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September 5, 2007

Japanese ドレイク・クローファング
Romaji Doreiku Kuroofangu
Job Class Mystic Knight
Weapon Dual-head hammer
Skill Rollback
Race Human-Esper Hybrid
Limit Break Omnibop
Date of Birth 1988

Greetings, kiddies! I am DrakeyC. My real name is Adam, but this is the internet, so I use the alias Drake. Here, I'm an admin, walkthrough writer, vandal fighter and all-around editor of many things. I'm also a self-declared expert of FF4, 6, 7, and Dissidia, and am a freelancer image editor. If you need some game advice, Wiki advice, a custom image or just wanna chat, feel free to drop me a line!

Don't be fooled by the Japanese in the character box there - I don't speak a word. Thanks for that Yuan!

My Dissidia fanfic Shards of Memory is now hosted here, give it a look!

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Thought of the Moment

There's a trend in video games that's been around since the time of the Super NES and continues to this day. It bugs the shit out of me and I have never understood why game developers do this...

Fuck New Game+.

Has anyone ever liked New Game+ as a feature? You just played through the fucking game, why would you want to play through it again? Yeah, you may be able to retain levels and equipment, depending on the specific instance, but still, you just played the game and now have to start over. And for what? Some extra hidden content the developers could have easily worked into the main game, but are making you play through the game a second time to unlock, or to access content you missed the first time and must play through the game again to get.

There is a single exception to this rule, where some games unlock higher difficulty modes or special gameplay modes upon completion. That's fine, okay, the gameplay has changed, I have an incentive to play now. But some games just expect you to play through them twice for arbitrary reasons, like achievements or extra costumes or some hidden movie, etc. It's artificial lengthening of gameplay, just milking a few more hours of your time out of you so you can get the bragging rights of having done everything.

And by the way, achievements are some of the most pointless things ever put into modern games. Congratulations, you completed the tutorial section! If you must include achievements, have them be for actual achievements in-game, like finishing the game, or getting 100% completion, or beating the bonus level, etc. When you start handing out achievements for simple things like completing chapter 2 of the game, it devalues them. Let's be honest, achievements are a glorified form of dick measuring, a way to brag about how much time you've invested into the game to do all the extra stuff. So if we're gonna measure dicks, what's the point of giving everyone an automatic two inches from the word "Go"?


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Other Sites I'm On

I'm on other Fanfic websites too, but this is the main one. I host several Final Fantasy fics, including my greatest and largest fic to date, the Dissidia fanfic "Shards of Memory" featuring Cloud and Terra. Seriously, read it, most people I know here at the wiki that read it have enjoyed it.
I currently host all ten Dissidia storylines with English subtitles, and a bunch of the character preview vids and review trailers. I also remix movie trailers with Advent Children footage, and take requests for Dissidia replays.
Pony fans, swing by and have a read of my work.
I'm not an arrtist, mostly just do image macros and crummy Gimp edits. And have way more fictional ladies in my favorites gallery than is healthy.


Final Fantasy IV Walkthrough - My third walkthrough. Work on it stalled partway through, but I finished it inside a year still. Currently the only walkthrough to cover the Advance port of the game.

The After Years Walkthrough - Supremely bored one day, decided "why not" and here we go.

Final Fantasy V Job FAQ - Not willing to replay the game for a full-fledged walkthrough, especially when I've just finished it. But I wanted to do something to cover the Job System, so here it is.

Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - my first walkthrough, I started it on September 23 2007, and began Part 36 on October 5th. Oh yeah, I powered right through that puppy. Then my data got erased before I could beat Omega Weapon or Soul Shrine, so it didn't get "officially" finished until April 3rd 2008. Hey, I had just spent 2 weeks playing through the game and lost all my data, I wasn't up to doing it again right yet! It has since been spruced up with templates, links, pictures and so forth.

Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough - My second walkthrough. FF7 better than I thought, though not quite as good as you've heard. That's what I have to say on VII. But that's not to say it doesn't kick ass - it does.

Crisis Core Walkthrough - Was bored. Felt like replaying the game and decided "hey, if I'm gonna replay it, might as well walkthrough it." And so I will.

Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough - This was Squallinoa's walkthrough for FF8, which he left to me upon leaving the Wiki. I had originally planned to just restructure the strategy and leave his commentary intact, but couldn't do it. So basically I hallowed it out and made it my own. I admit I would have never walkthroughed the game if Squallinoa hadn't left me his, so thanks for motivating me guy!

Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough - Yay for boredom.

Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Dunno why I picked this game out of all the others. Maybe its the joke potential which is too good to pass up. Powered through the main story in less than a week, sidequests took longer of course.

Final Fantasy XII License Board FAQ - I do love FF12, but I'm not up to covering its vast stores of optional content. However, I like the License Board system, and have a multi-page FAQ to teach even total novices how to get the most out of their LP.

Dissidia 012 Walkthrough - You have three guesses why I decided to do this, and the first two don't count.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Walkthrough - I'm ashamed to admit owning this piece of shit, but did a walkthrough for it just for the sake of completing the MQ database here. I'm never touching this crap game ever again, and you shouldn't either. But if you do, feel free to swing by and check out my walkthrough.

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