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March 10, 2009
  • I live in The Netherlands
  • I was born on August 1
  • My occupation is Student Systems Biology
  • I am male

I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy VII and X. I know that is, on this wiki, as original as being a men. But I belief I didn't chose them just because they were popular. I'm spiritual and I've studied molecular biology, so I belief that truth lies in spirituality and technology. In these two games both play a big role. They show the conflicts between them that also happen in our world. They also illustrate the sins that are committed by some spiritual leaders (like Seymour Guado) and scientists (like Hojo). I want to be like Bugenhagen:

"I can feel the workings of the planet in the smell of the wind. 
I also feel the greatness of man's wisdom and the knowledge in 
the smell of machinery..."

Speculations and fanfictions Edit

Final Fantasy fans are devided is "camps" over some issues. These are the "camps" to which I belong:

  • Cloti: Cloud and Tifa are ment to be a couple.
  • VII/X link: FFVII and FFX take place on the same world.
  • FF/KH: Kingdom Hearts should be a canonial part of the Final Fantasy series.
  • FFVII Remake: SE should create a FFVII remake.
  • Classics: instead of creating new game, SE should first remake all pre-X games.

I wish these stories became canon:

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These are my humble contributions:

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