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Nubecielo is the spanish name for the Cloud's Sword Heaven's Cloud, found at Guernika in Final Fantasy VII. (Nube=Cloud & Cielo=Heaven).

I'm a Dragoon Fan in all FF series, and I was dissapointend for not finding a Jump materia in FF7 neither Dragoon job at Final Fantasy X-2.

I'm from Madrid (Spain), and as you can see, I speak the worse english ever. I hope you don't get hungry with me for stabbing this magical language.

I'm trying to put an image in all article that hasn't got one. Now, i'm working snaping Final Fantasy Tactics from my PSP.

I REALLY HATE ARTICLES WITHOUT IMAGES!!! If you see one of those #$%@ articles, please, put the template {{images}} on it and i'll take care of it as soon as I can, I swear it! If you have a look to my contributions, you'll see that the 90% of my contributions are images...

My ContributionsEdit

  • Number of images uploaded: 625

You can see the whole list here

My Collection (Click to enlarge)Edit

Well, The first FF I've bought was the FF7 PAL (Spanish) (when I was 14), and it cost 2.995 pesetas (18.00 € ~ 24.60 $) and it was in 1998, which it had already owned into platinum. After that, i decided to collect of all of them. And here it is where i get.

NES StuffEdit


Final Fantasy I japanese, I-II and I US.

SNES StuffEdit


Final Fantasy IV, V and VI (All jap.)

PSX StuffEdit


Final Fantasy Origins (I-II), Anthology (IV-V), VI, VII, VIII and IX (All Spanish PAL)
Not in the photo: FFVII International


Chocobo Dungeon I & II and Chocobo Collection (Stallion, Racing & Dice) (All jap.)

GBA StuffEdit


Final Fantasy I-II, IV, V and Tactics Advance (All Spanish PAL)

PS2 StuffEdit


Dirge of Cerberus, Final Fantasy X, X-2, XI Vana'diel Collection (PC) and XII (All spanish PAL)

PSP StuffEdit


Final Fantasy I, Crisis Core and Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (All Spanish PAL)
Not in the photo: Final Fantasy II, maybe i'll update later

NDS StuffEdit


Final Fantasy III, XII: Revenant Wings and Chocobo Tales (All spanish PAL)
Not in the photo: Final Fantasy IV

DVD Video StuffEdit


Advent Children, The Spirit Within and the PS2 Kingdom Hearts (All spanish PAL)

iPod/iPhone StuffEdit


Crystal Defenders' Bill from Apple Store (maybe i'll upload a photo of my iPod 2G running the game)



Grand Finale, Symphonic Suite, Potion Vol1 y Vol2, Mahoroba Song Book, Celtic Moon, FFVII Piano Col., Melodies of Life Maxi Single



Triple Triad Decks, Tetra Master Decks, Squall, Yuna, Tidus, Seymour, Sephiroth, Red XIII figures, Lenne minifigure for mobile, FF8 Zipo (and i don't smoke), Galbadia pin, and Alexander figure (in its box)
Not in the photo: Yunna as Gunner plush, Chocobo from Chocobo Dungeons plush and a FFXI's Mog plush

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