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Final Fantasy XIII-3
Fainaru Fantajī Sātīn-Surī
Developer(s) The Final Fantasy
Crystal Tear
Genre Role-playing game
Game modes Single-player
Envisioned Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
A new world. A new Lightning. A new FINAL FANTASY XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII-3 is the direct sequel to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy series. It was developed by The Final Fantasy with assistance from Kaimi and Crystal Tear. The game takes place directly after the events of its predecessor conclude.



Lightning LR Ending
Claire Farron, once a soldier, knight of the goddess, and savior of humanity called "Lightning," in the New World.
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Final Fantasy XIII-3 takes place in the New World, which was first seen in the epilogue of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


Playable CharactersEdit

  • Claire Farron (エクレール・ファロン, Ekurēru Faron) - The main protagonist. Claire defied her fate as a Pulse l'Cie, served the goddess Etro in Valhalla, and saved the souls of humanity in the waning days of Nova Chrysalia during the Age of Gods and Crystals. Ever since she came to the new world, she has learned to accept her emotions and has dropped her "Lightning" alias entirely.
  • Hope Estheim (ホープ・エストハイム, Hōpu Esutohaimu) - A young boy who was once a Pulse l'Cie, director of Academy, and host for the god of light, Bhunivelze, during the Age of Gods and Crystals. Upon coming to the new world, Hope was able to begin his life anew under the care of his resurrected parents.
  • Noel Kreiss (ノエル・クライス, Noeru Kuraisu) -
  • Oerba Dia Vanille (ヲルバ=ダイア・ヴァニラ, Woruba Daia Vanira) -
  • Oerba Yun Fang (ヲルバ=ユン・ファング, Woruba-Yun Fangu) -
  • Sazh Katzroy ( サッズ・カッツロイ, Sazzu Kattsuroi) - A middle-aged man with dark skin who was once a Pulse l'Cie and airship pilot during the Age of Gods and Crystals. Sazh lives in the new world with his young son Dajh, and he has found work as a train conductor.
  • Serah Farron ( セラ・ファロン, Sera Faron) - The deuteragonist and Claire Farron's younger sister. Once a Pulse l'Cie and time traveler who lost her life during the Age of Gods and Crystals, she has since been restored and has begun her life anew in the new world. In the three years that have passed since Nova Chrysalia's death, Serah has finally married her longtime fiancé, Snow Villiers.
  • Snow Villiers (スノウ・ヴィリアース, Sunou Viriāsu) - A reckless and optimistic young man who spent centuries cursed as a l'Cie during the Age of Gods and Crystals. Since he began his life anew in the new world, he has finally married his longtime fiancé, Serah Farron.

Major CharactersEdit

  • Bhunivelze (ブーニベルゼ, Būniberuze) - The main antagonist and the god of light. Thought to have met his end upon the death of Nova Chrysalia, he threatens to return in hopes of destroying the new world, along with the "pathetic mortals" who bested him.
  • Caius Ballad (カイアス・バラッド, Kaiasu Baraddo) - A man cursed with immortality who seeks death instead of salvation. He imprisoned himself in the Unseen Realm upon the death of Nova Chrysalia, hoping that by remaining at Yeul's side in New Valhalla, he could one day atone for his many sins.
  • Paddra Nsu-Yeul (パドラ=ヌス・ユール, Padora Nusu-Yūru) - A young seeress whose incarnation from 700 AF has found peace in the new world. The countless incarnations that came before it, who believe they are too dangerous to belong in such a place, protect the stability of the Unseen Realm in New Valhalla under the protection of their guardian, Caius Ballad.
  • Mwynn (ムイン, Muin) -

Other CharactersEdit



Downloadable Content and ExtrasEdit



The Final Fantasy first considered developing a concept for Final Fantasy XIII-3 when Square Enix registered the domain name for it on September 7, 2011. The company claimed this action was not indicative of a new title, however, thus The Final Fantasy, greatly inspired by all aspects of the Final Fantasy XIII games, decided to try developing Final Fantasy XIII-3 for himself. Work on The Final Fantasy's Final Fantasy XIII-3 project officially began on December 16, 2011, after The Final Fantasy saw an entire Japanese playthrough of the recently-released Final Fantasy XIII-2 and witnessed the game's shocking cliffhanger ending.




Art DirectionEdit


Production CreditsEdit


Voice CastEdit

Character Japanese English
Claire Farron Maaya Sakamoto Ali Hillis
Hope Estheim Yūki Kaji Vincent Martella
Noel Kreiss Daisuke Kishio Jason Marsden
Oerba Dia Vanille Yukari Fukui Georgia van Cuylenburg
Oerba Yun Fang Mabuki Andō Rachel Robinson
Sazh Katzroy Masashi Ebara Reno Wilson
Serah Farron Minako Kotobuki Laura Bailey
Snow Villiers Daisuke Ono Troy Baker
Bhunivelze Yūki Kaji Daniel Riordan
Caius Ballad Hiroshi Shirokuma Liam O'Brien
Mwynn Maaya Sakamoto ???
Paddra Nsu-Yeul Mariya Ise Amber Hood


NOTE: The contents of this page and all related pages are UNOFFICIAL material created by The Final Fantasy. The Final Fantasy is in no way affiliated with Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and all related locations, characters, story elements, and gameplay elements belong to Square Enix!

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