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Name Xenomic
A.K.A Xenji
Job Class Samurai
Hometown Neo-Taiwana
Date of Birth 4/10/1986
Age 27
Height 5'8"
Weapon Divine Oath
Spells Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Curaga, Meteor, Ultima, Nova (Magic? So very weak in magic T-T )
Summons Summons? Samurais don't use summons!
Limit Breaks Genocide

NOTE - January 28, 2015: If you are looking for me, you can drop a message here. I will respond back to you, but will only edit the wiki on short bursts and on a whim. Mostly just updating things for Brigade and Record Keeper for the time being until I start LPing other FF games again.

"Enjoy the taste of defeat....never challenge what you can never defeat child."

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