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Kupo, want to hire a chocobo?

Name Sari
A.K.A Keltainentoukokuu
Job Class Domestic Goddess
Hometown Rotherham UK
Date of Birth 26.11.1984
Age 29
Status Married
Children 1
Favourite FF FFXII

Uhh...I'm a 28-year-old housewife, and I like Final Fantasy? (this ought to do)


Hey image update. The SECOND Final Fantasy related pic of me, but only because I took it just now with my webcam which you can see from the amazing quality. Here is me as an AVALANCHE advertisement.

"Essays" (emphasis is in the quotes)

Theories or "how we can all cover up on their plot holes"

And now for something completely different.

Sorry this is gonna be completely random but

Zell- Dolphin Blow

Not enough words to describe.

This picture. Of Zell doing Dolphin Blow. It's -- if I may quote the man himself -- friggin' awesome! If I was an admin (boy are you lot happy I'm not) this would be the featured image of the every week! It's gay/brilliant/awful/genius. I can't get over how completely stupid/great that image is. You're shooting magical dolphins out of your fist. With like magical glimmering bubbles and stars just shining around you. Zell's pose is just the icing on the cake. When I play Final Fantasy VIII, after I get Dolphin Blow I use nothing else, seriously. Imagine the look on your enemy's face! The sound effect is so terrible as well. Imagine your friend is like watching you play when they know nothing about Final Fantasy and then you do this! This is the height of Final Fantasy, never will they manage to make anything better than this image right here.


Fh concert

Final Fantasy VIII Sequel: Rinoa files divorce on the grounds of domestic violence. Out for Nintendo DS.

You know, Final Fantasy VIII is +100% funnier if you imagine that Squall's "epic facepalm" animation is done "sarcastically" and he is mocking whoever he is talking to. You know how they have these pre-programmed body movements for each character and whip them out in any appropriate time. Squall's "facepalm" is just a generic "Squall is frustrated" move, but the game is way funnier if you take it literally. See like in the FH concert bit where Squall is annoyed Rinoa is "trying to get to know him" (way too many quotes in this paragraph btw, sign of poor output) and does the facepalm and then Rinoa copies him. Ha! I have this totally inappropriate screenshot of this too, let's add it here, you guys don't dare delete it if I have it in my userpage (loopholes!). Now this is the good stuff. Like in Final Fantasy IX Zidane tries to annoy Garnet to get attention as well. That's what is lacking in the Tidus/Yuna relationship: FRICTION.

There are perhaps two options here. Stop playing games drunk. Stop editing the wiki while drunk? Nah, I'm not that drunk. ;) (fkkkn typos) No, really though!

You know in FFVIII, in the classroom...Quistis reprimands Seifer with "don't hurt your partner in training" or something...when the training is that you hit each other with swordguns. Well thought-out these Balamb Garden rules.

Memorable Lines by Zell Gallery


Ooh, tiny boxes

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