Dissidia II Final Fantasy - I don't believe I ever included you in or informed you about my idea for a sequel to Dissidia Final Fantasy, but it would have introduced new characters and a brand-new storyline; this has been fleshed out quite nicely, for the most-part.
  • Final Fantasy Type-1 - See the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD secret ending if you haven't already. Don't if you don't want spoilers, obviously. While Square Enix basically says it is going to develop Final Fantasy Type-1, assuming I like the story of Final Fantasy Type-0 and that we won't see an official Type-1 for a while, I'd like to consider trying my hand at it, as well.
  • Final Fantasy VII-2 - I know you're not the biggest fan of FFVII, but I really want to try developing a true conclusion for the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII at some point, as Toshiyuki Morikawa, Sephiroth's Japanese voice actor, once implied that the character "is not done [with Cloud] yet." Perhaps Sephiroth returns for a final showdown, but he can only be seen by Cloud (this idea is based on a deleted plot point from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children). Genesis Rhapsodos would also have to be a major character in the story.
Do you have any other ideas for creative projects? How about Final Fantasy X-3? I don't know the story of Final Fantasy X that well, but I do understand the basics and want to make some use of the new designs for Tidus and Yuna that Nomura released...

Kefka dissida artwork
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DFF Chaos Piece I personally love the later parts of the Type-0 teaser. Ace's new outfit is amazing. Not to mention UTAKATA is an epic piece. I really am nervous about FFXV in terms of its story. I'd hate to think that it is a throwaway game in that department that just "looks pretty." It concerns me that Tabata seems to have deviated from Nomura's original vision for the game...

In terms of your responses to the creative stuff:

  • FFXIII-3 - Glad you like the idea! The new world is very realistic, so I needed a place where we could still find some fantasy elements. I was actually thinking of implementing unused content from other XIII, such as Diabolos.
  • FFXVI - I'm using the world from Agni's Philosophy, if you recall. I'm picturing a game/world that is a fusion of the three other FNC games, XIII, XV, and Type-0. I could share my rough plot ideas, if you like.
  • DIIFF - I'm picturing a PS4 port of Dissidia with a pretty complex plot, actually. It makes the story of Feral Chaos canon, and then it takes that story a step further with a second scenario, as well as a prequel story that takes place before the conflict between Cosmos and Chaos even started. I'm sure we could avoid making a so-called "character dump" with ease.
  • FFT-1 - I personally do not mind sequels and prequels from Square, if they are done well. I'm not sure who the armored being is, only that Ace winds up in the same suit of armor. He's also revived with an obvious phoenix motif, a la Vermillion Bird. If Square doesn't do anything with Type-1, I'm picturing a story with this reincarnated Ace exploring a new world that is war-torn in a deeper sense. It would delve deeper into Orience's version of the FNC mythology.
  • FFVII-2 - I'm actually thinking of using the battle system depicted in this video and this video. Other gameplay ideas are welcome, and a write-up based on what appears in these videos would be nice, since I stink at writing things that sound plausible when it comes to gameplay, at least in general.
  • FFX-3 - I was thinking of making something based on the Will audio drama, especially since so many people seemed to want FFX-3, based on the research I have done on the subject. This was just an idea I threw out there because I know how much you enjoy FFX.
I have never seen Once Upon a Time. I have heard about it, however. My girlfriend and sister are into it, as well. I'm sure you'll come up with something great once you flesh out what you need to!

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DFF Cosmos Piece I doubt Square Enix would turn its main protagonist into an antagonist; still, it'd be an interesting twist. I personally am hoping, regardless of Tabata's wishes, that this teaser is just like the one that concluded Dirge of Cerberus -FFVII- - a sequel was hinted at but never made. In regards to KHIII and FFXV, I know that games change over time, especially when one has been in development for a decade. But I feel as if some of the changes in FFXV have been too drastic. Obviously not the change in systems, but some of the gameplay elements, the Dragoon character, lack of knowledge of the plot, and Stella, who, as far as I'm concerned, has been replaced with Luna...

  • FFXIII-3 - I know exactly which Diabolos artwork you are referring to. I quite like the one where he holds a massive hammer (what you called a "guitar"), but some of the other ones are epic-looking, too! How would we explain Ramuh? An Eidolon version appears in FFXIII in the Pompa Sancta, but I really like the concept art of his fal'Cie version...Maybe Eidolons have stronger, fal'Cie counterparts or something? Unused concept art will be a gold mine for us when it comes to the fantastical elements we can use as remnants of the Crystal Age in the remains of the old world in the Unseen Realm. Earlier I mentioned allowing Lightning to team up to some extent with Odin again. I'm thinking we use that hooded Odin that was drawn for but left unused in Final Fantasy XIII-2. My justification for Odin's changed appearance is that this is just Odin's ghost, appearing before Lightning because he was sent by Mwynn (Etro was made in Mwynn's image, so it stands to reason she and Mwynn would have identical powers, such as Eidolon creation).
  • FFXVI - We can certainly bounce ideas off of one another. A big focus of mine in FFXVI is the crystals (specifically the one Agni gets from her Grandmaster before he dies); I also aim to reinterpret the FNC mythology from the bottom-up. The world of FFXVI is obviously the one seen in AP, but in its entirety, it is a sort of hybrid, like the rest of the game's elements, of FFXIII, FFXV, and Type-0. It should take the best elements of those games and put them together while fixing what is bad about each in order to form the "perfect" (I use the term loosely) FNC game.
  • DIIFF - I can understand why you would say another pre-conflict story would be a bit much, but I was thinking something that would allow for DLC characters, so I came up with plot that would feature Cid of the Lufaine vs. Shinryu and define the laws of the conflict (which Cid broke in Dissidia by helping the heroes beat Chaos, hence the eventual creation of Feral Chaos).
  • FFT-1 - See, we would have to answer the question of why Ace is a bloody, arrow-punctured mess holding nothing but a sword and standing all alone in some Japanese temple...Class Zero is obviously not with him, at least physically. That was when I started thinking: Ace is the face of Type-0 and arguably the main protagonist. So perhaps, given the fact that Class Zero dies in the end of Type-0, yet they are alive inside him through his memories of them (this principle is touched upon in LRFFXIII, remember), perhaps when Ace is reborn, he is made to carry the souls of his friends and classmates inside of him. So he's kinda like Lightning in LRFFXIII once he gets that samurai armor...At least thats what I'd like. I see an epic logo design in my head of an Amano-style Ace wearing that armor, surrounded in flames with phoenix feathers swirling around him, etc. PLEASE SQUARE, DON'T MAKE THIS!
  • FFVII-2 - Yeah, it's because those videos resemble FFXIII that I liked them. I do have a gist of a story, albeit VERY rough. I just like the look and pace of what Falsate has presented.
  • FFX-3 - I really have to play FFX and FFX-2 :P The problem is, I'm stuck in both and don't have them with me right now. I prefer sequels over prequels in this case, since right now I know more about Tidus and Yuna than Jecht, Auron, and Braska (I know the gist of their past, but nothing too detailed). I guess if I ever get the chance to beat the games, I'll see how I feel then in terms of what I think is best.
My girlfriend only really watched the first season of OUaT, and she told me even that was confusing and boring after a while, since it was just Rumpelstiltsken saying, "Give me your children!" all the time. So that kind of turned me off a bit. I do like the genera concept behind it, though, and I think it's quite cool that you've seen a way to adapt the premise of that storyline to include FF characters! I certainly wouldn't think of that :P

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DFF Chaos Piece I'm not saying spoil the plot. But we haven't gotten any story info since 2006. Who knows what FFXV is about now...

  • FFXIII-3 - Well I really want to use the design of Ramuh as a fal'Cie somehow...I really don't see how we could, though, given his status as an Eidolon. The thing about everyone getting Eidolons back (I've considered it) is that Odin would be more of a story device this time. He severed his ties to Lightning, as did the other Eidolons to their masters, because they did not belong in the new world. But there is a special reason why he can come back to her now, at least in some form. And it's not like Lightning would have constant access to Odin, to the point where a summoning mechanic would be needed; she doesn't even reunite with him until she visits New Valhalla. Since you mentioned it, I was also disappointed that Sazh wasn't the one to use Brynhildr against Bhunivelze...
  • FFXVI - Well see, each FNC game was originally intended to be its own interpretation of the same mythos. Type-0 sorta uses the basic concepts (l'Cie and the gods Pulse and Lindzei), but it does not go nearly as far as FFXIII. As for FFXV, Nomura only wanted to hint at the concepts, rather than flat-out use them (Noctis has l'Cie-like powers thanks to a near-death experience that put him in touch with Etro, yet the term "l'Cie" is never used to describe him). Square's excuse now is that it is crystals that link the FNC games, rather than the deities' story. Yet I'd prefer if the original vision was carried out, and the same deities appeared in the different games' worlds in different forms and with different roles that fit the game in question's universe. I mean, Etro is heavily featured in old FFXV footage from its Versus XIII days; the lyrics of "Somnus" are basically about Bhunivelze. So with FFXVI, I want to find new ways to feature the story of the gods; crystals would still be prominent, given the one that Agni carries in the AP video; I'm thinking this crystal is also her weapon, in the sense that it can transform into crystalline blades and such. I was actually going to say that the dragon summoned in AP isn't an Eidolon, but a regular monster - the crystal used to summon it (that Agni now carries) can create life at the time of the eclipse...Eclipses can signal when special rituals can be performed; they mark special days, such as the time of the world's destruction, in various other franchises, so perhaps they mean something similar here...
  • FFT-1 - Again, I hesitate to develop this because it is likely Square already is. But I would like to. I think it's important not to make Ace evil. However, since he is essentially reincarnated as a new super-warrior, he could definitely be a rattled and confused character who is unsure of his true purpose.
  • FFVII-2 - I have decided to rebrand/rename this concept Endless Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-. This is a title Square apparently once trademarked, and it also continues the Compilation of FFVII naming trend (Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, etc.). The story is officially of Cloud's final battle with Sephiroth, as well as the return of Genesis Rhapsodos. Square Enix has not said anything about Sephiroth since Advent Children; in the film, he only used Kadaj as a host to be reborn while his consciousness remained in the Lifestream. When Cloud defeated Sephiroth's host body with Omnislash Version 5, the villain's soul essentially returned to the afterlife. Sephiroth's last words are "I will...never be a memory." This suggests he is determined to regain a physical form and carry out his plan to again pursue godhood. He is physically dead, but his soul lives on. Again, the theme of surviving as long as one remembers you is prominent here and can be used to our advantage.
  • FFX-3 - I feel like the Braska thing would make a good novel, rather than a game concept. Still, it could be something like Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep...Screwed up though it may be, if I were to pursue an FFX-related project, I would want to continue the story of Tidus and Yuna, simply because the new designs Nomura gave them in the audio drama begs for a game to be made in which they are used.
I'm glad things worked out for you in terms of your FF/OUaT cross-over.

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DFF Cosmos Piece I suppose :P

  • FFXIII-3 - Indra, huh? We don't really have to use the fal'Cie design; I just think it is really well-made. This raises the question: how do we justify the fal'Cie returning, at least the scrapped ones? And well, not "I miss my Eidolon" as much as Mwynn saying "Here's a gift to give you strength." We have to remember, even if we utilize fantasy elements in the Unseen Realm to further contrast it from the new world, that the point of FFXIII-3 is it is a game that is realistic, like FFXV, but perhaps a bit more. Since the focus, given realism, would have to be on the characters' natural abilities, maybe they just get boosted strength by calling upon the essences/memories of their Eidolons (think D-Links from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep). Perhaps Eidolons appear physically in the Unseen Realm, but only their power can be called upon in more realistic places...
  • FFXVI - Those are some good ideas you put forth; let's keep them in mind. When I was thinking about FFXVI in the past, I was thinking about the order of mages that Agni belonged to...before they were exterminated by the terrorists who invaded the dragon-spawning ritual. I was thinking of drawing from the Star Wars universe a bit and making these mages the equivalent of the Jedi; they would have a special connection to the gods (making different religions and the struggle to decide which is right through physical and verbal violence a good plot device), but Agni would be the strongest mage of them all, even though she is only an apprentice during AP. She is a Chosen One of sorts, naturally, but she has a higher purpose that, over the course of what will eventually become the "Agni Chronicles," is revealed to lead all the way up to the FFXVI version of Bhunivelze. By the time FFXVI-2 happens, Agni has rebuilt her order of mages and is the new Grandmaster; she has learned to control her great power. I was thinking Agni might die at the end of FFXVI, perhaps in a sacrificial way. Anyways, you are spot-on with the whole "use the crystals too much, and you'll suffer" idea. Agni is given that very special crystal that her Grandmaster once possessed. It has limitless potential, and I was thinking that perhaps it could somehow be a fragment of Bhunivelze's heart or something...Still, the power Agni has comes at a price. She cannot control her abilities; yes, she is inexperienced, and this influences things a bit, but this is mainly because bad things happen when you channel the gods' power to use things such as magic and summon/create monsters.
  • FFT-1 - I agree.
  • DIIFF - I designed this logo. What do you think? Yes, the text for "Dissidia" comes from the Dissidia Arcade logo. The reason for this is because my Dissidia is envisioned to be a PS4/Xbox One game, thus it would have the type of graphics the Arcade game does. New graphics. New system. New logo. Makes sense, no? This means that Dissidia II, while more traditional than Dissidia Arcade and a separate game altogether, the two works are linked through their technology.
  • EC-FFVII- - Glad you like the title. We really don't have any other plot options than the "memories = survival post-death" stuff. And you basically read my mind in regards to Cloud.
  • FFX-3 - I'm not saying we use the plot from Will. Just the designs. Maybe refer to Will as a starting point only as a last resort. Otherwise come up with something entirely our own. I'm going through "Movie" versions of all the FF games that interest me/have interested me starting today, and X and X-2 are on the list. Hopefully I'll be all caught up on the story by the end of the month. Let's hold off on X-3 discussions till then.

EDIT 07:42, March 19, 2015 (UTC) - EMERGENCY! I was reading the Wiki's Dissidia articles while working on my concept for Dissidia II Final Fantasy, and I made the terrible discovery that, based on what's said here, the entire storyline I had prepared is impossible. The entire concept for a Dissidia sequel has fallen apart. Any ideas on how to save the concepts I had so I can still work on this project? I considered revamping the entire thing into a sequel to the Dissidia arcade game, but that won't come out for quite some time, and for all we know, Square Enix will throw another sequel at us by the time I start working on one of my own. I really don't want to throw my ideas for Dissidia II away...I was really proud of what I came up with. In short, my ideas were as such:

  • "Before the Conflict" - Cid of the Lufaine and Shinryu would battle one another using warriors from several different worlds. These warriors would then be left to Cosmos and Chaos, starting the vicious cycle of conflict between the two.
  • "The Eighteenth Cycle" - The battle to end all battles: Shinryu is returning and Cosmos needs protection, so she calls upon new warriors to resurrect/return the ones that have been sent back to their home worlds. At the same time, the warriors of Chaos are determined to resurrect their fallen master. Upon the cycle's conclusion, Chaos, who has been revived, goes mad and destroys all warriors present. Cid is trapped in an alternate dimension after saving Cosmos's life when Chaos tries to kill her.
  • "The Twenty-first Cycle" - The maddened Chaos has been on a blind rampage since the end of the eighteenth cycle. He became dormant at the end of the twentieth cycle, but now he is to awaken. Cid of the Lufaine calls upon Cosmos's warriors to destroy Chaos once and for all.
None of what I had in mind can happen, based upon Cid, Shinryu, Cosmos, and Chaos's backstories according to the Wiki and in-game journals. I guess the Wiki came to understand and implement the true story of the Dissidia games during my long absence, and I was not aware of this. I'm terribly upset; any help would be appreciated.

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DFF Chaos Piece My responses to your latest message are as follows:

  • FFXIII-3 - We'll keep a D-Link-like system in mind for a later date. We might use it, we might not.
  • FFXVI - Yeah, religion could play a big part in the world of FFXVI. The terrorists who slaughter Agni's fellow mages could be working for one of the cults. I agree we should not use "mass-murder" again, if possible; I do see the disconnect between my idea for Agni's death and FFXVI-2. Maybe she isn't the Grandmaster of a new order of magi in FFXVI-2, but later in the series. This could justify her death; the main reason I wanted her to die is a possible phoenix-rebirth thing like what Type-0 HD did with Ace, or because FFXVI-2 would be about trying to bring her back to life (this goes all the way back to my earliest FFXVI concepts). Now that I think about it, that is kinda too similar to FFXIII-2...It's important to reference past FF games, especially other FNC works, to make this feel like a Final Fantasy game, but we should never be at a point where all we do is re-use a concept that has already been done before.
  • DIIFF - Well, that's the font the logo for the arcade Dissidia game uses. So that can't really be helped :P As for adapting the story to canon, I remember now why I came up with the story that I did: the original tale of Feral Chaos from 012 took place in a nightmare world; it never really happened. DIIFF was to say that after Chaos's defeat and the heroes' return home to their respective worlds, the events that lead to Feral Chaos's creation actually do come to pass in the real world, due to some strange occurrence. We can always go the "alternate dimension" route, too (even though I'd rather not), as this is done on a few occasions (such as Inward Chaos) in other Dissidia games. Problem solved...I hope.
  • EC-FFVII- - The thing about Cloud is that post-Advent Children, he learned to focus on the future instead of the past. He realized he is not alone and he stopped blaming himself for the deaths of Aerith and Zack. Still, the memories of these two are important to him. Purging the world of Sephiroth (he is alive in the Lifestream, the planet's life force, so this would be a majorly difficult task to accomplish with many repercussions) should threaten the ability he has to retain his memories of Aerith and Zack, like you said. Something we need to remember is Genesis, as well as why he has come back: to regain his SOLDIER honor and protect the planet from a major catastrophe, bigger than Meteor, Jenova, or anything the planet has faced before. Perhaps we should focus a bit on the Cetra in this game...
  • FFX-3 - We'll see. Along with FFT-1, let's set this project idea on the back-burner for now.

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DFF Cosmos Piece So here's what I have to say:

  • FFXVI - I mean, Agni's costume basically BEGS for a phoenix-type role, given her affiliation with fire, but I don't think she should die, either. I want FFXVI to be very dark and emotional, like FFXV apparently is intended to be. I don't know, I guess I love darker storylines :P I'm not saying all-out depressing, but it should be a story on the scale of FFXIII, for sure! I LOVE what you came up with about the ritual being used to summon Etro's Gate!
  • DIIFF - The Void could be linked to the reason why the Feral Chaos stuff winds up happening in the real world.
  • EC-FFVII- - I don't know if we should go all-out FFXIII-2 on Cloud, but we could borrow some of those elements, yes! I think it's important to tell the story from the perspectives of multiple characters, like FFXIII does, given the huge cast FFVII has. We've never really seen a story like that. The stuff about Genesis wanting to protect the planet and restore his SOLDIER honor comes straight from Crisis Core and Dirge of Cerberus; I didn't make it up, but this is where the plot would progress, given that. I need to figure out what happens to Weiss the Immaculate, too. I agree the Lifestream needs to be purified to destroy Sephiroth's soul from within it; this would also threaten every soul that has ever gone back to the Lifestream. The Cetra are basically a really powerful race from ancient times; definitely read up on them. Aerith was the last one in existence; the whole reason people like Sephiroth and Genesis even exist is because Shinra wanted to create a Cetra and believed Jenova to be one. Given how prominent Genesis and Sephiroth will be in the plot, the Cetra are definitely relevant here.

Sephiroth Dissidia artwork
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DFF Chaos Piece I do not think Agni should be a literal Phoenix, no. I'm available to chat on the IRC now for a little while, if you would like.

FFXVI/AP ConceptEdit

Kuja Dissidia Artwork
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DFF Chaos Piece Thanks! Square just announced Final Fantasy Type-Next...stupid title, granted it's a codename, but the concept art looks AMAZING and is exactly how I pictured the game would look. I'm upset I can't develop Type-1, but hey, maybe I can do Type-2 someday...I'm personally getting mad at FF simply because I simply can't seem to find a way to get my Dissidia concept to work, given the established canon. I'll try to watch AP when I can (it's a prequel to FFXVI), and see what I can come up with in regards to what we were talking about yesterday. Feel free to come up with concepts of your own on your subpages and then send them my way for a critique :)

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DFF Cosmos Piece So here's my analysis of AP, without any sort of ideas for how we can connect it to FFXVI:

The World

  • We open on a populated desert area near a large rock formation lined with ruins. It appears that there are slums; buffalo-like creatures are seen tethered outside the poorly-assembled buildings. They look quite like real-world buffalo, but with longer tails.
  • These slums seem to line the entirety of the large rock formation. Poorly-assembled buildings are everywhere. The buildings sorta resemble those in the Warren from LRFFXIII.
  • The top of the large rock formation contains the area in which the Grandmaster and his mages are gathered. Their room is completely dark and lined with rows of lit candles on the left and right walls. Light shines down upon a small portion of the room in front of where the Grandmaster stands.
  • Large, ornate doors deep within a cave atop the rock formation lead into the Grandmaster's temple.
  • The masked men who raid the temple/summoning room carry real-world guns.
  • The masked men look like real-world Middle Easterners.
  • The hyena-like creature looks like a real-world hyena before its mutation.
  • After Agni summons the dragon, real-world birds are seen scattering in the sky above.
  • It turns out these slums are in an enclosed valley of some sort. It is surrounded on all sides by large rock formations; buildings line them.
  • Beyond the desert valley is a lush, green area in which rivers flow and a futuristic city can be seen. This city/forest area is separated from the desert one by a sheer drop, which waterfalls cascade over.

The Story

  • A truck drives through a desert area to an unknown destination.
  • An old man, a civilian, sees the truck as it drives over a rickety bridge above him.
  • The Grandmaster's voice is heard, and then he is seen, holding a crystal. He says the following: "Hear me, mighty servant! With an offering of light and darkness do I invoke the ancient pact of binding! Once more, the wicked stand before us, threatening the sacred commune between your realm and mine! Rise, and from the time-torn rift shall our power rage forth and rain down destruction!" He then mutters a strange incantation (I think...).
  • A solar eclipse takes place. A creature begins to form in front of the Grandmaster out of what looks like flesh, crystal, and flame sparks as men with guns who wear turbans and hide their faces with masks enter the Grandmaster's temple. They stand outside the large doors that lead into the summoning room, ready to strike.
  • The masked men break into the summoning room and open fire on the mages. The mages rush to the defense of their Grandmaster, including one who struggles to cast a Thunder spell. The spell strikes the ceiling as the masked men take cover.
  • The mage's hand is still wrapped in electricity; she appears to be in a bit of pain. She removes her hood. It is Agni. She struggles to aim another Thunder spell at the attacking men. She hits them, killing a few, but she also sets off their guns accidentally.
  • The gunfire kills a couple of the hooded mages and shoots down the Grandmaster. Agni rushes to his side. With his last bit of strength, the Grandmaster gives Agni the orange crystal he carries.
  • Agni takes the crystal and flees the room.
  • Clutching the crystal tightly, Agni flees through the slums, the sky darkened by the solar eclipse.
  • Some of the strange men walk out onto a rickety bridge behind Agni, off in the distance. They shoot at her.
  • One of the men calls to another via walkie-talkie. The man who responds pulls a chain dangling from the inside of the truck he and his cohorts arrived in. He quickly uses a syringe to inject a furry creature with a strange, blue liquid.
  • The truck begins to shake violently. One of the men opens the back of the truck as a hyena-like creature rushes outside, mutating into a hideous monster.
  • Agni ducks into an alley, gasping for breath, as men run past her. She opens a glass bottle filled with clear liquid.
  • The liquid begins to glow with white light. Agni pours it onto a wound on her arm. She winces in pain and then drinks the rest of the liquid.
  • Agni's wound heals as she collapses to her hands and knees, coughing. Agni is in terrible pain.
  • The solar eclipse ends. The mutated hyena finds Agni. It jumps on her, trying to kill her.
  • Agni fights off the beast to the best of her ability. She shouts an incantation, and the crystal she carries starts to glow.
  • From out of the temple at the top of the large rock formation, in a rain of crystalline sparks of fire, a monstrous dragon draped in Middle Eastern fabrics appears. Agni is in shock.
  • The dragon kills the mutated hyena, saving Agni's life.
  • The sun shines brightly in the sky. Agni, the last mage alive, mounts the dragon she summoned and rides off into the distance.
So there you have it. I'm starting to get scared that Square Enix is going to turn this into a real game, but until then, let's just assume AP is our property to adapt for now. I look forward to a potential IRC chat with you later today (it is 2:38 in the morning where I am) to continue our ongoing discussion from last night.

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DFF Chaos Piece Thanks :P I'm free today from now until about 10:00 PM or so, so let me know if you want to join me on the IRC.

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DFF Cosmos Piece I'll take a look in a moment; I'm revising an essay for one of my classes right now, so when it's done, I'll join you on the IRC.

  • EDIT 21:55, March 21, 2015 (UTC) - I have arrived on the IRC and read your concepts. While I like the overall ideas behind what you have written, I'm not sure how much they draw from the AP analysis I provided. I'm also not sure how necessary Cie'th are to the storyline; people losing their memories because of a crystal seems too Type-0-ish, despite the many links FFXVI is supposed to have to the other FNC games. We can talk more about this when you return to the IRC. I notice your nick is presently Mogitek


TALK - 03:30, March 27, 2015 (UTC)
Sadly, I do not own a phone so I can't play it, and I do not think it's out for emulator yet either so I can't see if I can play it that way (or if it even works for the Android emulator).
TALK - 03:40, March 27, 2015 (UTC)
Oh really? I'd like to get ahold of that, if possible. Would give me something to do, though I'd have to find both of them (unless someone kind enough was to toss them my way~). ^^;
TALK - 04:02, March 27, 2015 (UTC)
Fine and dandy, but I can't seem to do anything because I put in my Username and Password (using not my main email...), and now it's doing an Authenticy thing that...I can't get pass because no text to type. Not sure what to do to get this thing working :

Black Magic (Record Keeper) Edit

Oh, you have Record Keeper? Nice. I have it, but due to it being so internet reliant I haven't had much chance to play it a lot (well, that and also having Type-0 to play). Was just wondering about a Black Magic (Record Keeper) page you linked to on a navbox; does a Black Magic command exist in the game? From when I played, I just remember the individual Black Magic skills popping up as individual commands, not one Black Magic command. But if there is one, we can probably move info from List of Final Fantasy Record Keeper Abilities to it.--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 17:44, March 28, 2015 (UTC)

Ah, menu. Gotcha. What do you mean "find out about the game"? As in, find information for it or find out that it existed? Well, I found info from some Japanese site Xeno listed, which we won't need now the game's out, and I heard about it existing from reddit.--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 17:53, March 28, 2015 (UTC)
Oh, right :p I think it's alright. Miles better than some of the other garbage that exists on mobile games. It's about nostalgia and fanservice, and it does that job really well, all things considering. What about you?--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 17:59, March 28, 2015 (UTC)
Nah, not yet. I might do later.--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 18:29, March 28, 2015 (UTC)
Ah, nice one. I've barely got past the first level, been too busy. ;_;--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 19:16, March 28, 2015 (UTC)

FFV iOS sprites Edit

They look great. :)Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 18:01, March 31, 2015 (UTC)

Yes, they look better than I had anticipated! Look at those detailed shadows and not just a blob of black under the enemy.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 18:07, March 31, 2015 (UTC)
Yeah, and sprites other than enemies would be awesome too.Keltainentoukokuu (talk) 18:16, March 31, 2015 (UTC)
I dunno, I prefer the sprites in FFVI mobile, but that's just me. Great work uploading them btw, Kaimi. ^.^--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 20:29, March 31, 2015 (UTC)
TALK - 20:32, March 31, 2015 (UTC)
I think they both look fine (and are very nice to use for my game hehe...). I honestly wish the character sprites were up to par though. Still think they should've went with the sprite style in FFIVCC. >_>
TALK - 21:14, March 31, 2015 (UTC)
Touhou Fantasy is what the game is. Mix between the Touhou series and the FF series (but don't be expecting any major characters from the FF series like Cloud or anything). Could give you a link to the game if you'd want to try it out. Beta4 is the most recent, been working on beta5 for the past 3 years (no help at all = really long time working on something...).
TALK - 21:24, March 31, 2015 (UTC)
Aye, it's in 2k3 but that doesn't matter much for me. Max size I can have for sprites are 256x256 I believe, something like that. I already use some FFI PSP sprites for bosses (primarily the 4 fiends) so it's not THAT big of an issue. And sizing them down just a bit won't hurt too much. I'll probably be using stuff from Record Keeper and PFF as well since those fit nicely with the game's style, if I feel I need more enemies.

On the subject of FFVI, I don't suppose you know if they have the weapons sprites uploaded at spriter's resource? Also, are you planning on uploading the character's job sprites for FFV? If so, it might be better to upload those over the old ones instead of upload new ones because of pages that use those sprites.--Magicite-ffvi-ios Technobliterator TC 21:47, March 31, 2015 (UTC)

TALK - 21:55, March 31, 2015 (UTC)
I don't think the FFV job sprites are ripped yet. And don't think they have the FFVI iOS anything yet either. There are the iOS battle backgrounds though if we don't have those on the site yet.

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