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January 22, 2008
  • I live in Sydney
  • I was born on February 5
  • My occupation is burger flipper trying to prove that I'm good at computer things honest please get me a better job
  • I am a professional scrublord

SCM: "It is actually interesting how the LP has changed. First Scathe tried to be serious-ish and failed spectacularly. Then BH was in charge, with all that entails, then Techno was in charge, with all THAT entails. And now it's somehow Bizzare Subreddit Sociology 101."
Catuse: "Which, ironically enough, is probably Scathe's fault."
— The most apt description of the Let's Play ever made, Twitter

Some Color Mage is an administrator and FFWiki IRC operator who sometimes does neat shit.

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IRC Stuff

[13:40] <SilverCrono> I HUNGER.
[13:40] <SilverCrono> sammich?
[13:40] <MasterTonberry> Here you go, SilverCrono. *gives sammich*
[13:40] <SilverCrono> Good kitty. *pets kitty*
[13:40] <MasterTonberry> *rolls*
[13:40] <SomeColorMage> DO A KITTY ROLL!
[13:40] <MasterTonberry> mwuah!
[13:41] <SilverCrono> >>
[13:41] <SomeColorMage> I said kitty roll, not kissy roll
[13:42] <Azul81677> olos
[13:42] <SilverCrono> BBS tiem, whee~
[13:43] <Azul81677> Anyone know if Zeldapedia got demselves a chanserv?
[13:44] <Azul81677> those power needy humes >>
[13:48] <SomeColorMage> sammich?
[13:48] <MasterTonberry> Shaddup Silva, boooooooooo, whore.
[13:48] <SomeColorMage> Um...
[13:49] * SomeColorMage goes and cries in a corner
[13:49] <Azul81677> XD
[13:50] <Azul81677> and a whore, don't forget whore
[13:51] <SilverCrono> olos
[13:51] <SilverCrono> Funny how that happens after I get mah sammich. >8P
[13:52] <SomeColorMage> I need some reassurance
[13:52] <SomeColorMage> SCM?
[13:52] <MasterTonberry> somebody said SCM was a genius!
[13:52] <Azul81677> XD
[13:52] <SomeColorMage>  :)
[13:52] <SilverCrono> me?
[13:52] <SilverCrono> Good, olos.
[13:53] <Azul81677> >>
[13:53] <SilverCrono> SomeColorMage?
[13:53] <MasterTonberry> Secretly SilverCrono. Or, he tries to be.
[13:53] <SilverCrono> o_O
[13:54] <SomeColorMage> WHAT>
[13:54] <SomeColorMage> THE.
[13:54] <SomeColorMage> FUCK.
[13:54] <SomeColorMage> MasterTonberry: Forget SomeColorMage
[13:54] <MasterTonberry> SomeColorMage: I forgot SomeColorMage
[13:55] <SilverCrono> >>
[13:55] <Azul81677> kitty forgot you ._.
[13:55] <MasterTonberry> Muh-Muh-Muh-Meow.
[13:56] <SomeColorMage> Did he?
[13:56] <SomeColorMage> SCM?
[13:56] <MasterTonberry> SilverCrono's imposter.
[13:56] <SilverCrono> O_O
[13:56] <SilverCrono> Who taught it that?
[13:56] <MasterTonberry> DrakeyC's mom
[13:56] <SilverCrono> XD
[13:56] <SomeColorMage> Azul, are you doing this?
[13:56] <Azul81677> no
[13:57] <Azul81677> I swear
[13:57] <SilverCrono> Wasn't me >_>
[13:57] <Azul81677> 'course it wasn't >>
[13:58] <Azul81677> SCM: It's obvio, it was Silva.
[13:58] <SilverCrono> huhwhat?
[13:58] <DTN> sammich?
[13:58] <MasterTonberry> Shaddup Silva, boooooooooo, whore.
[13:58] <SilverCrono> Nuh-uh! I'm playiin BBS!
[13:58] <DTN>  :|
[13:59] <SomeColorMage> SCM?
[13:59] <MasterTonberry> NOT SilverCrono
[13:59] <Azul81677> XD
[13:59] <SilverCrono> <_<
[14:00] <SomeColorMage> sammich?
[14:00] <MasterTonberry> /me gives sandwiches to everyone except SilverCrono
[14:01] <SilverCrono>  :c
[14:01] <FlintlockVitor> Yumyum
[14:03] <SomeColorMage> Prinny?
[14:03] <MasterTonberry> I'm hearing you, dood!
[14:05] <DTN>  !forget Prinny
[14:05] <MasterTonberry> DTN: I forgot Prinny
[14:05] <DTN> dood can be so annoying dood
[14:05] <SomeColorMage> Aww
[14:05] <Azul81677> dood >.>
[14:06] <SomeColorMage> DTN?
[14:06] <MasterTonberry> Mean to Prinnies, dood!
[14:06] <DTN> xD
[14:06] <DTN> SomeColorMage++++++++++++++++ 
[22:19]	SomeColorMage	"Oh boy.
	I bet they have Movie Nights on the meteor.
	Where everyone gathers around and watches a movie on a giant alchemized TV after spending two to three hours arguing about what to watch.
	If it's a romantic comedy, Karkat ends up writing a very detailed review about it and its anthropological implications on his memo, and doesn't understand why nobody reads it."
[22:21]	Hexedmagica	XD
[22:22]	TheBlackShadow	Agreed.
[22:23]	SomeColorMage	Well, it might be a good thing that John and Vriska aren't with them
	It'd be Nic Cage every week
[22:24]	It'd wear down their sanity more than, well, spending three years on a rock in the middle of nowhere
	TheBlackShadow	Back to back to back.
[22:25]	Hexedmagica	If John and Vriska were there, it'd be Con Air every week
	and John and Vriska would have sloppy makeouts
	SomeColorMage	I repeat, "It'd wear down their sanity more than, well, spending three years on a rock in the middle of nowhere"
[22:26]	Especially Karkat's if sloppy makeouts are involved
	Hexedmagica	XD
	SomeColorMage	Nepeta would love it though
	Probably watching, waiting
	The sloppy makeout starts
	:33 wooo!
[22:27]	Hexedmagica	XD
	Then Nepeta would sneak into Karkat's room when he least expects it
	Then raep?
	SomeColorMage	Nepimpta doesn't need raep to get the guys she wants
[22:29]	Hexedmagica	XD
[22:30]	SomeColorMage	She just shows up and lets the shipping magic happen
[22:31]	Hexedmagica	and its fucking miracles?
[22:32]	SomeColorMage	Indeed
[22:35]	Hexedmagica	XD
[22:36]	SomeColorMage	Of course, if Karkat wanted to avoid the shipping magic, he just needs to sleep in the same room as Equius
	Only morails can keep Nepimpta in check
	Hexedmagica	XD
[22:38]	SomeColorMage	But then again, why would you?
	Hexedmagica	XD
	SomeColorMage	One night with Nepimpta would change all of Karkat's opinions on the so called one way crush
	Hexedmagica	XD
[22:39]	SomeColorMage	And then Eridan would show up and ruin the mood because he's Eridan
	SomeColorMage	Just like that
[22:40]	Hexedmagica	ZXD
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[21:12]	Sorceror_Nobody	It is a mystery
	RJ_Morph	Indeed.
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	Hexedmagica	SomeColorMage: PEER PRESSURE
	TCates	Stop doing that!
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	Hexedmagica	KICK HIM
	TCates	>_>
	TCates	cast summon PP. A miniflan appears
	TCates	:/
[21:14]	Sorceror_Nobody	grabs the miniflan and huggles it
	Sorceror_Nobody	~<3
	TCates	It'll eat you
	Can't you see the teeth
	Sorceror_Nobody	I have nothing to eat. Well, Nothing.
	And no, I can't see the teeth, because miniflans don't have teeth
	TCates	That one does
[21:15]	Sorceror_Nobody	Expected/10
	TCates	glares at SN
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	TCates	._.
	SomeColorMage	:P
	Sorceror_Nobody	I literally just called him out on that. Told him that I predicted he would say it. He still said it
	TCates	Shh
	Sorceror_Nobody	will not shh
	Sorceror_Nobody	paps TCates
	TCates	>.<
[21:16]	TCates	cast summon PP with renewed enthusiasm
	TCates	...
[21:17]	Sorceror_Nobody	closes PP's KVIrc
	-->|	PhantomPhysicist (~PhantomPh@ has joined ##HSQuiz
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	SomeColorMage	...
	Sorceror_Nobody	failed :<
	SomeColorMage	HOW DID YOU
	TCates	Ha!
	PhantomPhysicist	Erm...
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	Sorceror_Nobody	It keeps happening
	PhantomPhysicist	0_o
	Sorceror_Nobody	The kick pile doesn't stop from getting bigger
[21:18]	RJ_Morph	wonders if anyone even clicked the link he posted.
	=-=	SomeColorMage has changed the topic to “Ideas for ectobio. parents and guardians? | | | | undyingUmbrage is an anagram of Umbra-Ending Guy. Watch out, UU! | On a scale of 1 to Bec Noir, how much shit will Dirk wreck? | SS is now Mech Noir. SN fact. | All ops please remem”
	SomeColorMage	Damn it!
	PhantomPhysicist	0.o what?
[21:19]	=-=	SomeColorMage has changed the topic to “Ideas for ectobio. parents and guardians? | | | | undyingUmbrage is an anagram of Umbra-Ending Guy. Watch out, UU! | On a scale of 1 to Bec Noir, how much shit will Dirk wreck? | EOA6A2. HOLY SHIT | SS is now Mech Noir. SN fact.”
	Hexedmagica	You can get rid of the dirk Thing
	SomeColorMage	Trying to add "All ops please remember to kick TCates":P
	Sorceror_Nobody	All ops please remem...ber to kick TCates at every opportunity?
	SomeColorMage	high-fives SN
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	TCates	-_-
	Sorceror_Nobody	We are so cruel
	It's FUN!
	TCates	Yes.
[21:20]	PhantomPhysicist	Yes you are
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	PhantomPhysicist	0_0
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	PhantomPhysicist	throws a shuriken at SN. It embeds itself in SN's KVIrc
	Sorceror_Nobody	if y0ure g0ing t0 make that kind 0f face pp then y0u must be 0kay with the kicking
	y0u must be 0kay with a l0t 0f things
	PhantomPhysicist	throws a shuriken at SN. It misses and gets thoroughly embedded in THE_TREE.
	PhantomPhysicist	._.
[21:22]	Sorceror_Nobody	throws THE_TREE at PP. Yeah, this won't be pretty.
	Sorceror_Nobody	winces
	PhantomPhysicist	Ow!
	SomeColorMage	...THE_TREE can be thrown?
[21:23]	Everything I knew about physics is a lie
	Sorceror_Nobody	It can't
	But somehow I still did it
	THE_TREE kind of... suits itself
	PhantomPhysicist	Good point
	Sorceror_Nobody	I sometimes wonder if it's sentient. I'm not sure how scared I would be if it is
	PhantomPhysicist	...
[21:24]	SomeColorMage	I think I know what can beat throwing THE_TREE
	Sorceror_Nobody	throws SCM
	SomeColorMage	quickly heads into Nationstates
	Sorceror_Nobody	._.
	PhantomPhysicist	You need to work on your aim
	SomeColorMage	flies back into chatroom in the capital city of his nation, The Awesome Zeppelin
	SomeColorMage	throws Zeppelin at PP
	Sorceror_Nobody	.-.
[21:25]	PhantomPhysicist	Do...
	SomeColorMage	Don't worry, it has sufficient shock absorbers for everyone inside to not be hurt
	PhantomPhysicist	Do I have a target painted on me?
	SomeColorMage	Yes
	Sorceror_Nobody	Oh, that's a relief, SCM
	Couldn't bear to lose more Region That Never Was citizens
[21:26]	Sorceror_Nobody	paints something else on PP. Not a target. More a radioactive spray that is a tracker for nuclear missile targeting
	PhantomPhysicist	._.
	=-=	PhantomPhysicist is now known as PP|Work
[21:29]	Hexedmagica	8:27 PM - apmasta: why do you think its always so dark outside?
	8:28 PM - apmasta: no, because spades cover the sun
	8:28 PM - apmasta: and instead of sending out ultraviolet radiation
	8:28 PM - apmasta: it sends out ultrahatred radiation
	8:28 PM - apmasta: everybodys mood just gets nasty
[21:30]	-->|	TheBlackShadow (5f900208@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined ##HSQuiz
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	TheBlackShadow	Ooh, what's happening here?
	SomeColorMage	This
	=-=	TCates was booted from ##HSQuiz by YOU (showing off what was happening earlier)
	Sorceror_Nobody	XD
	So harsh but so funny
[21:31]	RJ_Morph	XD
	-->|	TCates (u5685@gateway/web/ has joined ##HSQuiz
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	TheBlackShadow	That's clearly Rose... talking to alternate dead God Tier Equius and Eridan?
	SomeColorMage	Actually, I should copy that full thing down
	Sorceror_Nobody	...Feferi
	Sorceror_Nobody	notes that epic HS fail is obviously genetic
[21:32]	PP|Work	glares at SN
	Sorceror_Nobody	galers at PP
	TheBlackShadow	Feferi then. It's not that clear to me.
	Sorceror_Nobody	Jim would not be happy
	I mean, (a) not recognising Feferi
	And (b)
[21:33]	Hexedmagica	XD
[21:34]	Sorceror_Nobody	...I don't know whether that's a shipping or a horrible chimaera or both but either way ohgogwhat
[21:35]	Hexedmagica	Its a horrible chimaera
[21:36]	SomeColorMage There we go, tonight's /kick related entertainment has been preserved
[21:37]	Sorceror_Nobody	XD
	You're assuming it's over
	=-=	TCates was booted from ##HSQuiz by Sorceror_Nobody (Mwahaha)
	-->|	TCates (u5685@gateway/web/ has joined ##HSQuiz
	SomeColorMage	Well, time to add part two
	Sorceror_Nobody	:3
	=-=	Mode ##HSQuiz +o TCates by ChanServ
	Hexedmagica	Marche was channeling the spirit of Ramza. He can do no wrong.
[22:18]	-->|	Yuanchosaan ( has joined #FFWiki
[22:19]	Jimcloud	wb Yuan FI is up
	SomeColorMage	Until you show me that Marche shares the same questionable choice in pants, I do not believe he was chanelling the spirit if Ramza, Hexed
	Jimcloud	XDXD
[22:20]	Hexedmagica	...
	why is there no mention of the eyes?
	SomeColorMage	Hover over the image
	Hexedmagica	oh XD
	Jimcloud he does have a few excess belts
[22:21]	SomeColorMage	Those pants still have an ass
	Better than Ramza's
	Jimcloud	Yeah well shush he's not in the real Ivalice
[22:22]	in Ivalice, no true character has pants with rear covering
	That's the real reason we know Vagrant Story is Ivalice canon
	SomeColorMage	Because buttpants?
[22:23]	Jimcloud	Yes
	you'd think that outfit would have a back
	you would be wrong
	so very wrong
	SomeColorMage	That's the front
	We need to see the back to confirm buttpantsness
	Jimcloud that image is really freaking tiny, but I think it gets the point across
[22:25]	SomeColorMage	Yep, that sure is buttpants
	Hexedmagica	Asslesspants
[22:26]	Jimcloud AHA
	SomeColorMage	Yes, you can quite clearly see butt there
	Buttpants confirmed
[22:28]	Just be glad that FFT is so low res you don't have to stare at the uncovered parts of his butt
	Jimcloud	XD
	unlike VS?
	Which I have?
	SomeColorMage	his = Ramza, bluh
	Jimcloud	And have been pressured to play?
	and have to play Ashley in third person?
	SomeColorMage	VS is clearly Buttpants: The Game
	Jimcloud	which means you see his back 60% of the time?
[22:30]	Hexedmagica	where is my buttpants mod for skyrim?
	SomeColorMage	It's part of the Buttpants Alliance
	Jimcloud	Why
	Why do you want one of those
	SomeColorMage	The Espers were thrown out of the place they came from for refusing to wear buttpants
[22:31]	Hexedmagica	Jimcloud: So I can stare at sweaty manass all the time. Why else?
	SomeColorMage	Just use a nude patch then
[22:32]	Jimcloud	I was kind of hoping there was a reason that was less disturbing
[22:33]	Hexedmagica	I'm joking actually
	SomeColorMage	How can there be a less disturbing reason for buttpants, JC?
	Jimcloud	Yes, I figured as much
	SomeColorMage	It's impossible
[22:34]	Yuanchosaan	Jimcloud, SomeColorMage: Thanks!
	SomeColorMage	np
	Jimcloud	Maybe it's because.....
	be.... cause......
	SomeColorMage	Our next FI teamup will involve buttpants, just as a warning
[22:35]	Jimcloud it... it looks to be... another... layer... of clothing... maybe....?
[22:36]	SomeColorMage	It's still a form of buttpants
	Hexedmagica	Still buttpants
	SomeColorMage	Kinda like tights, but you don't see his crotch
	Hexedmagica	Notice how its the same colour as his skin
	Jimcloud	XD
[22:37]	TheBlackShadow	reads above conversation, realises he didn't want to read said conversation.
	Jimcloud AHHHHHH
	Silly TBS!
	Buttpants are for everyone! And no one at the same time
	SomeColorMage	TBS: TheButtpantsShadow?
	TheBlackShadow	...
[22:38]	TheBlackShadow	slowly backs away, thanks the gods he has to leave to do work at the library shortly.
	Jimcloud	>TBS: Be The Buttpants Shadow
	TheBlackShadow	Never.
	Jimcloud	You can be a hero then!
	we can cut an awesome hole in your knickerbockers
	or two
[22:39]	TheBlackShadow	Gods damn it, what is *wrong* with you people?
	Jimcloud	XD
	SomeColorMage	Buttpants is wrong with us
	Jimcloud	Yes
	SomeColorMage	Then again, buttpants is what's right with us
	Jimcloud	I can't even bring myself to say the word aloud
	Mango|School	yeah
	Jimcloud	Hey Mango
	Mango|School	i can confirm Ashley's buttless pants
[22:40]	Jimcloud	We were talking about Ashley and his PG-13 nudity
	TheBlackShadow	Hey Mango. Also: get these people away from me.
	=-=	Mango|School is now known as Mango
	Yuanchosaan	is watching Turn Left
	SomeColorMage	(So saving this once this is over)
	Yuanchosaan	This episode is so sad. ;_.
	Jimcloud	TBS: No, Mango is in love with Ivalice and therefore buttpants
	Hexedmagica	Buttpantsu
	Mango	okay yeah
	SomeColorMage	I don't think a mango can wear buttpants...
	Mango	whatshisface
[22:41]	Jimcloud	Being able to wear them is irrelevent
	Mango	Is it Toriyama?
	Jimcloud	irrelevant*
	No, I don't believe it is...?
	Mango	The guy who does the art for all the Ivalice games
	fuckin japanese
	all their names sound the same
	TheBlackShadow	Stupid slanty-eyed yellow people.
	Hexedmagica	BATTUPANTSU
[22:42]	Jimcloud	him?
	SomeColorMage	Yeah, probably Yoshida
	Mango	yes
	that guy
	SomeColorMage	I think he was the only character artist working on Ivalice at the time
[22:43]	Mango	he's stated that he enjoys drawing butts
	both male and female
	Hexedmagica	wears buttpantsu
	Jimcloud	._.
	Yuanchosaan	There's something on your back!
	Mango	Check out Callo Merlose
	Jimcloud	I suddenly understand everything
	Mango	Now THAT is an ass of note
	SomeColorMage	Yuan: Is it buttpants?
	Jimcloud	jeez it would appear to be tights
	well, not tights per se
	but an irrationally form-fitting skirt
[22:44]	Mango	yeah
	form fitting
	showing off dat ass
	Merlose's ass>Garnet's any day
	SomeColorMage	Butttights?
	TheBlackShadow	Cue posterior-related fanwar.
[22:45]	Jimcloud	XD
	TheBlackShadow	It can be like Magicite Madness, only with asses.
	Jimcloud	See, TBS
	you enjoy it too
	SomeColorMage	Buttpants Madness
	Jimcloud	You initially feared us... but now?
	No, now you have become us
	Jimcloud	evil laughs
[22:46]	SomeColorMage	You ARE TheButtpantsShadow
	-->|	Nem|FFVII_ (~chatzilla@ has joined #FFWiki
	Hexedmagica	Buttupantsu maddnessu
	Jimcloud	hey Nem
	Mango	no tbs you are the buttpants
	SomeColorMage	Hi Nem
	Nem|FFVII_	hey
	TheBlackShadow	Hey Nem.
	Jimcloud	Don't mind us
	SomeColorMage	FFWiki is currently Buttpants appreciation station
	Nem|FFVII_	hey all 3 of you
	|<--	Nem|FFVII has left freenode (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
	=-=	Nem|FFVII_ is now known as Nem|FFVII
	Jimcloud	is laughing her rear off... ironically
[22:47]	-->|	Moomba (~ds.seraph@ has joined #FFWiki
[22:48]	Nem|FFVII	feels like smashing his PS2 controller over the FFVII disc
[22:49]	=-=	Nem|FFVII is now known as The_Nemesisx
	Jimcloud	Now, now
	what's up?
	SomeColorMage	Is it buttpants?
	Jimcloud	I don't know if anyone in VII had buttpants
	mostly just polygonpants
	The_Nemesisx	nope, stupid snow lady's cheating buttpants
[22:50]	Jimcloud	XD
	I didn't get Snow on my first playthrough
	or my second
	or my third
	I don't think I even got it on the fourth
	-Snow +Alexander
[22:52]	TheBlackShadow	I think at this point we might as well put buttpants in the topic channel. There's just no avoiding it now.
	*channel topic
	SomeColorMage	...I would if I had ops
[22:54]	Yuanchosaan	Good night, everyone.
	GFMinotaur	have a nice night. :)
	The_Nemesisx	night Yuan
	TheBlackShadow	Night Yuan.
	Mango	night yuan
	=-=	S_Nobody|Away is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[22:55]	=-=	Mode #FFWiki +o Yuanchosaan by ChanServ
	=-=	Yuanchosaan has changed the topic to “Welcome to the Final Fantasy Wiki's IRC channel! | Troubles on the Wiki and no admins present? Please contact a Wikia staff member on IRC at #wikia-vstf | SCM would like to make a note here: buttpants.”
	Yuanchosaan	Happy?
	Jimcloud	XD
	Mango	XD
	Jimcloud	Yuan noooooo
	Mango	Yuanchosaan++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
	SomeColorMage	XD
	The_Nemesisx	XD
	Sorceror_Nobody	XD
[22:56]	SomeColorMage	This is going to be so confusing to people who join
	Worth it.
	Jimcloud	._.;
[22:57]	Sorceror_Nobody	But Lord Moglish wasn't?
	I feel unloved
[22:58]	=-=	Yuanchosaan has changed the topic to “Welcome to the Final Fantasy Wiki's IRC channel! | Troubles on the Wiki and no admins present? Please contact a Wikia staff member on IRC at #wikia-vstf | SCM would like to make a note here: buttpants. This topic has been approved by the late Australian night IRC brigade.”
	Sorceror_Nobody	XD
	Jimcloud	XD
	Sorry, SN
	SomeColorMage	Oh gog yes
	Jimcloud	Ozzie solidarity
	Yuanchosaan	You've got a few hours until Faethin arrives and changes it. :P
	-->|	Xeppy (267b19a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #FFWiki
	Jimcloud	hi Xep
	Sorceror_Nobody	Hai Xep
	TheBlackShadow	Hey Xep.
	=-=	Xeppy is now known as Xepscern
	Xepscern	Heys Jimmy, TBS, and SN
	SomeColorMage	Yuanchosaan++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
	Jimcloud	Welcome to Buttpantsland
[22:59]	Sorceror_Nobody	Motion for the channel name to be changed
	Xepscern	Hmm?
	Yuanchosaan	invites Xepscern to examine the channel topic
	Jimcloud We're all buttpants all the time
	Yuanchosaan	invites Xepscern not to consider how the topic was arrived at
[23:00]	Xepscern	.......I won't ask
	Jimcloud	XD
	Hexedmagica	Doesn't Eiko wear buttpants as well?
	Jimcloud	!
[23:01]	Xepscern	No
	Poor Eiko
[23:03]	Buttpants sounds like a name people would se to mock a nerd
	The_Nemesisx	hey Xep
[23:04]	Hexedmagica	Battupantsuoooooooooo
	Yuanchosaan	You can tell I didn't make up the topic by the use of "butt". I prefer "bottom".
	As in, "My bottom is a treasure house".
[23:05]	Sorceror_Nobody	Not Sure If Literary Reference Or Just ?_?
	Xepscern	You would Yuan.....
	Yuanchosaan	QI.
	Mango	Bottom sounds so posh
	Sorceror_Nobody	Oh, yes, of course
[23:06]	Yuanchosaan	All right, good night.
	GFMinotaur	have a nice night. :)
[23:07]	Sorceror_Nobody	Bai Yuan
	Jimcloud	bye Yuan
	TheBlackShadow	Night Yuan.
	Xepscern	See ya.....
[23:08]	I'm not sure what to think of you guys anymore
	Jimcloud	TBS, I think you didn't format your page
	|<--	Yuanchosaan has left freenode (Quit: No, no. I feel a posh name for a bum ought to contain the word posterior in it somewhere.)
	Xepscern	lol
[23:09]	Sorceror_Nobody	Xep, how long have you been coming on IRC now, and you still get weirded out?
[23:11]	Xepscern	True
	TheBlackShadow	Hm?
	Hexedmagica	i cry all the time
	ion this institution
[23:12]	Sorceror_Nobody	NYEH!
	Sorceror_Nobody	Spinning buttpants
	The logical next step after spinning bowties
[23:13]	SomeColorMage	oh god I managed to creep myself out
	Sorceror_Nobody	.-.
	SomeColorMage	"I wear buttpants now. Buttpants are cool."
[23:14]	cow gonk
	Sorceror_Nobody	._.
	SomeColorMage	I did not need that mental image of Matt Smith in buttpants
	Sorceror_Nobody	gets the brain bleach. Must not have the Doctor sullied by this
	Jimcloud	._.
[23:15]	Sorceror_Nobody	The Doctor only wears things that are actually cool. Like bowties, fezzes and stetsons.
	Jimcloud	Hey, now
	buttpants are obviously all the rage in Ivalice
	Sorceror_Nobody	Operative words
[23:16]	TheBlackShadow	Jimcloud: If you're talking about my HS wiki page, that's because I didn't think it was worth it, ahving not made that many edits.
	Sorceror_Nobody	"in Ivalice"
	TheBlackShadow	*having
	Xepscern	Well, yeah
	SomeColorMage	TBS: Didn't stop Crono
	Jimcloud	er..
	Xepscern	So are unitards yoiu have to be sewn in. Doesn't make it good
	Jimcloud	SCM, I think you didn't format your page* (He did later though)
[23:17]	SomeColorMage	Yeah, I fixed it
	Just forgot the <pre> tags, is all
	Xepscern This is usually what my mind looks like at ay given moment
	SomeColorMage	I always forget the <pre> tags
[23:19]	TheBlackShadow	Okay, I really have to go and do some work in the library now, baiz.
	Sorceror_Nobody	Bai TBS
	|<--	TheBlackShadow has left freenode (Quit: What have we done... o.o)
	Well, no, Yoshida did that
[23:21]	Sorceror_Nobody	shakefist at Yoshida. Y U DO DIS
	SomeColorMage	Buttpants Fantasy Tactics
	Jimcloud	Final Fantasy Buttpants seems more appropriate
	SomeColorMage	Wait, no.
	Jimcloud	Buttpants Story
	SomeColorMage	Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Buttpanta
	Sorceror_Nobody	Final Buttpantasy
	SomeColorMage	*Buttpants
[23:22]	Hexedmagica
	SomeColorMage	realises he has created a monster
	Hexedmagica	What is the ultimate Buttupantsu?
	SomeColorMage	is perfectly fine with it
	Hexedmagica	Ultima Buttupantsu
	Jimcloud	shoots Hexedy
	Jimcloud	I don't care if you made the image
	it is irrelevant
[23:23]	SomeColorMage	WHAT IS BUTTPANTS?
	Hexedmagica	:3
	Jimcloud	No, they can't stop
	Buttpants are the gift that keeps on giving
	the gift they give is pain
	Hexedmagica	but what if we like that cool breeze?
[23:24]	Sorceror_Nobody	both approves and dis pears of the physicist puns
	Sorceror_Nobody	Motion to get the OED to change the spelling of despair to dispear?
[23:25]	Hexedmagica	buttpants need to be in the OED first
	Jimcloud	Nope
	With vagrant story image?
[23:27]	Hexedmagica	yes
	SomeColorMage	Buttpants: noun. Pants that really should not exist.
	Jimcloud	XD
	SomeColorMage	"These buttpants are really showing off my arse"
	Sorceror_Nobody	just demanded that PP go on Formspring just as PP was going on Formspring
	Sorceror_Nobody	I am a psychic
[23:28]	-->|	KujaRhapsodos ( has joined #FFWiki
	Jimcloud	So naturally he shut it off?
	Sorceror_Nobody	Hai Kuja
	Jimcloud	Oh, no?
	Hey Kuja
	The_Nemesisx	hey Kuja
	Jimcloud	Welcome to Buttpantsland
	PhantomPhysicist	Hey Kuja
	Xepscern	Heys Kuja
	Sorceror_Nobody	Buttpants. Get some for your significant other's corpse today!
	=-=	YOU are now known as ButtpantsMage
	Jimcloud	._.
	PhantomPhysicist	Jim: I'd decided to go on Formspring anyway to curb boredom
[23:29]	Jimcloud	I'm not changing my name, just figured I'd clear that up here and now
	PP: Ahhh
	=-=	Hexedmagica is now known as Buttpantsmagica
	Sorceror_Nobody	SomeMentalScarringMage
	Jimcloud	XD
	ButtpantsMage	XD
	Buttpantsmagica	Come on SorcerorButtpants!
[23:30]	ButtpantsMage	Good thing Yuan isn't here, I already accidentally wrecked her mental image of me last night, I don't want these sudden buttpants to make it worse :/
	Jimcloud	O.o
	=-=	Sorceror_Nobody is now known as SorcerorNoBpants
	Jimcloud	XD
	ButtpantsMage	...
	Come on, join the party!
[23:31]	=-=	SorcerorNoBpants is now known as S_Nopantsatall
	Jimcloud	._.
	ButtpantsMage	O_o
	The_Nemesisx	lol
	Buttpantsmagica	NEM
	S_Nopantsatall	Floaty robe dude remember?
[23:32]	KujaRhapsodos	Good morning!
	=-=	S_Nopantsatall is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
	=-=	The_Nemesisx is now known as NemButtpantsX
	NemButtpantsX	Peer Pressure lol
	Buttpantsmagica	:D
	ButtpantsMage	Yay
	Buttpantsmagica	HEY KUJAR
[23:33]	NemButtpantsX	you can lower the gun from my head now lol
	=-=	KujaRhapsodos is now known as KujaButtpants
	ButtpantsMage	Yes!
	Buttpantsmagica	:D
	Sorceror_Nobody	lowers the gun and turns it into a bow. He then shoots Nem in the knee
	ButtpantsMage	Much better than those villainous man-panties, no?
	-->|	DrakeyC ( has joined #FFWiki
	KujaButtpants	I'm trying this out. I do love my codpiece.
	Jimcloud	Hello Drake
	Sorceror_Nobody	You used to have a gun to your head, until you took an ar-*shot*
	NemButtpantsX	i don't know which one is more painfull, the actuall arrow in my knee or the thought of the meme lol
	Buttpantsmagica	HEY DRAKE
	ButtpantsMage	Hi Drake
	Jimcloud	welcome to Buttpantsland
	Sorceror_Nobody	Hai Drake
[23:34]	And I actually nearly typed Hai in the Drake there
	Xepscern	Heys Drake
	Sorceror_Nobody	Stupid meme
	Buttpantsmagica	oh my god
	NemButtpantsX	hey Drake
	Buttpantsmagica	Buttpants wiki for April Fools joke 2012?
	NemButtpantsX	blood pours out of knee
	NemButtpantsX	yep the meme is far more painfull
	ButtpantsMage	Hexed: oh dear god
	DrakeyC	yo
	whore shrine
	GFMinotaur	Soul Shrine - where the souls of the damned fight for redemption
	Buttpantsmagica	ButtpantsMage: Admit it. It would be awesome.
[23:35]	ButtpantsMage	Um, yeah, I guess
	Sorceror_Nobody	whore fec
	GFMinotaur	Blop-blop-blop! Come to the Flan's Elbow Colosseum and give us your votes!
	Jimcloud	Ashley Riot's Pants for FA?
	Mango	cannot make a Buttpants nick :(
	Mango	oh god yes
	Sorceror_Nobody	Buttpants!Bartz
	DrakeyC	Jim did has FI?
	Sorceror_Nobody	Faaaaaaabulo-wait
	Jimcloud	Yuan gave me internet biscuit for doing it
	Mango	we must tell whoever's doing the joke this year
	ButtpantsMage	Sorceror_Nobody Buttpants!Bartz
	Mango	...
	DrakeyC	cool
	Mango	is it going to be TA or Diablo?
	Sorceror_Nobody	Well, Butzpants
	Jimcloud	Buttpantsgo?
	NemButtpantsX	try ButtMangopants
[23:36]	Buttpantsmagica	Mango: Diablo never comes around anymore
[23:37]	Jimcloud	Hexedy: He comes to update the FA twice a month like clockwork and then leaves
	Buttpantsmagica	XD
[23:38]	ButtpantsMage	I can't believe how out of hand buttpants got in an hour and 20 minutes
	Sorceror_Nobody	IRC, fuck yeah
[23:39]	Buttpantsmagica	#FFWiki.
	Come in.
	We're Sane.
	Jimcloud	XD
	Sorceror_Nobody	I think you need to move the "in" to the second remark
	PhantomPhysicist	^
	Buttpantsmagica	Hey PhantomButtpants
	or ButtpantsPhysicist
[23:40]	Sorceror_Nobody	PantsomButticist
	PhantomPhysicist	considers...
	=-=	PhantomPhysicist is now known as PhantomButtpants
	Sorceror_Nobody	Booooo
	Buttpantsmagica	:D
	Anyway, I must be off
	=-=	Buttpantsmagica is now known as Hexedmagica
[23:41]	Sorceror_Nobody	takes advantage of PB coming out of hiding to, without warning, push him down the Poynting staircase
	Sorceror_Nobody	Bai Hexed
	Hexedmagica	See you buttpants.
	DrakeyC	Bye
	Heh, tropes page
	"Ho Yay: Plays it for laughs with Hexed"
	suuuuuuuure, for laughd
	Hexedmagica	love you too baby
[23:42]	|<--	Hexedmagica has left freenode (Quit: Buttpants to the Buttpants.)
	|<--	NemButtpantsX has left freenode (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
	Sorceror_Nobody	B to the U to the T T pants
[23:43]	DrakeyC	XD
	"SN! Fetch me my Vaseline and a box of matches, it's time for us to go moth hunting! Mango, you drive the motorcycle, I'll stand on SN's shoulders in the side-car."
	DrakeyC	wants art of this
	Sorceror_Nobody	That would be amazing
	PhantomButtpants	All of the sudden
	=-=	PhantomButtpants is now known as PhantomPhysicist
	Sorceror_Nobody	Especially if we use our userpage infobox images. You'd look epic on my shoulders
	ButtpantsMage	If it were done today, at least one person would be wearing buttpants
	Sorceror_Nobody	Also, a Mango driving
[23:44]	=-=	YOU are now known as SomeColorMage
	Sorceror_Nobody	Perhaps we should submit a request to Nelo

Meanwhile, in ##HSQuiz...

[22:48]	SomeColorMage	Now, wait a second...
	We've seen a god tier outfit with a codpiece...
	What are the odds that one class has god tier buttpants?
	Jimcloud	Prince
	100% princely canon
	SomeColorMage	Nah, too poofy
	Jimcloud	Just 'cuz
	no be quiet I'm trying to freak out TBS
	SomeColorMage	We've seen prince pants
[22:49]	No butt at all
	TheBlackShadow	I swear, if this leads to buttpants fanart then I *will* have to go back and avert it.
	SomeColorMage	XD
	TheBlackShadow	Even if it means we all die horribly.
	Jimcloud	XD
[22:50]	SomeColorMage	Thanks for giving me the idea
	Dirk Strider: Prince of Buttpants
[22:51]	Hexedmagica	...
	oh god.
[22:52]	SomeColorMage	Causes destruction through buttpants
	Jimcloud	or....
	destroys buttpants
	Jimcloud	gasps
[22:53]	SomeColorMage	No, he'd go with the former, buttpants are more effective as a weapon than a target
	Jimcloud	he could do both
	SomeColorMage	[22:52] TheBlackShadow I think at this point we might as well put buttpants in the topic channel. There's just no avoiding it now.
	*channel topic
	SomeColorMage ...I would if I had ops
	Hey... I am opped here...
	Jimcloud	oh no
[22:54]	=-=	SomeColorMage has changed the topic to “Ideas for ecto-parents and guardians? | | | | undyingUmbrage is an anagram of Umbra-Ending Guy | Best hussiecomic ever: | Yes. | Dirk Strider: Pri”
	SomeColorMage	DAMN IT!
	=-=	Hexedmagica has changed the topic to “Ideas for ecto-parents and guardians? | | | | undyingUmbrage is an anagram of Umbra-Ending Guy | Dirk Strider: PRince of Buttpantsu.”
	SomeColorMage	Thank you
	=-=	SomeColorMage has changed the topic to “Ideas for ecto-parents and guardians? | | | | undyingUmbrage is an anagram of Umbra-Ending Guy | Dirk Strider: Pince of Buttpantsu.”
	SomeColorMage	Whoops
	=-=	SomeColorMage has changed the topic to “Ideas for ecto-parents and guardians? | | | | undyingUmbrage is an anagram of Umbra-Ending Guy | Dirk Strider: Prince of Buttpantsu.”
	=-=	Jimcloud has changed the topic to “Ideas for ecto-parents and guardians? | | | | undyingUmbrage is an anagram of Umbra-Ending Guy | Best hussiecomic ever: | Yes.”
	=-=	S_Nobody|Away is now known as Sorceror_Nobody
[22:55]	TheBlackShadow	o.o
	Jimcloud	I'm sorry
	I fear I must protect the channel from the buttpants
	Sorceror_Nobody	.-.
	SomeColorMage	It is too late
	The buttpants are already here
[22:57]	Hexedmagica	Lord English wears buttpants.
	We just haven't seen it hapen yet
	Jimcloud	Well, there was pants breaking in LE sequence
	suddenly we know why he wears a coat
[23:00]	Hexedmagica	Lord Buttpants
[23:01]	Sorceror_Nobody	_
	(Hyper small eyes)
[23:02]	Jimcloud	squints
	Jimcloud	cannot see the eyes
	Jimcloud	As far as small eyes go, they're simply the best there is?
	Sorceror_Nobody	They're smaller than 1x1px
[23:03]	They're there, but the screen can't show them
[23:04]	Hexedmagica	so they're the Pixels of void?
	Sorceror_Nobody	Um...not really?
	But you can call them that if you want
[23:06]	SomeColorMage	You know what's going on, Hexed
[23:07]	Sorceror_Nobody	Avoiding buttpants. And I try. Oh my god do I try. I try all the time, in this (mental) institution
	SomeColorMage	AND HE PRAYS
	Hexedmagica	BUTTPANTS
[23:08]	Sorceror_Nobody	Oh my god go I pray. I pray every single day, for a buttpants removal solution
	SomeColorMage	...I assume that's the "NYEH", Hexed?
	Jimcloud	XD
	Sorceror_Nobody	*do
	Jimcloud	Wait, SN
	you want nude butts instead of buttpants?
	Sorceror_Nobody	Implicit is the removal of the butt along with the pants
	Jimcloud	not... that... implicit...?
[23:09]	Sorceror_Nobody	Well
	Now I've said it, it's now explicit
	SomeColorMage	Considering you can see Ashley's butt through those pants, I don't think removing buttpants increases nude butt rate
	Sorceror_Nobody	Which is not a great word to use at this point, but it's the correct one
[23:10]	Jimcloud	XD
[23:11]	Explicit de-buttpantsing?
	Sounds like the sort of stuff Crono would pay for
	Sorceror_Nobody	Nah
	Crono wouldn't pay
	He'd find something free to fap to
	Sove	And of course, murder an artist's family member, in not US style prison system countries, you'll be in jail for maybe 20 years and have to pay compensations of tens of thousands
[23:30]	Tia-Lew	I had to do that sort of thing for Media...
	Nem|FFII	I was away in a magical place where everything tastes like candy
	Paradigm-	It's a 50/50 chance
	A vagina?
[23:33]	Sorceror_Nobody	...
	SomeColorMage	...
	Sorceror_Nobody	Ark, you here?
	Mango|FFTA2	...
	Mango|FFTA2	applauds!
[23:34]	Tia-Lew|WikiWork	Back
	Oh dear, I come back to this...
	SomeColorMage	Ah, I found the right reaction to that statement
[23:35]	Sorceror_Nobody	XD
	Tia-Lew|WikiWork	As you wish.
	|<--	Tia-Lew|WikiWork has left freenode (Quit: Yo dawg I heard you like Ditto. So I bred a Ditto with a Ditto so you can have two Ditto while you have a Ditto that was bred from two Ditto- *shot*)
	SomeColorMage	...
	Sorceror_Nobody	.-.
	SomeColorMage	Whoops
13:57:25	Ark	SCM: Did you see that video?
13:57:27	Mithrin	walks to the edge of the portal fall and looks in
13:57:30	Mithrin	contemplates
13:57:30	SomeColorMage	Yes
13:57:38	Mithrin	unzips and takes a piss
13:57:44	SomeColorMage	Very nice
13:57:46	SomeColorMage	...
13:57:57	SomeColorMage	Er, the video, not what Mith is doing >_<
13:58:00	Ark	Well, that comment mistimed nicely.
13:58:18	Mithrin	This didn't turn out the way I expected.
Also, courtesy of Ark; this image.
[16:59]	SomeColorMage
[16:59]	Catuse	I skipped the X-2 enemy article pages because who cares
[16:59]	Jimcloud	I think that that's an admin thing I can check somewhere
[16:59]	SomeColorMage	This looks so photoshopped it's not funny
[17:00]	Jimcloud	.......
[17:00]	Catuse	it's X-2 and they're enemy articles
[17:00]	Jimcloud	This looks so unnecessary it's almost funny
[17:00]	Catuse	...
[17:00]	Jimcloud	and then dips into dead seriously sad
[17:00]	Jimcloud	Because SOMEONE thought that this deserved to take up space on our Wiki
[17:00]	SomeColorMage	It helps that it's in English
[17:00]	SomeColorMage	In a Japanese only game
[17:00]	Catuse	maybe it is photoshopped, he wrote over the Japanese text to make it English?
[17:00]	Jimcloud	I can explain that easily
[17:00]	Jimcloud	It's Japanese
[17:01]	Jimcloud	using English makes a statement
[17:01]	SomeColorMage	Cat's don't meow in Japanese though
[17:01]	SomeColorMage	They nyan
[17:01]	Catuse	yeah, Tabbeh and his fellow Japanese cats nyan
[17:01]	Hexedmagica	Nyan
[17:01]	SomeColorMage	Random English words only make sense when someone can decipher the meaning
[17:02]	Jimcloud	Yeah, I know, my point exactly
[17:02]	Catuse	(giving rise to a really stupid meme)
[17:03]	SomeColorMage	If they really wanted to sell it, It's have the Meow, then in Japanese: (TN: Meow means nyan)
[17:03]	Jimcloud	(which stupid meme)
[17:03]	Jimcloud	(I can think of a few)
[17:03]	Catuse	NYAN CAT
[17:03]	Catuse	I HATE THE NYAN CAT
[17:03]	Jimcloud	(oh okay)
[17:03]	Jimcloud	(I was thinking Zero Wing)
[17:04]	Sorceror_Nobody	> hate
[17:04]	Sorceror_Nobody	> nyan cat
[17:04]	Sorceror_Nobody	get out
[17:04]	Catuse	No.
[17:04]	Catuse	the image is a fake
[17:04]	Jimcloud	OOOH
[17:04]	Jimcloud	I GET TO DELETE?
[17:04]	Catuse all the related images on Google Images look like this
[17:05]	Catuse	in Japanese, different font, different formatting
[17:05]	Chocolancer	aww crap, did i autojoin again?
[17:05]	Chocolancer	i hate Thunderbird sooooooo much
[17:05]	Jimcloud	You tell me
[17:05]	Catuse	and the /only/ image with a massive MEOW written across it is on the wiki
[17:05]	SomeColorMage	Yep, that makes it obvious
[17:05]	SomeColorMage	Image is a fake
[17:06]	Chocolancer	fake?
[17:06]	Chocolancer	you mean that before crisis image?
[17:06]	Catuse	Chocolancer:
[17:06]	SomeColorMage	Yeah, is an obvious fake
[17:07]	Chocolancer	where did he get it?
[17:07]	|<--	Attheshows has left freenode (Quit: If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you)
[17:07]	Chocolancer	and i didn't know he was still active
[17:07]	Catuse	probably photoshopped it
[17:07]	SomeColorMage	Hell if we know, Neth himself doesn't seem to know what he's doing
[17:07]	Catuse	still active and still in everyone's hair. That image, though, was dug up from a long time ago.
[17:08]	Chocolancer	reminds me of that time when jbed threw all those ffix rips and you guys were so pissed about categorizing them all
[17:09]	Catuse	well the FFIX rips are actually useful.
[17:09]	SomeColorMage	Neth had his own version of that last week
[17:09]	Sorceror_Nobody	I would say the IX backgrounds were fair
[17:09]	SomeColorMage	He uploaded 308 images from Advent Children
[17:09]	Sorceror_Nobody	There was a good chance the vast majority would be used
[17:09]	Griffsona|3P	This game has great voice actors
[17:09]	SomeColorMage	None with useful names
[17:09]	Catuse	a fake Before Crisis image and a bunch of random Advent Children screens aren't
[17:09]	SomeColorMage	And he didn't use them right away
[17:09]	Griffsona|3P	the 10 year old kid has the voice of Izzy
[17:09]	SomeColorMage	And he complained when we started deleting them for being useless
[17:09]	|<--	Hexedmagica has left freenode (Quit: Dragon inside of me, I feel it letting go)
[17:09]	Sorceror_Nobody	Whereas we knew from the start that the wiki would have no use for vast swathes of Neth's one-screencap-every-20-seconds
[17:10]	Griffsona|3P	that a female protagonist can have a relationship with...
[17:10]	Jimcloud	glances at the conversation
[17:10]	Jimcloud	hisses
[17:10]	SomeColorMage	Despite being told, several times, that uploading 308 images at once is a bad idea
[17:10]	Griffsona|3P	why does the girl get to be a pedo >.>
[17:11]	Chocolancer	308 screens of AC definitely isn't useful
[17:11]	Chocolancer	i thought maybe 10 or 20 is enough
[17:11]	Catuse at least we have now learned that Tifa's cat is actually Sephiroth in disguise
[17:11]	Catuse	we can redirect to Sephy's page now right?
[17:11]	Jimcloud	Why is Tifa's Cat even important enough to get its own page
[17:12]	Chocolancer	what the hell is that?
[17:12]	Griffsona|3P	....Tifa had a cat?
[17:12]	auror	^^^
[17:12]	Catuse	Griffsona|3P: In Before Crisis
[17:12]	Jimcloud	We don't have a page on Snow, do we?
[17:12]	Jimcloud	....
[17:12]	Jimcloud	.....
[17:12]	Jimcloud	OH NO
[17:12]	Jimcloud	NO
[17:12]	Jimcloud	NO NO
[17:12]	Griffsona|3P	....dear jesus
[17:12]	Sorceror_Nobody	Sephiroth is Tifa's pussy? Man he really does like to be waiting for Cloud to arrive.
[17:12]	Griffsona|3P	Jim
[17:12]	Sorceror_Nobody	waits
[17:12]	Jimcloud	EVER
[17:12]	Griffsona|3P	calm yo tits
[17:12]	Catuse	Jimcloud: We have no Character Article Creation Policy, so FFVII gets a bunch of random character pages for no real reason
[17:12]	Jimcloud	EVER
[17:12]	Catuse	Chocolancer:'re asking us?
[17:12]	Jimcloud	EVER EVER
[17:12]	Sorceror_Nobody	waits some more
[17:12]	Sorceror_Nobody	looks around
[17:13]	Sorceror_Nobody	shoots himself
[17:13]	Jimcloud	shoots SN
[17:13]	Sorceror_Nobody	Oh now you owe me an unshoot
[17:13]	Chocolancer	i dunno, didn't look like a cat to me until you guys mentioned it
[17:13]	Jimcloud	shoots Sn again
[17:13]	Jimcloud	SN*
[17:13]	Sorceror_Nobody	makes a note of this for lat- ooh, two unshoots, so cashing these in
[17:13]	Catuse	I wouldn't have even recognized it as a cat if it wasn't on the Tifa's Cat page
[17:14]	Sorceror_Nobody	Of course he'd be waiting a long time </continuing the gag>
[17:16]	Jimcloud	shoots SN
[17:16]	Sorceror_Nobody	Oh I'm sorry are you a CloTi shipper
[17:16]	Jimcloud	No
[17:16]	Sorceror_Nobody	Well then
[17:16]	Sorceror_Nobody	Three unshoots it is
[17:16]	Jimcloud	I'm sick of the gag
[17:18]	Catuse	Jimcloud: responded
[17:19]	NeoZEROX	I hear gun shoots
[17:19]	Jimcloud	... lovely
[17:20]	NeoZEROX	Lovely sound indeed
[17:20]	SomeColorMage	Yes, ZEROX, it was the sound of you being told to go to bed
[17:20]	NeoZEROX	'Don't tell Zero what to do
[17:21]	|<--	GreySpirit has left freenode (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.89 [Firefox 18.0.1/20130116073211])
[17:22]	Catuse	anyways, I've found a reason, however awful, for the page to exist
[17:22]	SomeColorMage	As an example of what not to do?
[17:23]	Catuse the cat is a potion >_>
[17:23]	Catuse	"Because the cat does stuff in the plot. Nothing very important, and no stuffing of anybody is involved, but it still does stuff. Namely provide a contrived reason for a Turk to meet Tifa. The ACP seems to suggest that if a character advances the plot it is worthy of a page. The only thing to debate here is if the cat is a character at all. Do objects have to have near-human intelligence to...
[17:23]	Catuse characters?"
[17:23]	SomeColorMage	Those pictures are of shit quality too
[17:23]	SomeColorMage	The other screenshots of the game I've seen are nowhere near that bad
[17:24]	Sorceror_Nobody	"Do objects have to have near-human intelligence to be characters?"
[17:24]	Catuse	I'm trying to look at it from a Netherithian point of view <_<
[17:24]	Sorceror_Nobody	> objects
[17:24]	Sorceror_Nobody	It's a cat
[17:24]	Catuse	cats are objects
[17:24]	Catuse	humans are objects
[17:24]	Sorceror_Nobody	That's violating its individuality, maaaaan
[17:25]	SomeColorMage	A cat has high intelligence
[17:25]	Catuse	Silmarillions are objects
[17:25]	SomeColorMage	They actively plot to annoy
[17:25]	SomeColorMage	Which makes them smarter than some humans
[17:25]	Sorceror_Nobody	Silmarillions are things with stupid names
[17:25]	Catuse	Exactly. They're not near-human because they're much brighter than the average human
[17:25]	Catuse	don't tell Yuan you said taht about how Silmarillions are things with stupid names
[17:26]	Sorceror_Nobody	Well they are
[17:26]	Sorceror_Nobody	That's just an objective fact
[17:29]	Catuse what's going on in this screen anyways?
[17:29]	Sorceror_Nobody	OH MY GOD TWO SEPHIROTHS
[17:29]	Catuse	is the Turk (top) talking to Tifa (bottom) while she's three inches away from the cliff? and the cat is again a potion, except this time with a tail?
[17:29]	Sorceror_Nobody	oh it's a turk
[17:29]	Griffsona|3P	"How do you pass your exams? All you do is wander around and talk to people."
[17:29]	Sorceror_Nobody	Who is probably also Sephiroth though
[17:30]	SomeColorMage	Seriously, these images are horrible
[17:30]	Sorceror_Nobody	The catpotion has a tail in the other image too
[17:30]	SomeColorMage	It's like those images that "prove" the existence of the Loch Ness Monster
[17:31]	Sorceror_Nobody	...the Loch Ness Monster is Tifa's cat?
[17:31]	Sorceror_Nobody	...the Loch Ness Monster is Sephiroth?
[17:31]	SomeColorMage	Yes
[17:31]	Sorceror_Nobody	Nessie = Sephy. Explains everything ever.
[17:32]	Catuse	and since the Loch Ness Monster is apparently Lapras
[17:32]	Sorceror_Nobody	Laproth
[17:32]	Catuse	Lapras shoots out ice beams, Sephiroth burns a city down
[17:32]	Sorceror_Nobody	Remind me to image manip that later
[17:33]	Catuse	Right.
[17:33]	SomeColorMage	We have solved every mystery of FFVII, right here
[17:33]	Sorceror_Nobody	Not quite
[17:33]	Sheogordrake
[17:33]	Sorceror_Nobody	Just who is that attractive Slum Drunk in the pink dress?
[17:33]	Sorceror_Nobody	And why did Lapras kill her?
[17:34]	Sheogordrake
[17:34]	Sheogordrake	XD
[17:34]	SomeColorMage	Well, she is, like the name implies, a slum drunk
[17:34]	Catuse	obviously lapras wants to take all the beer and men
[17:34]	SomeColorMage	And Lapras killed her to become the Pokemon Champion
[17:34]	SomeColorMage	I guess
[17:34]	Catuse	except that sephiroth is male
[17:34]	Catuse	which means...
[17:34]	Catuse	that the awful CloudxSephiroth fics are actually true
[17:34]	Catuse	o_O
[17:35]	SomeColorMage	oh fuck
[17:35]	Sorceror_Nobody	Sephiroth is Samwise Gamgee?
[17:35]	SomeColorMage	we've entered the yaoi zone
[17:35]	SomeColorMage	everyone jump ship before weedle gets here
[17:35]	Sorceror_Nobody	And Cloud is Frodo
[17:35]	Sorceror_Nobody	Yaoi is conserved
[17:35]	Catuse	no, Sam and Frodo never try to deny it
[17:36]	Catuse	(other than when Sam marries that redhead I guess)
[17:36]	Catuse	more like Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect
[17:36]	Catuse	who seem to spend a lot of time arguing, Arthur wants to do universe saving stuff and Ford wants to get drunk and dance with alien women
[17:37]	Griffsona|3P	I don't feel comfortable now that I know Ken's voice actor is a 60 year old woman.
[17:38]	Catuse	I'd post a log of this but I dunno if he checks userspaces as well
[17:38]	SomeColorMage	Eh, do it anyway
[17:38]	SomeColorMage	If you don't post it, I will
[10:09]	Catuse ._.
[10:10]	BlueLionheart	Wall of text...?
[10:11]	Catuse	3.6 KB long
[10:11]	Xepscern	BL is right
[10:11]	Xepscern	Why are we surprised by the text
[10:12]	-->|	sqrg_ ( has joined #Wikia-FF
[10:12]	|<--	sqrg has left freenode (Quit: Leaving)
[10:12]	Catuse	It's unusually long, even for JBed; it's in response to a /single person/ and it's about an extremely trivial topic
[10:12]	SomeColorMage	Yeah, I mean, I cap condense my replies to Tidus being dumb down to one word
[10:12]	SomeColorMage	*slap*
[10:13]	Jimcloud	well, maybe JBed is sick of Tidus's attitude, which is, by the way, a thing you do in regard to JBed
[10:13]	SomeColorMage	*can
[10:13]	Catuse	This is true.
[10:13]	Catuse	Doesn't make it any less ._.-worthy
[10:14]	CapnSkyler	Well, yes
[10:14]	CapnSkyler	But seriously, why demote? They are *not* just spokespeople.
[10:14]	CapnSkyler	He thinks I cannot get frustrated with him and then tell him I am
[10:19]	SomeColorMage	Well, Tidus, you started with an Uncyclopedia link, suggested that if things work the way you think Johnny thinks it does (he doesn't), you;d be staff, and then called for BH to be a bcrat.
[10:19]	SomeColorMage	You kinda invited it upon yourself
[10:19]	|<--	CapnSkyler has left freenode (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[10:19]	-->|	CapnSkyler ( has joined #Wikia-FF
[10:20]	CapnSkyler	hi
[10:20]	Jimcloud	hi
[10:21]	-->|	Cooky (~Cooky@unaffiliated/cooky560) has joined #Wikia-FF
[10:22]	Jimcloud	I think you missed SCM's scathing remarks
[10:25]	Jimcloud	I mean, I'm feeling a little bit scathed, and I'm not even you
[10:25]	SomeColorMage	...Oh, people want that reposted? OK, then
[10:25]	SomeColorMage	[10:19]	SomeColorMage	Well, Tidus, you started with an Uncyclopedia link, suggested that if things work the way you think Johnny thinks it does (he doesn't), you;d be staff, and then called for BH to be a bcrat.
[10:25]	SomeColorMage	[10:19]	SomeColorMage	You kinda invited it upon yourself
[10:25]	|<--	CapnSkyler has left freenode (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
[10:25]	Jimcloud	HA
[10:25]	Jimcloud	HAHAHAHAHA
[10:26]	Jimcloud	It's like his internet is allergic to criticism about Tidus
[10:26]	SomeColorMage	Oh this is /fun/
[13:50:01] <Catuse> putting this here because i'm not in the mood to interrupt sonycell
[13:50:05] <Catuse> but "X-2.5"
[13:50:08] <Catuse> KILL IT
[14:00:44] <Mango> damnit i shoulda mentioned region locking
[14:04:58] <SomeColorMage> Meh, breaking region locks on console is an artform now
[14:05:35] <Catuse> one could always argue that region locking protects the interests of devs
[14:05:56] <Catuse> which is completely ridiculous, but if you want to try to shut down a region locking argument, that's one way to do it
[14:06:02] <SomeColorMage> Yeah, but what's more important, the devs or my wallet?
[14:06:18] <Catuse> it's money, dear boy.
[14:07:05] <SomeColorMage> I mean, unless it's something I absolutely want now, I buy exclusively from the UK now
[14:07:41] <SomeColorMage> Dodges any region locks issues and tells Aussie prices to go fuck themselves
[14:18:51] <SomeColorMage> I am sorely tempted to add "He got better." after that because that is what actually happens
[14:20:13] <SomeColorMage> Apparently, 2 days after the end of FFX-2, Tidus gets caught in a bomb blast
[14:20:19] <SomeColorMage> And his head comes off
[14:20:28] <SomeColorMage> And he gets better, because pyreflies
[14:20:44] <SomeColorMage> And people said the Lightning Saga was the trainwreck of the series
[14:20:50] <SomeColorMage> lol
[14:22:39] <Mango> wait
[14:22:41] <Mango> wait
[14:22:45] <Mango> this isn't fanfiction?
[14:22:51] <Mango> there really is
[14:22:53] <Mango> an honest to god
[14:22:55] <Mango> novel
[14:23:01] <Mango> called FFX-2.5
[14:23:13] <SomeColorMage> It's canon
[14:23:14] <Catuse> I always felt like there was something off about a bunch of idiots beating up weak enemies and the church of asshattery, then wearing bathing suits on their way to save the world
[14:23:19] <SomeColorMage> Nojima written and approved
[14:23:19] <Catuse> then this happens >.<
[14:23:25] <Mango> square enix have you no fucking shame
[14:23:50] <Catuse> Tidus and Yuna break up because they're both insecure brats
[14:24:06] <Catuse> then apparently X-3 is about them getting together again? because they're in middle school or something?
[14:25:02] <Mango> I wonder why SE never tried to make a Last Order esque anime of another FF
[14:25:14] <Mango> I mean, TSW was a reason to not make a feature film
[14:25:16] <Mango> but an anime
[14:25:17] <Mango> come on
[14:25:25] <Mango> it'd be like printing money
[14:25:34] <Mango> all the weebs would get it
[14:25:44] <SomeColorMage> X-3 better be about Tidus and his new spare head going on a drunken adventure to follow in his father's footsteps
[14:26:23] <SomeColorMage> Ooh! Ooh! Replace Wakka's blitzball with the spare head!
[14:26:25] <Eight-bit> hihi
[14:28:20] <Xepscern> [14:23] <+Mango> square enix have you no fucking shame
[14:28:27] <Xepscern> You know the answer
[14:28:30] <Xepscern> Heys 8-bit
[14:29:27] <Mango> I do
[14:29:38] <Mango> and it's why I stopped giving them money years ago
[14:30:08] <SomeColorMage> Look, the idea of a potential X-3 would be redeemed if they would just follow my idea of making it into a comedy about Tidus' spare head
[14:30:38] <Mango> I'd watch/read/play the shit out of Tidus' drunken bender
[14:30:53] <Mango> hell, if there were a drunken bender game for every JRPG protag I would play them all
[20:50]	Catuse
[20:50]	iTidus	Hiya
[20:50]	Catuse	this talk page and the people defending X-3 make me sad
[20:50]	Catuse	also hi tiddlestickies
[20:50]	iTidus	Wtf
[20:50]	iTidus	People defend it????
[20:50]	iTidus	Ew
[20:51]	Catuse	yes.
[20:51]	iTidus	Ban them all
[20:51]	Catuse	powa abuus
[20:51]	Xepscern	TIDUS!
[20:51]	SomeColorMage	Not banning them all unless they say I have no life
[20:51]	iTidus	XEPSCERN!:D
[20:51]	Xepscern	Do you play Pokemon
[20:51]	iTidus	Xep: Not the new ones
[20:52]	iTidus	The newest one I have is emerald >_> Why
[20:52]	Xepscern	...Damn
[20:52]	mecorx	Centrum and Commercial District are two seperate regions. I wonder why Industrial District being Commercial District in English <- lolol there should be a language requirement for editing the wiki........
[20:52]	Xepscern	Say what you will about X-2.5
[20:52]	Xepscern	On the poster...
[20:52]	mecorx	*facepalm*
[20:52]	Xepscern	Yuna has a great rack
[20:52]	SomeColorMage	Look, there is one and only one reason to defend X-2.5 as it makes it possible for Tidus's severed head to be a major character in any possible X-3
[20:53]	mecorx	what's this about 2.5?
[20:53]	SomeColorMage	Does anyone have the log where I was joking about that because I forgot to save it
[20:53]	Xepscern	SCM, are you suggesting that X-3 will be Lollipop Chainsaw?
[20:54]	SomeColorMage	I'm saying it /should/ be
[20:54]	Xepscern	Can she kill Wakka?
[20:54]	SomeColorMage	But with more drunk Jecht
[20:54]	Xepscern	Can we make that a thing
[20:55]	mecorx	oh oh what
[20:55]	mecorx	tidus did die!
[20:55]	SomeColorMage	Yes, 2 days after X-2
[20:55]	SomeColorMage	He gets caught in an explosion and his head comes off
[20:56]	mecorx	hallelujah
[20:56]	SomeColorMage	Then he gets better because pyreflies
[20:56]	mecorx	fuck, he pulled a harry potter
[20:56]	|<--	iTidus has left freenode (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[20:56]	Catuse
[20:56]	Catuse	too lazy to look for where it is so have a megapost
[20:56]	Catuse	actually wait that was in treno
[20:57]	Xepscern	I would prefer X-0
[20:57]	Xepscern	About Braska's pilgrimage
[20:57]	mecorx	lolllllllll
[20:57]	mecorx	HIS HEAD
[20:57]	mecorx	really
[20:57]	mecorx	goes flying
[20:57]	mecorx	XD
[20:57]	mecorx bahahahaha
[20:57]	mecorx	someone posted the exact page
[20:57]	SomeColorMage	wait holy shit it actually goes flying?
[20:57]	Catuse ok this is it
[20:57]	SomeColorMage	Can Square please translate a novel for once because this is too hilarious to pass up
[20:58]	Catuse	waaat
[20:58]	mecorx	目の前を勢いよく飛んでいったのは、驚きの表情が張り付いたティーダの首だった
[20:58]	SomeColorMage	That's it, Cat
[20:59]	mecorx	What flew with great force before her eyes was the head of Tidus which was plastered with an expression of shock.
[14:13]	-->|	DreadwyrmBlade (65bb70df@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined ##Treno
[14:13]	=-=	Mode ##Treno +v DreadwyrmBlade by ChanServ
[14:13]	DreadwyrmBlade	sup
[14:13]	Kiracieux	ohi hexedy
[14:14]	Scathe	Welcome, o Pretty Princess of the South
[14:14]	SomeColorMage	boganland is the /north/ of Australia, Scathey :P
[14:15]	Scathe	He is in the south of me
[14:15]	Scathe	that came out wrong
[14:15]	SomeColorMage	yes
[14:15]	Scathe	Perhaps appropiately
[14:15]	SomeColorMage	very
[14:15]	Eight-bit did.
[14:16]	Kiracieux	That sounds like a bad love poem. 'Oh Hexed, you the South of me~'
[14:16]	Kiracieux	Now we just need Hexed to declare, 'Scathe, you are my North'
[14:17]	Scathe	I am ready

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