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Name Jimcloud
A.K.A JC, Tasha
Job Class Blue Mage, Ranger
Hometown Somewhere around here
Date of Birth February 26th, 1993
Age 19
Height 6'0"
IQ Somewhere above 140 (It was the requirement to get into my school)
Weapon Zweihander
Spells Blizzaga, Freeze, Aqua Breath
Summons Shiva, Bahamut
Limit breaks Diamond Dust Torpedoes!

Hello! If you haven't figured this out already, you can call me Jimcloud, and I'm an admin on the Final Fantasy Wiki (the one you're on now). Yes, I am a girl. No, seriously. My hobbies include reading novels, writing, playing D&D (my Monk would destroy you... if it wasn't a cooperative game.),and playing video games, especially Final Fantasies. As a forewarning, a lot of the links on my page don't actually tell you what they link to. Hover over the link, or if that fails, click on it, and you shall be enlightened.

My Thoughts

Wow, has it been a while since I touched this page. I really have no idea what to say here. I guess the first thing I would like to do is blame the me of Christmas Past for anything on here that sounds immature and stupid. Which, looking at the page, is... a lot. I'm gonna need to go through this with a fine-toothed comb. Suddenly small userpages don't seem like such a bad idea!

My FFs

  • Final Fantasy I: Beat Chaos, and I am downright convinced he's harder in the PSP version than he was in other versions. My characters were in the 45's and getting hit for 300 each with Protect on. That doesn't even begin on his area attacks that did t least 200 points of damage to my Master with NulAll. Without it the worst of them did around 500 damage to him. It did marginally less to the Fighter (300 or so with its strongest attack without NulAll, high 100's with it) and low to high 100's for both of my mages, NulAll or no. I actually lost to him the first time I fought him because he casted Curaja to restore 9999 health and then casted Haste so he could do 750 damage per hit to anyone. At that point it was only a matter of time. I've gone off into a tangent, though. It was a decent game, good battle mechanics, nice level up systems. To put it another way, it was good in all categories (except plot and story), and exemplary in none of them.
  • Final Fantasy II: I have this one, but I'm not very far into it. I have yet to form a considerable opinion of this game. Give me time.
  • Final Fantasy III: This game is utterly merciless. Fun, but utterly merciless. In an ordinary game, you might be warned the bog is impenetrable by your characters. In this game, they blunder in and drown instantly. Goodbye, three hours since last save! That said, it is fun, and I do like the job system. Just... save often. For your sake. Trust me on this.
  • Final Fantasy IV: Just got finished with this one. It's good, but not the best Final Fantasy I've seen. I would say it has a decent mastery of all of the good RPG basics, and of the FFs before it, it's definitely the best. Nice to see Square's storytelling skills start to take the fore.
  • Final Fantasy V: I'm playing it right now! I love the job system, and the story makes itself very easy to laugh at. I'll say more once I get done with it!
  • Final Fantasy VI: Slowly playing it through. I have to say, it's not holding my rapt attention in quite the way I expected it to considering the glowing reviews of so many people. I guess I'll say more on it at a later. time.
  • Final Fantasy VII: If you couldn't tell, my favorite FF. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps that's nostalgia talking. First played it when I was 4, I still honestly haven't finished it yet. I love chocobo breeding and racing, I love grinding (What can I say? I'm a grind-lover!) materia, levels, and limits. I can't stand Cait Sith, XIII is meh, the rest of the characters are good. Sephiroth was a very eeevil villain, he added the right flair to the story, I think. Currently have for PC, had for PS, have in PS3.
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Well.. I can't say I liked this one. Story was totally insane and weird, many of the characters were blah. So, they all grew up in Edea's Orphanage... and never knew it? I find that.. deus ex machina. all I can say. Draw system was an offense to all that is decent, Junction was somewhat confusing, and only limit breaks when you're near death? Ridiculous. Ultimecia struck me as a CoD-esque villain, just pasted on at the end for no particular reason. I think it could have been better if it had been something like Adel controlling Edea from her prison. Have for PC and PS3.
  • Final Fantasy IX: Love this! The ability system was nice, fun, and encouraged using some items that you may not have used otherwise. I liked the trance system, kind of like Limit Breaks from VII. Characters were all great, except lolQuina and, to a lesser extent, Eiko. I liked the story, just enough comedy, romance, and drama in even amounts to keep it light-hearted, but not too comedic. Kuja was an epic insane villain. Have for PS and PS3.
  • Final Fantasy X: Not the worst one I've seen. The Sphere Grid was kind of annoying, it gave me.. perhaps.. too much freedom. If you don't go on the right path first, your character has a good chance of being completely messed over. I.. messed over my characters ._.; Speaking of chracters, they were OK. none of them particularly struck me as great or awesome. Didn't really like Wakka or Kimahri... except for happy festival fireworks! Neat twist with the whole final aeon thing, though I think the whole "fading away" thing was kind of... well... stupid. I suppose it's better than the power of love keeping him there, though. Have for PS2.. but don't have a PS2!
  • Final Fantasy XI: Have, and played on a regular basis. I do know that people on here hate XI, and I agree, probably not the best choice for a main series game.. it's not bad, though. Due to financial concerns, my account on there is suspended and probably isn't going to get turned back on. Sorry, guys!
  • Final Fantasy XII: Meh. All I can say. Forgettable characters, with the exception of Balthier and Basch. And poor Basch is brought down by that poor excuse for a plot point, while Gabranth is brought down by that poor excuse for a plot point. Special points for the use of imaginary friends, though! Have for PS2... but still have no PS2!
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Best FF in a long while. I like a vast majority of the characters in it, with the exception of Hope and Snow. I liked the story, though I hated the linear nature of it.. you can't go back? Disappointing. The only side-quests you got were the Hunts, though that's understandable considering the nature of the game. Nice villain, Barthandelus was confusing and annoying.. nice villain traits, I suppose. Have it for the PS3.
  • Final Fantasy XIV: It's gotten better since they updated it to reduce loading time, and they made an attempt to help the economy. It was a lousy attempt, but at least they tried.


Best Second Best Third Best Worst
Overall Game Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy VIII
Story Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy VIII
Battle System Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy IX Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XII
Male Character Cloud Zidane Vivi Zell
Female Character Lightning Shantotto Beatrix Rinoa
IV Rydia Golbez Cecil Harvey Cid Pollendina
VII Cloud Aeri(s/th) Vincent Cait Sith
VIII Laguna Squall Edea Rinoa
IX Zidane Vivi Beatrix Quina
X Jecht Auron Tidus Kimahri
XII Basch Balthier Ashe Penelo
XIII Choco-afro Lightning Fang Hope

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